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I am THE Go-Go Gladiator Girl!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long run day. Six miles. The temps are too low and streets too icy for an outside run. Running on the treadmill is a mental game for me. I park my car at the gym. Adjust my ball cap low over my dark sunglasses. Lock and load, it time to do battle. I step out of my car, grab my gym bag and my anthem begins as I approach the arena. You know the kind of atmosphere entrance that football players make. A bit of a swagger and attitude in my walk. Think Mary J. Blige song 'The One'. I'm thinking 6 miles, I got this! I felt adrenaline pumping in my ears.

I strip down to my running shorts and tank. Grab all my weapons of war. iPod. Water. GU Chomps. Towel. Lip Balm. (a girl can't enter a battle without lip balm). As I step up onto the treadmill I am transformed into a champion boxer being announced. "In this corner, wearing the blue trunks Carolyn The Go-Go Gladiator"!!!!!! Applause, roar of the crowd!!!!

The music starts, go time. Immediately I realize I am moving at a faster pace than I usually do in my first mile, but it feels good. Can I maintain this pace for at least 4 miles? I try dropping it back and it doesn't feel right. So up we go. I chunk down my distances. So today's rule is no walking until after 4 miles. Why? Because I have ran 4 miles, I know I can and I am progressing. In the third mile I'm already thinking "I got this!" My song comes on that really gets me pumping. It is definitely at attitude song and I put a little hip roll swagger in my stride as I look over at my husband on the treadmill beside me and adjust my hat brim and give him a wink (yeah, he wants me).

As my legs start getting a bit tired in the 5th mile. But I can't stop now, I working on getting my Go-Go girl legs back! Use that treadmill belt like a runway and work it girl (think Nancy Sinatra "these boots are made for walking") LOL!!! I sooooo have this run locked up! This mental challenge is all mine!

Bring on the next bad weather day! I'm ready!
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