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Torn Between Two Lovers (not what you think)

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have this dilemma. Lately I have been seeing this guy and he makes me feel so good. His name is Mr. Gym. He entices me to come spent time with him with promises of building sexy tone muscle. He whispers in my ear “you know you love the way it feels when you are with me”. He is so smooth. I cannot help but smile when I am with him. He encourages me to try my best, work hard, go for it. He really makes me feel like I’m doing something special for myself. (a little shout out to TREBLE02)

The problem is, I have this long standing relationship with Mr. Scale. He is not so happy about the time I’m spending with Gym. He says, “See, I told you all that time you spend with Gym wasn’t good for you. He tells you lies. He deceives you into thinking you are smaller, tighter, more tone. But, the number on the scale tells a different story. Who are you going to believe? Would I lie to you? Don’t you think I have your very best interest at heart? “ The thing is I have been so dependent on Mr. Scale for so long and he does reward me every now and then with a low number and I do like the way that feels. (a little shout out to IXCHEL23 )

I’m so confused. So, I consult my girlfriend, Miss Tape Measure to help me sort out my feelings for these two guys. With reassurance she slides around my waist to reveal the truth and help me make sense of it all. She is so comforting, like a girlfriend who knows all your flaws and loves you anyway. Yea, she is that kind of friend. She helps me put things into perspective. She reminds me to consult with my mentor Mrs. Nutrition

Mrs. Nutrition has been around forever. She reminds me to be sensible and to stick to lessons she has taught me. Eat my veggies and fruit every day. Eat enough lean proteins to build muscle. Keep my potassium high and my sodium low. Eat enough calories every day to reward my body for all the hard work it does for me and the increasing demand I put on it.

I’m so glad I have these ladies to help me sort through my feelings about these guys who sometimes seem to be undermining each other. They both have a place in my life. I just need to keep my emotions in check and my life in a healthy balance.
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