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Bad News For Middle Age Women

Monday, March 29, 2010

A blog I read this morning. My ? is when do women with children, homes, careers - lives (and are not professional athletes) find time to work out more than 60 minutes daily in order to lose and not simply maintain their weight? Again, this is a blog I got from someone else this morning and not me speaking.

As to the study, I am clearly also losing brain matter at the cyclic rate because the majority of the "speak" was WAY over my head and may as well have been in Greek! :) Bottom line is in addition to needing to eat FAR less to lose, I also now have to work out far MORE to lose and this is why I am merely maintaining at this point. ::::sigh::::

Bad News for Middle-Aged Couch Potatoes
Posted: 26 Mar 2010 07:13 PM PDT
Like most women, I struggle with my weight -- and the battle has only gotten worse with age.

Having a child at 40 didn't help. I didn't gain all that much with my pregnancy - but I didn't lose a lot of it after the baby was born, and 10 years later, I'd packed on so many additional pounds that I weighed more than I had while pregnant.

So I got serious. Two years ago, I completed a 56-pound weight loss regimen, and vowed that I would never get to the point where I'd have to go through that again.

Since then, I've regained eight pounds and I'm scared, because no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to shake them back off.

Last week, while listening to a report on NPR, I understood why: A new study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association concludes that middle aged women must exercise one hour a day just to maintain their current weight.

Regular workouts were part of the regimen that resulted in my weight loss, but after finishing the program, I slacked off. I've always been more of a cerebral type. While I like how I feel after a workout, I simply don't enjoy the actual activity enough to make it a priority... especially when I also need to get my daughter to school and her activities, take care of the house, the pets, the shopping, the meals and earn some income, too.

So it's no surprise that I gained some weight back. What is surprising is that even though I started back up with regular workouts a couple of weeks ago, an hour a day isn't going to be sufficient. I need to bump it up to 90 minutes - or more - per day - if I want to take these extra pounds back off and keep them off.

Who has time for that?

As if that's not enough, apparently I need to exercise to ward off memory loss, according to another NPR report:

"Over a six-month to one-year period," Kramer says, "three days a week, working up to an hour a day, people improved in various aspects of both short-term and long-term memory."

After treadmill training, the "aging couch potatoes," as Kramer calls them, were given brain scans. Those who'd trained had larger hippocampi, the brain area key for memory. Other brain regions too — central for decision-making, planning and multi-tasking — were also larger in the treadmill exercisers. "There are a number of regions," says Kramer, "that on MRI scans tend to show not just stability but increases as a function of exercise in middle-age and older brains."

So the writing is on the wall. I know exactly what to do.

I'm going to stop listening to NPR.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yep, had baby #7 when I was 43. She's 5. Now you know my age ! My weight accumulated after having her. But hey! It's reversing now. Dunno that I agree w/the article requiring 60 minutes. I studied Psychology in college and it's proven tests can be unreliable/skewed dependent on individuals daily distractions, food eaten, lack of sleep...etc. Sooo...with that said, Slow and Steady wins the race. Do all in moderation.

    Here's some inspiration (81 y.o. woman in GREAT shape): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1ii
    3982 days ago
  • JEM0622
    But exercise can be just a brisk walk. Who doesn't want to walk? We do it all the time, right? And knowing your BMR and level of activity and then therefore monitoring how many calories you should have. I wanted to lose the bulk of my weight before hitting a certain age b/c I knew I would be fighting to lose it even moreso if I waited. As little processed food as possible helps. And, as we age...dairy does us no favors. I've tried almond milk products and like them a lot.
    3986 days ago
    I can't respond to your post Ken1Kiss but maybe you'll see my response here....ABSOLUTELY exercise is part of a much bigger picture than weight loss! Far more than an improved cardiovascular system too! Each of the pieces we work on is part of the whole. Being FIT is far more important to me than being "skinny". I've long said that. Fit and healthy are bigger pieces to the puzzle for me so please don't misunderstand. It IS frustrating tho' to read that we are going to need MORE than 60 minutes to do more than maintain and work toward that bigger picture because many simply don't have time to make fitness and health a full time job. Thanks for posting!
    3986 days ago
  • no profile photo KENP22
    exercise is not just about weight loss, it is also about an improved cardiovascular system as well.
    3986 days ago
    how depressing. great blog
    3986 days ago
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