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Packing My Bags for Skinny Town

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am so excited about this trip that I am planning! So many have told me about the adventures they had along their trip, I just have to experience it for myself! But, I don't want to do this trip alone! It is long, it is hard and I'm a little scared. Not scared enough to not go, but scared. I have my goal in mind, I have a map and I have the directions given to me several others who have made this trip or have already started out on it ahead of me. Please come with me! I need a girlfriend or two to make this trip fun and fabulous!

You need to know there may be some detour signs along the way that may divert our attention and cause us to get off track.

We will be fine, as long as we remember to get back to the main road as soon as possible.

There may be times we need to yield. Though these may slow us down, I've heard from others who have traveled this road that they are helpful to keep us from hastily heading toward danger.

I'm told there are fabulous shops along the way where we can pick up a new wardrobe to fit our ever slimming bodies, as well as some beautiful scenic areas to stop and do some sight seeing. This sounds like so much fun!!! We could shop, dance, hike, swim . . . enjoy all the new things our smaller healthier bodies can do. This is so much fun! I could be temped to stay here and enjoy the view!

Occasionally, we get so hung up in the trip and the 'getting there', that something gets left behind or we lose something along the way and need to back track to get it. It is important that we go back, get what we need and move on.

When we finally get to our destination it will be so much fun to meet up with friends that have been waiting for us and praying for our travels. We will want to visit and catch up with all that has been happening in our lives. Unpack and do a little celebrating. It's important that we take the time to send postcards back to friends to tell them of our travels and invite them to come stay.

What a beautiful trip to share with friends! Won't you come along?
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