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Select Your Role Model, But Be Your Hero!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I am, by nature a goal setter. If I can see it and I believe it . . . I can achieve it. Now, I have to realistic in my expectations. For instance, I am not a fast runner. I can chose a sprinter as my role model and admire their physical ability and set a goal to work on my speed. But, I will not be breaking records for sprints. But, I don't have to. I just need to be my best.

I have spoken before about focus and balance. This focus helps me be realistic in setting my goals and keeps me from falling pry to every little whim and fad thing that comes along. Here is how it works for me. I analyze my body type, my strengths and my interests. I have a medium size frame with a thick curvy musculature. My interests are running and bike riding. I love to life weights, I love to sweat, work hard and hear the clank of metal. I also LOVE boxing! Not the dancey choreographed stuff, the real sweat it out punching. So, I select sports figures who have a similar build as me and who excel at their sport. My role model is Tosca Reno

I don't aspire to be a body builder. But her body type, her diet and her workout are all things that appeal to me. This is attainable for me.

I cannot expect to get anywhere near that goal if I don't do the work or if I don't pay attention to my nutrition. To get my body to anywhere near that level of fitness, I have to know what kind of workout she does. So, I read her magazine, Oxygen and copy my workouts from them. To get my nutrition on track to support that workout, I have to look at her nutrition. She eats a clean, whole foods diet. So, I get my menus from her cookbook or from her magazine Clean Eating. I do love that magazine. It gives me recipes, ideas for smoothies and two weeks of meal plans! No brainer. Eat the food, do the workout, read materials that support my plan. Plan and execute.

It would be foolish of me to set a goal that does not meet with my body type, my interest, or my skill set. Sure, I'd like to learn some ballet, but I am not a ballerina type. To try to be would cause me angst and disappointment. Seriously, do I really need to be disappointed in trying to be something I am not.

Here are a few of my other favorite female body role models.

Gabriel Reese - I too love volleyball and anything that has to do with the beach. Her body type is leaner than mine, but I still admire her strength and can aspire to that.

Jackie Joyner Kersee - Dang, what a woman! I cannot even aspire to be a hurdler, but I lover her dedication, focus and execution. She is strong!

Dara Torres - Still looking good and performing well into her 40's. What's not to love about that! I do enjoy swimming and will keep this image in my mind when I start taking some courses to help me prepare for a sprint triathlon.

Joan Benoit Samuelson - Perseverance is the word that comes to mind when I see this woman. I do not have the same body type as her and I do not aspire to do a marathon, but in training for my half marathon, I have kept in image of her in my mind. She has persevered and so will I.

And then there is this woman:

If you don't know her, you need to. She is the real deal. She takes responsibility for her choices and make decisions that are in the best interest of her health. I love who she is as a woman and she inspires me to be my best self. Our journeys have been very parallel since I started here on Spark. She inspired me to start running. Here is the link to her page:

And finally, last but not least is this woman:

The face I see in the mirror every morning. The woman I have the privilege to be. I want to make the best choices for this woman. Because she deserves it. Yes, because I am worth it. And, so are YOU!

Who is your role model and what have you done today to make you feel proud?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome and inspiring Blog! Thank you. I like the fact that you are your own role model. That is awesome!
    3789 days ago
    Wow, what an inspiring blog as always! I never thought of looking at analyzing my body type and setting my goals based on that. What a great way to set a goal! I love Tosca Reno and I love her eating habits as well. I've got 2 of her books and have fixed several of her recipes. I am so into the clean eating concept now and I believe eventually I may have a solution to these IBS issues and Acid Reflux and might be able to get off of the Nexium for good. You should look at www.ohsheglows.com. This gal is vegan but her recipes for clean eating are phenomenal! I love reading her daily blogs and just like you, I look forward to what she has to say each day. I would like to move towards a vegan lifestyle and I probably could or at least vegetarian because I do like some dairy, but it's a really hard lifestyle when I do love seafood and a nice prime rib every now and then. emoticon

    I have changed my eating habits tremendously reading the above mentioned blog only because a lot of her eating habits or actually all are very clean, healthy and pure vegan so it makes it easier for me. She also is very fitness minded and is training for her first triathlon. I love Tosca Reno's body composition, holy cow, she looks amazing and soooo how I would love to aspire to as well. I think it's realistic fitness and nutrition wise.

    I'll start swimming this week and it's been since last year that I've practiced, so we shall see where I am. I think you will be awesome in a triathlon, especially because you have the running and cycling discipline where it needs to be, just need the swimming part.

    Thanks for a great blog today! It always helps me to go to SP first thing Monday morning cause I know you'll have posted something wonderful!

    Have a great week my friend!
    3791 days ago
  • WREN67
    GREAT post!
    3791 days ago
    You've given me much to think about. Who are my role models and why? Wow, I don't know but I will before too much longer as I promise to do much thinking. You are indeed a wonderful role model to many of us with your hard work, motivation and positive self image. Thanks for sharing with us.
    3792 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5142827
    Wow you have done awesome. Great job.
    3793 days ago
    You rock Carolyn! I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts because your words really inspire me!! Thanks for all of your support.
    3793 days ago
    Another great blog!! I love to read your blogs because they always make me think. I'm like you...curvy and able to build muscle. I know that I'm never going to be a petite size 2 or a fast runner and I'm perfectly fine with that. I just want to be healthy and fit and whatever size I end up with when I get there, I'm OK with that. Thanks for your insight! Have a great weekend!
    3793 days ago

    Thanks for your words of wisdom, seriously motivating. I can relate the bit about accepting your body type. Back in the day I was into lifting weights and going to the gym, am working on getting back to that. Have done some boxing too - that really works you out.

    Thanks for inspiring me with this and your 'women give high fives blog'!

    emoticon emoticon
    3793 days ago
    Great blog post--thank you! This gets me thinking in a really good, important way--I really appreciate this tonight. Thank you. emoticon emoticon
    3793 days ago
    Wow! What a fantastic blog. Really. It took me a long time to be realistic about my body type and because I wasn't I couldn't find the right path.

    And I love this : "So, I select sports figures who have a similar build as me and who excel at their sport."

    This just seems like a smart, rational approach to this journey. Why aspire to be something I am not? That will never get me anywhere in any aspect of my life.

    Your blogs are always fabulous - but I am so glad that I read this one. You really just know how to say things that are sensible, real and knowledgeable (and that I like :) XOXO

    3793 days ago
    Another wonderful blog! I am so honored to count you and Kristina among my awesome friends!
    3793 days ago
  • KLOSH1
    you are our role model...and we are all grateful that you are hee cheering us on !!
    3793 days ago
    I don't think I've mentioned today that I love you! :D

    I'll have to think about this....most of my role models are Spark People, though.
    3793 days ago
    Great blog! I am going to put some thought into this over the weekend!
    3794 days ago
    you are an amazing role model yourself! thankyou!
    3794 days ago
    Love the blog! Inspirational!
    3794 days ago
    My role models? You, our good friend, Kristina, my friends teeny_bikini and Karbie from here on SP, and several, several others!

    I don't know that I have anybody famous outside of SP as a role model. I'll have to think on that!

    Oh wait! Author Jon Katz. He has the life I aspire to lead- farm, dogs, livestock and he writes for a living, great books about dogs and about his SOL (Slice of Life).
    3794 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/30/2010 1:51:45 PM
  • TEMPEST272002
    Interesting... I look to role models to learn about emotional health, financial health, business success... but I had never really considered looking for role models for weight loss or physical health. It makes sense. Thank you for the idea!

    Since you are the person who inspired me to run, you're definitely going on my list of Fabulous, Amazing Role Models!

    3794 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Oh geez, I'm seriously blushing over here. Thank you! I still can't get over the fact that I actually inspire people. But I should believe it and own it and learn to accept praise! I so need to do another "split screen" photo too....

    But oh, rambling....

    Gabby Reese is banging. I would love to look even a smidgen like her. Same for Lindsay Vonn. Thanks for reminding us that athletes are role models to us all. I'd much rather be athletic than skinny!
    3794 days ago
    You are awesome and a role model for me. You have some of the greatest blogs!
    3794 days ago
    Love it, love it, love it!

    Well, YOU definitely have become one of my role models! And Karvy is definitely another one. LadyIris313, RachelRB, SP Coach Nancy, SparkGuy... I mean the list goes on and on!

    I have so many role models here on SparkPeople. It would take too much space to list them all, but I will say that they are all strong individuals who stay focused and who persevere regardless of what their current circumstances are.

    And I have to say that I am proud of me, too. What I have accomplished these past nine months is something that, for a long time, I thought was impossible. Look at me now!

    I love your blogs. You're real and you're courageous... and you are definitely created in beauty, my friend! emoticon
    3794 days ago
    Great blog !!! I have Tosca Reno's book just got them actually, I know who to look-up to (it will be your turn). Kudos for Kristina. Totally mega differences in your pictures, WOW you are looking great Sista. I've added you as a friend, please feel free to do the same. Have a great weekend, Josée emoticon
    3794 days ago
    Food for thought, for sure!

    Until today, I'd given *zero* thought to having athletes (especially professional athletes) as role models. Wonder if that's a cause or an effect of never having thought of myself as any kind of athlete?

    I *do* have role models for other aspects of my life--some famous, some just people I know personally. (Memo to self: this might make a cool blog entry.)

    And I even have one or two for this process of adopting a healthier lifestyle. For instance, I *am* a subscriber to KARVY's marvelous blog.

    *So* glad to see that you include yourself in your list. And that question "What have you done today to make yourself proud?" is one that I try to answer every day in my blog. You *do* deserve your best--and you're clearly delivering your best, day after day.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    3794 days ago
    Guess what! You're one of my role models. I love your examples and Karvy is a great role model too. Keep up the inspiration!
    3794 days ago
    Beautiful blog, really. I loved every word. SOOO inspirational!!
    Thank you!!!
    3794 days ago
    3794 days ago
  • MEGANC1988
    3794 days ago
    emoticon Love the shoutout to Karvy!!! emoticon
    3794 days ago
    I just love reading your blogs.
    3794 days ago
  • AZURE14
    Very inspiring. I'm not sure who my role models are, but you've given me food for thought. Today I'm proud to be on track and making progress!
    3794 days ago
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