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Be Brave, be Bold, be Fierce and be Fabulous (WARNING . . . Lots of Photos)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some on you will recognize that as my favorite tag line and daily mantra.

I want to be BRAVE when learning or trying something new

This year I have a lot of new things I have tried and enjoyed! First, I bravely stepped out of a shadow of shame and guilt that I had allowed to keep me in bondage.

The food addiction that accompanied that shame and guilt had to be faced and conquered. That took a daily bravery that I could not have mustard without the support and encouragement of a couple really good friends.

I want to be BOLD in pushing myself to the next level.

I will no longer apologize for who I am. I will honor the strength and beauty of who I am and push myself to my highest potential.

I want to be FIERCE in my determination to set goals and condition to obtain them

Fierce does not even come close describing how persistently and tenaciously I set and went for goals, once I realized who I was created to be and the awesome power there is in love and being loved.

I want to give 100% of who I am and what I have to whatever I am doing and feel FABULOUS about the woman I am!!!

A little reminder of where I have been and where I am today.

July 2009 - 267 lbs. Size 22

January 2010 - 206 lbs. Size 16

February 2010 - 195 lbs. Size 16 loose, 14 tight

And now more of my face than you ever hope to see:

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