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Thursday, March 04, 2010

i've seen alot of ppl posting about their sabotager or who brings out there munchie monster and while responding to one i realize who my sabotager is .. my spouse ...

sadly my spouse ... brings out my munchie monster ... all day until 5pm i do great than i have to really focus, we've been living the same life this whole time than I just up and change so I have to understand that it's up to me to keep this change ... he's supportive and all but just doesn't understand with offerings of icecream and chocolate everyday cause he loves me, and he loves to see the happy look i have in my eyes which is easily accomplishable with comfort food :P

he is my biggest supporter without him i couldn't do this, but we are to stuck in our routines cause we love eachother, and have lived with this love together and have developed bad habits together ... he was healthy before he met me, i'm his sabatager tooo :P

I should explain, we do everything to make the other happy, we are the perfect couple we make love almost every day, we almost never fight (2x since oct 2005 both ended before the day was over) ... we both have the same good qualities and bad qualities, we always have a blast together and are considerate of eachother to the point where it's cute annoying ( you first no you first style) we can sit around and do absolutely nothing with no money and no entertainment and still have a blast together!

and he knows i love food, not any crap but am a connoisseur of excellent food! and indian food which he cooks all the time for me! and he knows how happy good food makes me .. it has become a habit, eating out ordering delivery not just regular delivery pizza but like exquisite delivery breakfast too! and throughout our whole relationship hes always got my gifts of food! ad it has always made me happy!

He has always supported me and loved me the way i am, he once told me ( when i was worried about the fact that i was getting fatter) that it was because i was happier and leading the good life, and it's true before i was broke and starving and skinnier ... he also told me that even if i became a walrus he would sleep on the edge of the water just so he cans ee my beautiful smile every morning ... my heart melts .... as does my motivation ....
he is so supportive that it's unsupportive, i need him to kcik my butt and stop bringing me chocolate but he loves me too much to do it, so t's all up to me!

and he loves me the way I am and WORST OF ALL HE DOESN"T ACTUALLY WANT ME TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! maybe like 10lbs max ... but he wants me to be happy !!! How can I stay Motivated while he eats chips and i exercise, and he couldn't care less whether i do or dont!! though he's all for the benefits of being fit and such he's just a big gal kinda guy :P which is also putting a lil strain on the fact that i want to loose weight and he wants me big :P Although he says he'll still love me whether I'm a walrus at the sea, or a skinny rat in the mall :P

We also ALWAYS have a blast together playing video games or going to parks or shos and stuff and when havign a blast it's sooooo easy to reach over and eat what he's eating ... but it's all up to me unintentionally sabatoegr and munchie monster or not!

So In love we both fostered bad habits, which i want to kick ... but he just brings out the carefree happy me to much!!! He is my lover, he is my world, he's my biggest supporter and he's my sabatager all wrapped into one neat lil package!!!

well i feel a bit better now that that's off my chest, i don't really know what to do though .... realising something doesn't make it any easier ...
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  • no profile photo CD5483846
    aww... shyam sounds really sweet. :) you could ask him to buy things you want instead of food. you can also tell him your reasons for wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Aside from being skinny, what other things do you want to achieve by being healthy? tell him. i'm sure he will try to make a conscious effort not to unconsciously sabotage you. :D
    4011 days ago
    Wow, your husband sounds really sweet! Just like mine. LOL He actually said the same thing about how when you're happy and leading a good life. Here I am not eating evil carbs and he's beside me opening Kiss chocolates and when I give him the evil eye he says I love you honey! hahaha

    I have no advice except when we stayed at a hotel and my hubby took a shower when he stepped out the wall to wall mirror in the bathroom showed him just how happy and how much of a good life he's been leading and now he's decided to join me. Not as strict as me of course but he has stopped drinking Coke regular 24/7... now it's Coke Zero and I think he would lose weight faster than me. For that I will give him the evil eye.
    4012 days ago
    I love ya Tess (((((HUGS))))

    See what I said in our Beautiful forum baby girl!! :) :) :)

    You know what you need - you just need to convey that to him!!
    4012 days ago
  • RE2BAH
    One thing I accomplished with my wonderful husband (who must be your husband's relative in spirit, if nothing else), is give him a list of reward (loving gifts) that worked with my new style. A few, and you can add your own: 10 minute (or more) back rub, make air popped popcorn, stop on his way home and bring me a new book from the library, make some green or herbal tea, cook with me (one of us chops veggies for quick stir fry and the other gets the rice cooking, if I cook, he takes care of the dishes, if he cooks, I take care of the dishes! Every time he wants to buy me whatever, put that money in the piggy bank. Those times together led to more talking and good feelings than a box of chocolates ever could, and we saved money for something we wanted to do together!

    Have fun coming up with interesting rewards, you'll both be healthier for it, and have fun with whatever comes up along the way!

    emoticon Being together, working for each other, relishing time together, PRICELESS! (with full apologies to MC)
    4012 days ago
    Just a thought.....why don't you come up with something else you would like besides food and just mention it to him in conversation. Say you lose 10lbs and you would love it if he went shoe shopping with you. Every girl needs a new pair of shoes :) Then again I love purses too. :) I guess what I am trying to say it try and change the habit without him knowing your doing it.
    4012 days ago
  • MRSSASS2010
    Your husband sounds like a wonderful man! And your relationship sounds amazing! Which does make it tricky, doesn't it? LOL

    At some point, you'll have to slowly start 'training' him that what will REALLY make you happy is sticking to your new lifestyle. What will REALLY make you happier is to head out on a romantic walk with him, as opposed to that bowl of ice cream.

    In the end, he only wants your happiness, he'll come around.

    4012 days ago
  • LOLA_P619
    It is hard when it is like that... I have the same problem. My sweetie and I are just like you and yours. I can do great all day. He sits in his recliner to watch evening tv and bam out comes the chips... Arrrrrrgh! We have a stack of 100 calorie snacks but its 100 calories for 1 bag. He will sit and eat 4 or 5 bags.. It is hard to keep it at one bag when he is snacking right next to me...
    4012 days ago
    You might remind him that you will be healthier and live longer if you take care of yourself. He does sound romantic though!
    4012 days ago
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