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Yes, Another One!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From DianePBH - what can I say? Y'all know how I am with these things, lol...

Below are answers to questions asking which you would rather have. Feel free to cut and paste into your own blog and play along.

1. Eat milk chocolate or white chocolate.
White. Milk chocolate doesn't do much for me - if it's not deepest-dark, eh. Maybe it's that 'all or nothing' mentality?

2. Spend a day in solitary confinement or a week in jail?
I'll take the week, in solitary: as long as I can have books and things to write with, I'm a happy bunny. I'm usually content in my own company, at least for short periods of time.

3. Be a fish or a bird?
Bird. Flying beats swimming, to my mind.

4. Have no phone or no internet.
I couldn't even tell you the last time I talked on the phone - I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't have a mobile phone!

5. Pole dance or line dance.
Um... I'll opt out, thanx...

6. Would you rather live with regret or do the right thing and die?
Depends what the 'right thing' is. VERY much depends what the right thing is!

7. Cruise to Alaska or spend a week in Florida?

8. Would you rather get locked in a freezer for 20 minutes or spend a night trying to sleep when it's 90 degrees and humid.
Huh. I've done the sauna-thing. I'll go for twenty minutes in the freezer - in mid-summer.

9. Ride a horse or a motorcycle?

10. Walk in the rain or walk in the snow?
Rain - but I don't necessarily see this as much of a choice.

11. Eat a brand new kind of meat or a brand new kind of veggie?
I'll go for the veggie!

12. Watch the moon rise or watch the sun rise?
Can I have both?

13. Go to DisneyLand or Grand Canyon?

14. Listen to Mozart or listen to the Beatles?
Another place where 'Can I have both?'

15. Would you prefer a 10-minute COLD shower or a 30-minute COLD bath?
OMG, the shower - but 10 minutes seems like a REALLY long time--!

16. Picnic on the lake or Picnic at a park?
Oohh, on the lake, for sure!

17. Evening with a few friends or a large group?
Few friends.

18. Scrabble or Yahtzee!
I so dislike having to choose just one. Does this mean I'd prefer to have my cake and eat it too? lol... First Scrabble, then when the brain gets tired, Yahtzee.

19. Bike or walk?

20. Waiting in a train station or Waiting in an Airport
Oh, airport, definitely. I love waiting at the airport, so much to see and do. Trains are... well, they're so limited, aren't they? :-D
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    The 'comnment' immediately below mine purporting to be from 'IllBeStrong' is obviously SPAM, trying to sell some weightloss product. I reported it. Any true Sparkler seeing this, please report it also until SP finds and removes this moron--! emoticon
    3967 days ago
    You guys are all so much fun! I loved reading your answers. But I've done one similar already - its in a blog. Have a great day.
    3968 days ago
  • no profile photo THIAGRAM
    Ok...Here it goes! such fun getting to know each other!

    1 - Can I have both! What I really like is the dark chocolate with some caramel filling!
    2 - solitary One day of solitary and some yarn and a book and that would be fine with me!
    3. bird or fish? mmmmm......depends on the water or the sky. what am I swimming in or flying over?
    4 - I'm horrible on the phone. I'll take the Internet so I can delete before I push post!
    5 - Don't know what a pole dance is. So I suppose I'll line dance, but I'd rather just dance alone at home making my juice!
    6 - I don't want any regrets so, I'm gonna try to make it right always!
    7 - Would love to see Alaska!
    8 - I can take the heat
    9 - Horse!
    10 - I guess that would depend on the weather! Is the rain cold and windy? Is the snow in a snow storm? I'll take the sunshine even if there is snow on the ground!
    11 - veggie
    12 - sun rise with my hubby!
    13 - Grand Canyon!
    14 - Depends on the song!
    15 - shower. I'll take 10 mins. instead of 30. Don't like being cold.
    16 - On the lake
    17 - a few friends!
    18 - when I was a kid I loved Yatzee, but now I would play Scrabble all day if I could get someone to play with me! In fact if I had time I would play Scrabble all day by myself.
    19 - Walk with my knitting! Don't think I would try the bike and knitting thing together, not safe!
    20 - Airport. People are fun to watch! Have never waited for a train. Around here I would only see a train crossing the road.

    tons of fun!
    emoticon emoticon
    3968 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/25/2010 5:57:54 PM
    I agree with all of your answers except; the chocolate,I don't consider white chocolate to be chocolate, so milk chocolate it is and I would line dance if someone would teach me. emoticon
    3974 days ago
    I'd love to answer this but too much effort to cut and paste. I would definitely NOT opt for the freezer. No way, Jose, no matter how hot. And it gets pretty hot here in FLorida. You just melt in the summer. Scrabble definitely and I like dark chocolate. I go to Disneyworld every year so I'll opt for the grand canyon. Could use a week in the wilderness.
    3978 days ago
    So fun to get to know people this way!
    3978 days ago
    Ok Kasey - making me think.

    1 - dark but I would prefer Triscuits
    2 - solitary - give me a book and a pillow
    3 - bird - it sounds freeing and I could get away from DC traffic
    4 - oh please - I will die with my computer and a cup of coffee in my hand
    5 - line dance - although my feet will get tangled
    6 - pretty much a do the right thing person - but I agree depend
    7 - Florida - hate cruises
    8 - freezer - 20 minutes is not so bad
    9 - motorcycle - my inner rebel
    10 - snow - I would feel like a kid
    11 - I am slowly giving up on most meats
    12 - sun rise - I am up anyway and the moon is so unpredictable
    13 - both - unless I did something really adventurous like hike the canyon
    14 - Beatles - then my kids would listen in
    15 - shower
    16 - no picnics - don't like bugs
    17 - few friends - not a fan of large groups
    18 - Yahtzee - I have a brain dysfunction with Scrabble - I cannot make words out of letters. I cannot unscramble words - you put HTE in front of me I would need to get paper and pen out to see what word it was - ugh hate scrabble.
    19 - either. I like biking just not that super tight suit leaning forward biking
    20 - yikes - neither I feel penned in like an animal. Both them involve waiting

    Yowzeers who comes up with these things. Yours all so romantic. Picnic by the lake listening to Mozart with my horse grazing nearby. Mine all sound so cranky.

    3980 days ago
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