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Super Easy Saturday Long Run

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning! On a Saturday! Way too early on a Saturday! This chick likes to sleep in with her hubby on Saturday mornings! Since our boys are adults and we don't have anyone depending on us, we usually get up around 7:30 or 8:00 on Saturdays (our only day to sleep in). We then have breakfast, get dressed for our run, do a few household things, take care of all pre-long run 'business' and then head out. We never get out of the house before 9:30, we actually prefer 10 this time of year because it is then warm enough that we don't need an extra layer.

This morning, however, I had agreed to stand in for another runner who was going to be out of town. I used to run with this women's running group, but their days and times did not work well for me. Most of them have young children and they run early on Saturday so they can get home and get busy being moms! The other night they run together is on Wednesdays while their children are at a church program. I like to run right after work while it is sunny and warm. But this week, the training coach was going to be out of town and she had a runner that runs close to my pace who needed a companion. So, hubby and I both went! James rehearsed the course with us and paced us for the first mile and then we did not see much of him.

Trudy needed to run an 8 miler this morning. So, we used our four miler loop and repeated it. It was an honor to run with Trudy. She is new to running and is training really hard for the same half marathon I will be running in May. She is training, inspite of having an eight month old baby whom she nurses. In spite of the fact that she has 3 other children and a very busy schedule . . . she makes time to train. I love that about her. I really did not know her, she is a friend of a friend. I had met her one other time and we had corresponded recently to set up the run.

It was so worth getting up early for! Trudy is used to doing a walk every now and then in her run. I do not walk once I've started running. After the first mile, we come to a hill and she says she is going to walk it, I tell her I cannot walk it, I like to accelerate on the hills, but I will slow down on the other side and wait for her. So, I take the hill and went I get to the flat part and look back to see how much I need to slow down to allow for her to catch up with me, she is just a few yards back. I slow to allow her time and not make her have to sprint since we are just in the second mile. A couple times in the second mile, she would take a few walking steps and when she realized I was not going to walk, she would break back into a jog. I was so proud of her. She was not out of breath, or I would not have pushed her to keep running. I talked to about using mind over matter. To tell herself that she was strong, she had giving birth to children! She had endured sleepless nights, surely she could run this next mile without any walking.

I kept challenging her to keep running. The pace was a bit too slow for me and I tried to pick it up a couple times, but it was too much for Trudy. So was stayed at an easy pace. This is a long slow run day, no time clock needed.

Before I know it we are entering the last mile. I challenge Trudy to try to pick up the pace again, and again she cannot without discomfort. Once we turn the corner and we can see the finish line in the distance, I tell Trudy I am going to take it up a notch, for her to go at her own pace. I start accelerating and Trudy does too! She is behind me, but only by seconds. As we get closer to the finish I coach Trudy to Kick it Up! Give it all you got! Cross Strong! I break into my sprint and cross the 'finish line'. I run back to the finish and call out Trudy's time for her and we do the two hand high five slap! YAY!!! She did it!!! The longest distance she has ever done! The most distance she has ran without taking walk breaks!!!

I feel so humbled and excited to have been there in that moment! It wasn't my moment, it was Trudy's! She is strong! She is ready for her half marathon!

Ironically, since I ran that super duper 11.9 in the rain and hail last weekend, this 8 felt too short for me. I didn't feel challenged enough, so I rode my bicycle to the gym (just a mile), then I did 2 miles on the elliptical, did some ab work, push ups, stretching and used one of those foam rollers to roll out all the kinks in my body! Man, that feels good! It feels like a giant rolling pin and works great to work out knots or soreness in the calves, thighs and hips!

I don't know what happened to me today. But the energy was just overflowing! I came home from the gym, turned on my favorite dance tunes and got busy cleaning and cooking! I tore my kitchen apart and sanitized every inch of it. I rearrange the furniture in my library room which is my favorite place to read, exercise and Spark. So, now it looks all fresh and clean. I made a special place for my exercise equipment and my favorite fitness magazines.

I made healthy tacos for dinner and a mango/pineapple/banana/papaya salad and we ate out on the patio. This has been a great day!

And it started when the alarm went off at 6:30!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can't wait to have all your "spark". It is going to hit me soon enough. I just need to keep reading your blogs and forging ahead.

    Great job!!
    3812 days ago
    Wow, what an awesome motivator you are. Trudy was fortunate to have you for a running buddy. You were fortunate to be able to spread some spark her way. Can I borrow some of your energy?
    3814 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6439361
    This is spreading the spark! I am a firm believer in that you give what you get. You gave your energy away to Trudy and she filled you back up with a lot more! How cool is that! I hope you shared with Trudy how good it made you feel to run with her because as a slow runner I would have felt like I was holding you back. You are a rockstar! I am in the beginning but cannot wait to be able to run with a buddy! BooYah!

    3815 days ago
    Send some of that energy my way, please! I feel beaten down by life.
    3815 days ago
    I love your motivation!! emoticon

    3815 days ago
    You are such a great motivator--not only here on SP--but for your new-found friend, Trudy! It sounds like you were a great help to her--and she kicked it up a notch at the end too! And isn't it amazing that 8 miles now feels like it's not long???

    3815 days ago
    What a nice day for you! And a great day for your running partner, she was lucky to have you along. CoachCarolyn, will you come to my house sometime??


    emoticon emoticon
    3815 days ago
  • JEA1668
    good for you helping her run! and go Trudy! you really got her running! youre amazing and im sure you were JUST what she needed to push herself that little extra to make it totally beyond worth it! i admit i had totally been slacking in working out until mid-last week when i made it a constant! college has been crazy but you make me want to keep going! i want to be a runner eventually and i know i gotta workout to get there! youre such an inspiration! im thinking beginning of may i will start C25K again (i was getting shin splints and weird pain pretty bad on the inside of my calves (like muscle/bone pain)but i think its because my body is not used to that much exercise! so im going to take april to be constant about exercising and do 30DS through in full! how did you start to become a runner? i would love to hear your story of how you started and got to where you are now!!! were you a runner when you were younger? cuz i know i wasnt! off-topic but from earlier have you ever thought about being a personal trainer or something like that for runners like Trudy?? just wondering! ;) anyway this is terribly long! but just wanted to say youre amazing! and keep up the awesome work!!!
    3816 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    Your are emoticon

    Look at you go! Such a short time, such a long way travelled. I bet it feels great to be able to start passing on the knowledge you've gained.

    You ROCK!
    3816 days ago
    What a great inspiration you are. How did you go about finding a running group? I would like to join one. Any advice would be helpful.

    Keep it up my friend the Warrior Running Princess Extrodainaire. Woot.

    I gotta go clean my house. Time to do some much needing purging of the closets, toys, etc.... I am thinking about a yard sale soon.
    3816 days ago
    Wow! Wish I had you for a running partner. I am sure she was glad to have you. I am a mom of a 9 1/2, 7 and 5 year old. I am finally getting sleep and it is still hard to find the energy to get up and exercise. ALso, kudos to you for doing more after that long run!
    3816 days ago
    emoticon Doesn't it feel good when you motivate someone? Guess what - you motivated me. emoticon emoticon
    3816 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5471810
    That does it!

    As soon as I finish jury duty this week, I am starting C25K again.

    I used to run
    I used to like to run
    I WANT to run!

    Way to go on being a running mentor! Yes, it was Trudy's moment but you were the catalyst!
    3816 days ago

    YOU said it Carolyn, mind over matter!

    First of all, congratulations on such an easy long run! =)

    Your whole experience with Trudy tells me alot about you as a person - you're a good one, girl! This speaks volumes about what kind of friend you are! Kudos to you for putting someone you really didn't even know first, and for encouraging her like you did! SO self-less.

    You're a keeper!! emoticon

    emoticon Kelli
    3816 days ago
    Sounds like you had a very productive day that rendered some fun on the side!

    3816 days ago
    Look at you taking on that coaching of another runner! That is awesome. Way to "pay it forward" Carolyn. You are doing so amazing! I want to be like you! Seriously, YOU are my hero!
    3816 days ago
    What a fantastic day! Woohoo! And you are now seemingly a coach to others! A future running coach is what I read subliminally in this little blog of yours today! You rock and I'd be honored to run with you someday as well, when I get back to it. I haven't had the runners high in a long time and I so miss it. I'm so afraid when I do return, I'm going to have some of those issues I had previously with my back....eeek! I want to use that mind over matter philosophy so much. We shall see, it'll be happening in May as I join the Jeff Galloway group here in Dallas.

    You are a star in my eyes every single day!

    Have a wonderful Sunday too!

    BTW, I had a phenomenal Saturday as well that started at 6:45 AM. Jazzercise, lunch with hubby on the patio of a local pub we love to go to when the weather is awesome, like today, gardening all afternoon and then a delicious buffalo burger patty w/ff feta cheese and a organic salad w/kalamata olives, tofu & Annie's organic Goddess Drsg....Yummyyyyy!!! So you see, you rub off on us a little bit or a lot each day with your wonderful and positive attitude on your journey!

    Love ya!!!
    3817 days ago
  • LLTS01
    Phew- I am pooped just reading about your day.
    3817 days ago
  • 46SHADOW
    Wow. Way to go.
    3817 days ago
  • TIME4ME2010
    That's emoticon !! I was excited to hear how Trudy finished. And 8 miles wasn't enough of a challenge for you today, that is a testament to how strong you are! emoticon I use the mind over matter a lot when I'm running, people might think I'm crazy when I start talking to myself! But whatever keeps me running! I can't wait to hear how your half goes in a few weeks!
    3817 days ago
    I love this! We have to give energy to get it and give to others to receive ourselves! I'll try and remember this when the alarm goes of at 5 AM to workout with my daughter next week. We need each other!
    3817 days ago
  • IXCHEL23
    HOLY SMOKES, what energy you have Carolyn! emoticon You are amazing! What a great blog, I was I so in anticipation of how Trudy was going to finish! Trudy must feel emoticon I have to say I am so envious of Trudy, I wish you could run with me! emoticon
    3817 days ago
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