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Women Give High Fives

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There is a power and an energy among woman. No disrespect meant to my guy friends. Guys empower me and inspire me in different ways. Guys amaze me with their feats of power and my competitive nature want to try to take on what they are doing.

Women draw strength from each other. By encouraging, supporting, motivating and inspiring each other, women are themselves stronger. When I read a blog of a woman who is struggling and I offer words of 'wisdom' to her, I am speaking to that part of myself as well. Encouraging someone else, encourages that part of me to continue on.

Early today NEWJENN10 referred to me and a couple of other spark friends as Rock Stars. While I am so flattered to be in the company of woman she grouped me with, I assure you I am not a Rock Star. Unless by Rock Star, you mean someone who believes fiercely in her ability to accomplish her goals. Unless by Rock Star you mean I believe no one makes it to their goals alone so you might as well have a party along the way. Unless by Rock Star you mean someone who is willing to stand out in front and make a way for others to see that this can be done, this is possible, I'm doing it, you can do it and none of us can do it alone. I've given a 'shout out' to my heroes in the past. The woman who inspired me to be my best self just by being their best. Those women are still touch stones I can go back to and they still reach out to me in times of need. What I have noticed is that while women are 'in the struggle' of making it happen, they are awesomely inspiring and other women 'in the struggle' identify and connect with them. We are in this struggle together. Some in different stages, but we are there, together.

Tonight while I was out running, I saw a lady running towards me. I could tell she was new to running/jogging and new to fitness in general. I did not know her, had never seen her, but I knew her struggle. She was a bit overweight and working at it. I could see the determination in her face. As we got closer, I said "Way to go girl, you look good!" and I moved toward her and said "High Five" as we passed each other. We high fived and smiled at each other. Each feeling a little prouder for our efforts, feeling a little more encouraged that what we are doing is making a difference. I know I had a little more power in my stride after that.

So, high five to you NEWJENN10. And to you my friends who are stay at home moms of little ones and are making it happen in your own way! And to you wives of military husbands who are deployed and are doing everything and still finding time to take care of yourself. And to you, my friends over forty who have discovered that you are worth it after all these years of putting others first. And to you young women and college gals who are just so smart to have figure some things out at such a young age. Thank each of you for doing what you do! It makes our community stronger, which empowers me! YOU are a rock star!
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