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Weekly Bikini Update

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

For the past couple days I have been wondering if I made a mistake by inviting others (you) to witness my weekly progress. I could feel the differences in my body, but wasn't sure they would be noticeable enough for pictures. I kept telling my husband, there won't be much change this week. I don't know what I expected, it has only been a week since the last picture. I took my measurements this morning to see if there was any measurable differences. The tape measure results are 1/2" off my waist line and 1/4" off my hip. Thigh and bicep measurements are the same this week. However there are areas that feel leaner that I don't have measurements for. Such as around my ribcage area, through my collarbone area, my forearms and wrist, my calves and ankles and yes, even my knees feel slimmer.

My new personal trainer is really pushing me hard and I love it! He has the best way of coaxing out the very best effort I have to give. When we start a set of bicep curls he will tell me to chose my weight. As I go to pick up the 12lb dumbbells, he says "that's safe, you KNOW you can do that. Challenge yourself today." So, I take the 15's. If I was only doing one set I'd grab the 20's but we are doing a circuit and working to total muscle fatigue. When we get to the lat pull, he racks more weight than I've ever pulled. Then he corrects my form and presses me to sit up, pull in my abs and then he puts his fingers right on my lat muscles and tells me to contract here, only here and he made me fully extend and contract hard pausing at the end of the movement. Each fiber of each muscle is used through the range of motion. Oh, my, he makes my muscles shake! I was indeed fatigued! So, I think Ryan is definitely going to help me to reach my goals!

My nutrition is awesome! I'm eating good clean foods and lots of it! I will have to do some picture blogs for you! It is a lot of good stuff which my body needs to fuel the workouts I do. I pack my cooler of food every day and do not eat anything that is not in my cooler. That cooler has the best foods for my body in it. Everything my body needs to build muscle and burn fat is in that cooler. It's all good stuff and I'm very satisfied with my foods. I don't refer to as a diet, because it is a lifestyle. While I'm on that subjects, let me say I am most proud of my progress, because it has ALL been natural. No magic, no diet pills, no starvation, no fasting, no living on celery and carrot sticks, no feelings of deprivation. There are only two 'supplements' I take. One is a multivitamin and the other is a protein shake. I am not a commercial for any weight loss product or quick loss scheme. I am a real person, with real results. And if I can do it, you can too.

So, here are some pictures from this week. The differences are slight, it's only been a week. It has been a total of two weeks since I started. I have lost 4lbs. in two weeks. I have lost 1/2" off my waist and 1/4" off my hip this week.


But, if you look, I hope that what you see is the courage to try, the determination to be my best self and the comfortable peace I have made with my body and with food. This is my journey, but I gladly share it with you, if in doing so, you find some hope and encouragement for your own journey.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010, weight 180.3

I'm feeling longer and slimmer through my ribcage area and upper and middle ab area this week. My lower back area right above my bikini bottom line is feeling less 'full'. Also, check out that bicep on my right arm behind my head! I think I'm starting to see some definition there!

Picture on left is before I started my new nutrition and weight lifting plan. The pic on the right is from last week.

Maybe you can see the difference, maybe you cannot. I can feel the difference and I promised to let you follow along for a couple weeks and I plan to do that even if no difference shows. I would love to hear what you are doing and what is working for you!

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