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Struggling with Temptation (and Reasoning it Away)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I didn't think my lunch was bad. But when I logged it, I discovered that it had more calories than I expected, so now I am closer to my daily calories than I would like. It's not fun.

Meanwhile, I have snacks on the brain. There are some lovely barbecue chips staring me down. But I know that they won't taste as good as I *think* they will ... plus, who wants all the sodium?

Then is a chocolate chip cookie. I made it, and it would be only one. But is that one cookie really worth blowing the day's calories? Probably not. The truth is that I can always make more ... and really saving it for my husband would be a lot kinder and more fulfilling.

Maybe this is the whole point of blogging weight loss: I just talked myself out of these things. And I had an epiphany -- I am not even hungry. I won't starve if I don't snack. Instead, I will probably thrive a little more.

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