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Funny bike commuting experience

Monday, May 10, 2010

On Friday I did my typical bike commute - 6 miles to the Layton, UT commuter rail station, then 4 miles from the Salt Lake City train station to work. It was a balmy 32 degrees F outside, so I was wearing two pairs of gloves, a wool jersey, two jackets, and my new winter cycling tights. I also had on my earmuffs. At the end of the ride, my fingers and toes were cold, but the rest of me was nice and toasty.

I went into work and unpacked my pannier bag preparing to change into my work clothes.

You know that nightmare where you get to work and realize you don't have any pants? Yup, that one. I realized that in my groggy haste to get out the door in the morning, I packed my wife's pants instead of my own. My beautiful wife has a much smaller pant size than I do. At this point, I was starting to panic - I didn't want to go through the entire day in form fitting bike tights. I even started making calculations on where the nearest clothing store was.

I then realized that I had packed my rain pants. So, I had something slightly less embarrassing to wear - I just sounded like a nylon parachute the whole day.

I made up for it by skipping the train and riding the whole 30 miles home - it was perfect weather and felt great.
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