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Relax, Recharge, Renew & Respect

Monday, April 05, 2010

One of my goals is to learn to relax a little. I don't need to be in hyper drive all the time.

After my 'running adventure' on Saturday, my husband really stressed to me the importance of me taking some down time to recoup. This is important for several reasons. First, I had been over training for a couple weeks without realizing it. I have my training schedule for my half marathon written in my daytimer, as well as my weight lifting sessions and recovery days. For the past couple weeks I have not looked at the daytimer. I was on auto pilot. When I got back from my trip to VA, I never looked at the schedule, I just jumped back into my routine. Usually I would sit down on Sunday afternoons and 'rehearse' my week, look at the weather forecast to plan what nights to do what runs. I have not been doing that. I am the captain of a running team for a running challenge at work. The Challenge started the day I got back from VA. Every evening that I was 'scheduled' to run, I would just lace up my shoes and head out the door to run however many miles I could get out of my body. I was doing well, getting in 5 - 6 miles on each of my weekday runs and doing long runs on Saturday of 9 miles. I'm very proud of my little team of beginning runners. I would love to talk more about my team, but that will have to wait for another blog. Suffice if to say, I felt pressured as the team captain and most experienced runner (such a laugh) to put up big numbers for my team.

When I had a little 'crisis' this past week, I pulled out the daytimer and looked at my schedule. I have been putting in way to many miles. Those 5 - 6 milers should have been 3 - 4 milers. I've been over taxing my body on a regular basis for two weeks. In addition to my runs, I workout with a personal trainer twice a week and lift weights on my own one day. Well, this past week was spring break, so my trainer (a college student) was away. When I work out myself, I am way tougher on myself than she is. I ride my bike to the gym, push, push, push myself to lift harder, do more push ups, more lunges, then I ride my bike back and shoot some hoops in the driveway. Add to that the fact that the weather has been nice and I've been riding my bike to work and taking a bike ride during my lunch break.

Please, understand, I love being outside, I love being active, I am not whining about workout. Slowing down takes real discipline for me. I love that my body allows me to move more and enjoy my bike rides, runs and basketball a lot.

But, I need to respect my body a little more. Taking a day off for recovery is not enough. I need to have an attitude of respect for my body to show appreciation for all it has allowed me to do. Today was a very good start toward accomplishing that goal.

Today I . . .

Wore a skirt to work and felt pretty
Wore pretty sandals so I would have to slow down and enjoy my walk to lunch
Packed an awesome lunch cooler full of fruits, veggies, homemade veggie soup, crackers, lowfat yogurt. . . mmmm . . . I love packing lunch!
Made a pitcher of water with lemon and orange slices to help cleanse and nourish my body
Sat and had a conversation with a fellow runner during lunch, instead of riding my bike
Went on a very leisurely 6 mile bike ride after work. Just enjoying the evening.
Grilled asparagus on the grill (yummmm)
Had dinner on the patio (Tilapia, rice, asparagus and a small salad)
I'm going to do some yoga before I go to bed

I'm feeling recharged and relaxed already. I exhaled fully for the first time in a while and it feels really good. I feel renewed.

Inhale. Fully. Expand through your ribcage. Allow your belly to feel relaxed. Allow the tension and tightness in your shoulders to release and soften through your face allowing your eyebrows to separate. Separate your teeth and relax through your jaw. Exhale. Fully.

May you be fully aware of all you were created to be. May you feel relaxed, recharge, renewed. Respect the body you live in.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • TABETHA2005
    This was a wonderful post and it definitely reminds me to not get too caught up in working out. Even though I am just really getting back into my workout swing of things, I need to not get overexcited about it and push too hard. :)

    Wonderful post, as usual.
    3814 days ago
    Yes, we need to take time for ourselves and recover. I have found it hard in the past too (when I was exercising consistently) to just relax and recover. We want so much from ourselves that we sometimes forget to take a breath and just be ME!

    Glad to hear you are taking time and reassessing your goals and taking it back a notch and giving back to yourself....you deserve it.
    3815 days ago
    Great blog! You are such a go-getter, but it's good to relax once in awhile too! So happy that you are feeling strong and healthy!
    3816 days ago
    Thank you!! I need to do this as well. Have a great rest of your week!!
    3818 days ago
  • TIME4ME2010
    Thank you for the message. I need to remember to take a few deep breaths every now and then. And learn to relax and enjoy the ride of life. Thank you!
    3818 days ago
  • LDY_ALI_79
    Great blog! I had no idea you were this active. You’re one tough cookie to ride your bike to the gym & train with a trainer. That signifies energy, love of life & passion.

    Way to relax, recharge, renew & respect your body! emoticon
    3818 days ago
    I know that it's easy to get so psyched up about working out. I tend to overdo it myself. I try to justify it in my mind that the reason I overdo it is so I won't gain any weight back! There's a thin line! You are doing an awesome job! Listen to your body. emoticon
    3818 days ago
    How good that you realized in time you were overtaxing yourself.
    I've had friends who have totally overtaxed themselves in various situations, some who have never realized what they do wrong despite several people trying to explain it to them.
    Self insight and caring husbands are precious. :)

    And thank you for posting the yoga relaxation words. I'll try them later tonight after I've had dinner.

    Good luck!

    3818 days ago
    I am so happy you took this moment to exhale. It is good for you. Have to admit though that this is something that I have to force myself to do as well. You had a great moment.
    3818 days ago
    Good to hear you're finding balance!
    3818 days ago
    Relaxing and respecting your body is a good idea. Sometimes I become so "gungho" about exercise that I burn out and feel lousy. Appreciating what our body allows us to do is important. Keep on running, but remember to also relax.
    3818 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Great thing your hubby reminded you needed to relax. I think it's great you love to exercise and just be outside, but every now and then you need to just relax. Just like you said you did. Just reading about it made me a little more relaxed at work!
    3818 days ago
    Yep, that's whatcha needed girlie! Doesn't it feel fantastic to sit back, relax and completely just let go? I love it! Sounds like a wonderful day to enjoy at least once or twice a week!

    Glad you are feeling great!
    3818 days ago
  • KLOSH1
    Very nice. Just breathe. I think that's a message we all need!
    3818 days ago
    What a great reminder to us all! :D You so totally ROCK!
    3818 days ago
    Glad you decided to take it easy for a change! i guess there are two extremes, over training and under training. I hope you are able to find a good balance!
    3818 days ago
    Awesome girl! It is always good to slow down and take care of yourself.

    3818 days ago
    Good job for recognizing when you need to slow down a bit. Be kind to yourself, your mind body and soul will appreciate it.
    3818 days ago
    Even if we all agree that losing weight is about moving around, it is also about giving the body some rest from time to time, and respecting it. It is often seen that suddenly infections and other stuff "catch up on you" if you drive yourself too hard for too long. Why? Because there is no surpluss left in the system for fighting those aspects. And sitting down for general reflection might also be beneficial in general. I am happy for you that you have a husband around to challenge you a little on "your habits". Because while being in the tornado there is absolutely no way one can envision that sitting still and just sorting out thoughts might also give value to the whole project. I know for sure - I am an experienced and addicted tornadorider, so I am guilty as charged. You know - "it takes on to catch one" emoticon
    3818 days ago
    This, as usual is a wonderful blog....you motivate me like nobody's business! You're an inspiration and your day sounds like it was lovely!

    YOU ROCK!!!
    3818 days ago
  • IONA72
    Wow I feel exhausted just reading it! You have inspired me to do a bit more but also to be "body aware" and to realise that down time can be just as important, so thanks for that.
    3818 days ago
    (i'm so glad your husband has been paying attention and put the thought into giving you this advice! ::hugs::)
    3818 days ago
    your balance is another thing I like about you.

    THIS is some real smarts displayed right here!
    Many people wait for the doctor to tell them they are overdoing it!

    I love your activity and fitness levels but I so appreciate balance!
    3818 days ago

    You GOT this! Good reminder that we need to respect our bodies.

    =) Kelli
    3818 days ago
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