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Little Black Dress Therapy!!! (with pics)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long story short:

Monday night I had a bad run (horrible)

I felt terrible, head throbbing, body aching.

Slept in on Tuesday morning, did some yoga, drank plenty of water, ate lots of fruit, finally ended up taking Tylenol to push back the headache enough that I could go to work for a couple hours.

After work, I came home to change into my workout clothes to go to the gym. Thinking that my trainer would help me sweat it out.

I slip out of my work clothes and think I better try to find something in this closet that will fit me now that weather is getting warmer. Last spring I was 267 lbs., last spring I was wearing a size 22. I spy a pile of skirts in the top of my closet that I have not been able to wear for more years than I care to count. I pull them down and quickly try on a couple before heading to the gym. I thought they should fit nicely by now. Wrong. They were huge! I was swimming in them! Two fit good enough to work with a belt for the next week or two. Darn! I am smaller than I thought! My weight is deceiving me. My body composition is totally different than it was the last time I was in this weight range. I'm more compact, condensed, solid.

I wonder what size I am? I have no idea. I glance through my closet for some smaller sizes . . . don't act like you don't have two or three different sizes in your closet, you know you do. In the very back of my closet I see a little black dress.

This little black dress I bought over 15 years ago from an upscale consignment shop. I bought the dress to wear to a class reunion. I bought the dress because is was elegant without being overly dressy. I bought the dress because it was just too cute to pass up at the price. Only one problem, the dress did not fit me at the time I bought it. It was too snug to pull down over my hips, it was too tight across the back and the chest to give the girls room. But it was so cute and such a good deal, surely I could drop enough weight before the reunion for it to fit. Well, I never did and it never fit and I'm really not sure why I kept it all these years. I've moved three times. I had gained 80lbs. since the day I bought the dress! Oh, my.

Could it be. Do I dare. Will it fit. It has never been on, full on my body. I pulled it out and slipped it off the hanger. I glanced to see what size it was, the previous own had cut the tag out. I dunno, it looks small, it looks straight through the hips, I dunno. I slip it over my head and it glides right down over my body! It does not cling to or hug snuggly to anything!!! It fits!!!! It fits!!!! I start jumping up and down and I feel like I have just won the lottery!!! Oh, my, oh, my!!! It fits and I feel beautiful!

I want to wear this dress every where! To the grocery store! To pump gas!!! To mow the grass!!! To check the mail!!! To the neighbors house to borrow a cup of sugar!!! LOOK AT ME!!! I'm in THE dress!!!!! And Dang, I look good!

Man, I feel like a woman! emoticon

Look!!! I have a waist line!!!

Now I need a pair of sexy strappy sandals to wear with this little dress!

I really wanted to wear that little dress every where I went today, but it was a little too dress for work. But, I still felt pretty a black knit top and matching skirt set.

Oh, by the way, I did make it to the gym on time. I was sooo excited I totally forgot about my headache!!! Endorphins I suppose!!! My workout was wonderful! I love my trainer! She kicks my butt! The scale isn't moving much these days, but the little black dress tells me I'm making progress!
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