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Amazed at 5lb weight loss even after a crazy past week or so...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I cannot believe that the scale is still moving down even after the chaos the past week or so. I was aiming to weigh in every week but I skipped two weeks or so because I just didn't want to go near the scale. I had been making my calorie count for the most part but a few days off and I was sure I would gain. I also wasn't getting fitness in like I had been but I still managed to loss some weight. Who would have thought? Definitely not me! I know it isn't a lot but for me it is wonderful. I really thought I would have gained some and maybe I did but all I know is that since the last weigh in( that I wrote down) about two weeks ago I went down 5lbs. With all the craziness I sat here and thought about whether or not I got on the scale in the last two weeks or so but I do not remember at all. That is why I am keeping a journal and the last entry.. to.. the current entry... says I lost 5lbs! I am so excited I just want to get up and dance or run! I guess I should huh? All I know is that SP is really working for me! I think the healthy eating choices I am making now are out weighing the craziness once in awhile that come into my life. I am so thankful for SP and all the wonderful people I have met who are so supportive, motivating, and encouraging. I have learned so much in the past month since joining and am a better person for it. I even got my mom on the journey with me and she is down more than 10lbs too:) I think I could actually start crying right now so I am going to stop. Sorry for going on and on but I am so surprised and so happy I just had to write it out! I know I won't be missing my weekly weigh-in anymore, I think I would have saved a lot of stressing out unless I had gained and that would have gotten to me(only God knows).

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