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Day 593 MUST SEE PROGRESS PHOTO!!!! Can’t wait to post this blog!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Weigh In: 204 lbs for a loss of 1 lb for the week. A total of 114 lbs lost on SP. 5 lbs to go, to reach my June goal of 199 (Total weight lost 196+lbs)

Birthday Countdown: 21 Days to reach 199 lbs goal weight

Food: Stayed in Calorie Range.
Total: 140 min (Finally made my 120 min goal, Yay!)
Aqua Aerobics/Aqua Jogging: 80 min
Walking: 60 min
Physical Therapy: (have to rest arm)
Environmental Exercise: 0
Step Aerobics: 0

I started to clean out my bedroom closet thinking about Siriradah and Colleen. While doing this I found the biggest pair of pants I used to wear. I purposely saved them. Other than that I give away whatever is too big for me if it‘s still usable, so I don’t have clothes to regress into. I’m very proud of this photo. Please realize I weighed 400+ lbs at one time (not sure exactly how much I was cause my scale no longer measured it) and barely fit into those pants anymore. Matter of fact they were skin tight and the legs reached barely below my knee! Thanks so much Carol for taking the photos. For larger photos see my photo album.

Wearing my size 10 pants:

Wearing my biggest pants ever:

I feel really good about beginning to clean out my bedroom closet. I did not even have room in it for my clothes! It will take me a few days to get it all organized, but in the end I finally will be able to use it as a closet for my clothes and not just for storage. So a bunch of stuff will be donated and recycled this week. Thanks Siriradah for your blogs about ridding yourself of non essential items. After reading it so many times idea is sticking with me. Thanks Colleen for sharing all the housework you do. It inspires me to do more!

I started a countdown to my birthday to get and keep myself on track. I’m following the Mayo Clinic “diet” and will do my best to eat the 1200 recommended calories a day. (My nutritionist recommends the same amount of calories) Lately I have been fudging allot with calories while exercising less. I hope the countdown will motivate me to stick to my goals at least 80% to 90% of the time. I’m not trying for perfection. I also will do my best to exercise 2 hours a day! I hope to increase my weight loss from 1 to 2 lbs a week. I have three weeks left to my birthday. At that rate I will achieve my bday goal of being in the 100’s! A number I have not seen since my late teens or very early twenties! I’m not quite sure anymore. My next goal will be to make it to the 170’s which will take me out of the range of being obese. Then I’ll work towards a healthy BMI.
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