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One Year Makes A HUGE Difference!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yes, today is the one year anniversary of my lifestyle change! What a fabulous year!!!! I want to take a moment to list 12 things I learned this year. One for year month, starting with the first month (June, 2009).

1. Fries are an option that I don't need to chose every time. Seriously, that was the first change I made. When my family went through the drive through at a fast food restaurant, I would order the sandwich only and a bottle of water. Making this little change was my first streak! I felt so empowered! Maybe it sounds silly, but it set me up for success.

2. It is important to focus on what I CAN do, instead of what I cannot do. I had some serious plantar fasciitus and could not walk without experiencing great pain. But, I can ride a bicycle! And I have great places to ride! Before long I was riding 25 miles each Saturday and 6 - 8 miles every day after work.

3. I can make healthy choices for me. I do not need to eat something just to make others feel comfortable or because it is a 'tradition'. Traditionally, those thoughts had made me fat and unhealthy. Time to start a new tradition!

4. I like working out with a personal trainer. They can challenge and push me in ways that I would not challenge myself.

5. I'm a runner! I like running! I feel strong when I run!

6. Thinking of myself as being 'in training' helps me stay focused on my goals in my nutrition and in my workouts. I eat and gear my workouts toward a specific goal. My training for a half marathon is totally different than my training and nutrition in the recovery phase after a half marathon.

7. It's hardly ever too cold to run outside. It may be too icy, but not too cold.

8. I have a lot more determination and perseverance than I EVER gave myself credit for.

9. It's okay to keep the lights on when my clothes are off.

10. I enjoy really healthy foods. I have been able to severely reduce my sodium intake by taking out processed, canned and packaged foods. When I do eat something 'prepackaged' I try to find the brand with the cleanest most organic simple ingredients.

11. I am strong! Not big bulky guy strong, but fairly strong! I love lifting weights! It makes me feel tough and feminine at the same time! I'm liking the way my body is taking shape now that I am lifting heavier and more often.

12. I like me! I really like me! When I look in the mirror now, I am excited about the woman I am and about the possibilities for my future. My best days are yet to come!

It has been a phenomenal year! I have learned much more than I could put on any list. I was able to lose 88 pounds in 12 months. When I first started, that was not the goal. It never was a goal to reach a certain weight by a certain time. The goal was always to make the choices today that will move me closer to the health I want tomorrow. A couple weeks ago I realized that I was close to having lost 90 lbs. and thought that would be neat. But, it didn't happen. Am I disappointed, no way! I am lighter, healthier, smarter, smaller, happier and feeling so much better than I was a year ago today.

When I went to the gym this morning for my workout, I thought it would be fun to do somethings that I always do on 'milestone' occasions. First was to run on the treadmill and see how fast I can sprint for a quarter mile. I usually run 12:00 - 12:30 minute miles. They have been a little faster lately due to the speed work I have been doing with my trainer. So, I set the speed for my usual rate, and it's way to slow for me! So, I pumped it up and ran my first mile at 11:45. The next mile is quarter mile sprints and I am amazed that I can hold a 9:40 mile pace for a quarter mile. Still, not breaking speed records . . . but, yea, I am! The to my regular weight lifting and I'm amazed that I needed to heavy up today! I was pushing 25# dumbbells! Then to my favorite milestone test. Whenever I reach a weight loss milestone, like 60 lbs., I load the barbell to that weight and see if I can bench press it. When I lost 60 lbs. I was able to do 5 reps on that day. Today, my husband loaded the bar while I finished my sprints. When I went to pull it off the pegs, I could tell that is heavy! Oh, my! I'm able to lower it down to my chest but I cannot push it back up. My husband had to take the bar off me. I said, "Wow! That is heavy"! We said, yea, it's 90#. Jeez! I said as close to 88# as you can get, not 90#! So, we reload the bar for 85# and I cannot complete the rep again. At this point, I have lost more weight than I can bench press! And, oh, my knees are sooo thankful that I am not carrying around all that weight any more. I will get stronger and I will be able to complete that rep! Soon!

The pants I was wearing a year ago! Size 22, 267.7lbs. Today 180.1, not exactly sure of my pants size. 14 is too loose, 12 is too tight today. But, I seem to be shrinking every day.

I will sign off with my pretty little twirly skirt I found at the Goodwill!

Goes great with my pearls! I feel so girly! I think I'll wear it to church tomorrow with my hair up!
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