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Food Blog #6 - Fried

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No, I am not eating fried food. Fried just describes my day better than any word I can think off. This morning I was getting dressed for work and I pulled out one of my favorite Chico outfits and pulled it on. It is big and sloppy looking on me. I know that getting smaller is the goal, but if you could please share a little compassion with me here. I have been purging a lot of clothes out of my closet. My budget is very tight and I am working very hard to fill in the gaps in our budget by making and selling my unique shabby chic jewelry. So, I'm working full time, working out 6 days a week and making jewelry for some shops on the east coast. Back to my clothing issue, which is directly tied to the money issue. Those lovely Chico outfits were pretty expensive, I cannot afford that quality of clothing at this time in my life. I feel sad as I say good bye to some of these items, not knowing when or if I will ever have something that nice again. Now you see that I am a little bit of a material girl! I tried to redirect my attention to the fact that being smaller and healthier is preferable, but it really didn't help that everyone who saw me today said, "Those colors look really good on you". emoticon. So sad, all day I felt like, "well, this is the last time I will wear this pretty top". The shoulder seams are in the wrong place, the body of the shirt just hangs down (it is suppose to be semi fitted) which makes the hemline fall at my mid hip which is not a flattering profile for me. emoticon

I think part of the reason I am feeling so blue about this is that I also just discovered that my weight plates and barbell were either left behind or sold when we moved here three years ago. I loved that barbell. It was perfect weight for me and the perfect size for what I want it for. I vaguely remember the discussion that we wouldn't have a place for a workout room here and I wasn't actively using it and it was in storage. Since we were moving to the university to work, we would have a fully equipped gym to work out in. Well, now that I do workout 6 days a week, there are some things I'd like to be able to do in the privacy of my own home or to get a quick set in the morning, etc. And of course, there are always those strength moves I want to try, that I'm not sure if I'm strong enough for, but I want to challenge myself to try (but I don't want an audience)! LOL!!! emoticon So, yes, sadness. I was just overwhelmed by the fact that I don't currently have the financial ability to just go out and replace some of those items.

Add to that the fact that I left behind a job as a preschool teacher and yoga instructor, that I just LOVED!!!! And moved away from my life long friends (since 6th grade). And that since my husband makes less money than he used to, I now have to work full time. I'd always been the stay at home mommy who then went to work part time when my boys were in middle school. As a preschool teacher I was a nine month employee, which means SUMMERS OFF!!! And now it is summer, and I am working for the third summer in a row.

At 2:00 I took a break from my office to come home and get a little jewelry made. When I get back to work, I turn on my computer and the screen starts flickering and then it goes black. I turn everything off and then back on and it does the same thing and then I hear a crackle, pop and smoke starts rising out of the back of my computer monitor. emoticon

Geeeeeeez!!!! Give me a break!

After work I go get my workout in with my trainer. I really needed that! Great way to sweat it out!!! Then I take a bag of coins I have kept for the three years since we moved. These are coins I picked up around our previous house while I was packing. My son had left for college and I had to finish packing his room, my husband was a way on business and I had to pack his home office and of course every other room of the house. I would find a handful of change here, a coin there and I started putting them in my pocket while I was cleaning up. At the end of the day, I would empty my pockets into this baggie. By the time we moved, I had a pretty good chunk of change. I have kept that baggie of change and today I decided to use it to reward myself with one thing that would help me get closer to my goals. I went and cashed in the bag of change and there was $40! Way more than I thought! I went to Kmart to get The Gold's Gym Circuit Training System (pull up bar, push up hand grips, ab straps). The sale price was $39.99. With the couple dollars I already had in my wallet, I had just enough. It rang up for $56.99. It seems the $39.99 was a one time Blue Light Special, that someone forgot to that the tag off of. But, policy says they have to sell it to me for the marked price. emoticon

I come home, assemble the bar, hang it in my door and set a stool in the doorway to use to help me do an 'assisted' pullup. I am too heavy and too weak yet to do one unassisted. That is the reason for the bar, to help me develop that strength. Anyway, I had seen a video of how to do that assisted pull up, but had never tried it. I get in the up position and ideally I would be able to lower myself unassisted. Not so. I can feel that I am not strong enough to lower my body weight down slowly and I'd rather not rip my shoulders out of their lovely sockets! But, my husband and son convince me to take my foot off the stool and try. I take my foot off and immediately release down into full extension, crashing the front of my shin into the stool. I feel like crying. My shin is purple. I am not strong and I have to do assisted pull ups for quite sometime before I will be able to pull myself up or lower myself down.

Okay, enough whining! Let's eat!

High Carb Day:


I prefer fresh strawberries, but since I don't have strawberries every day, I keep frozen unsweetened berries around.

Sunflower Seed Butter! mmmmmmmmmmmm Makes your hair and skin pretty!

Add them to my steel cut oats! Tastes like peanut butter and jelly! Yum! Doesn't that strawberry look heart shaped?! LOL!

Eggs & Soy Sausage!

Snack #1

Fage 0% Greek Yogurt

Bare Naked Peak Hi Protein Granola. So delicious mixed in my yogurt

Mid morning chocolate shake with instant colobian coffee


White beans, red onion, tuna, capers and Omega Heart Smart mayo

Afternoon Snack:

Romaine Lettuce Leaves with humus and low fat Mexican Cheese Blend


Grilled Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato and Spinach (not pictured)

Night time snack is a large choc. protein shake. (not pictured)

I sign off with a picture of me in my office today, wearing my Chico's shirt for the last time.

Good night friends! Be good to yourself!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • WYND10
    I don't know if it's possible since it depends on the material of the clothing, but have you thought of taking your Chico's clothing into a tailor and having it re-tailored to your new body? I know last time I lost a lot of weight, I did that with my business suits. It was way cheaper then replacing them, and I got to hang onto some of my favorite pieces.

    Either way emoticon . Congratz on cashing in your spare change for so much, and being able to reward yourself :).
    3745 days ago
    Shopping for women's clothing makes me angry! Why must everything cost so much? Actually not really angry. I just limit my store options and try to be as savvy as possible. Goodwill. TJ Maxx. Marshalls. Wal-Mart. JC Penney. Course there's another good point to eating more at home. If I'm outta clothes I guess I can just eat in my undies. LOL!
    3745 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/17/2010 4:22:06 PM
    Awww I understand. You look great!
    3745 days ago
  • GALSAL59
    So sorry on one aspect about the Chico clothing yet ecstatic for you in the other regard! Now...are they my size hmmm.
    3745 days ago
  • GINA7249
    luv the pics and everything about it... sorry u had a fried day.
    3745 days ago
  • BRANDI0074
    Oh the White bean lunch looks so good!!! Do you serve it cold????
    3745 days ago
    1. I too would love to see your jewelry.
    2. I feel your pain...about the clothes. But it does get better...I have been restocking my wardrobe since I met goal...I've done it one piece at a time...and I really hit the sales at Kohl's but my work wardrobe is pretty much complete...I still lack a little in casual summer clothes, but I'm getting there. You can do it!
    3745 days ago
    I would like to see your jewelry! I love shabby chic!

    More good food dishes..okay, now my stomach is growling. I get stuck in a food rut. You've given me some great ideas!

    You are bringing it girl!!
    3746 days ago
    Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
    3746 days ago
    It's all been said already...so I'll save my true excitement for your bikini pics...!! My mother-in-law is teaching me how to sew so I can keep some of my favourite outfits!!
    3746 days ago
    Sorry about your day ... it started off a little bumpy but you turned it around! Your pics of what you ate today made me hungry - that tuna salad really looks good! Have you posted or shared the recipe?
    3746 days ago
    Sorry to hear you had that kinda of day. For your clothes, a good seamstress is the key for the beautiful pieces you wish to keep – and don’t be afraid to ask if you can get a “ volume “ discount meaning explain that you are losing weight and in these hard times word of out mouth of good services rendered is very helpful. Previously, I had negotiated $7 a piece of clothing no matter what was the alteration: taking in waist, hem, or whatever.

    About working full-time I hear you loud & clear although we are not in the same situation it can be tricky at times to balance the priorities and budget out. I think all of us Moms on this journey can relate.

    Once again your food blog is very helpful to me ! Are you doing Cooler no. 1 from Tosca Reno or what your trainer has given you.

    Finally, now hear this you bold, fierce & fabulous Carolyn – you will get this chin/pull-up and one day it will be completely unassisted. Look at what you have accomplished in 1 year, so Sista it will come and there will be a I did it blog ! NO knocking down allowed here !

    emoticon emoticon ( I tried to find a pull-up bar)
    3746 days ago
    3746 days ago
    Alterations, lady!! You'll be SO happy if you try it!! Seriously.

    Your blogs have been incredibly inspiring. I've been lagging lately; not fallen completely off the wagon, but certainly dragging along side. It's time to jump off and get moving again.

    3746 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2010 1:21:33 PM
  • ROSIE777
    Dear friend I just know how you feel about your clothes I get some of my clothes at a resale shop until I get to my goal weight. I am also putting some of my big clothes to resale so I can have some cash to buy new ones. You are doing an AWESOME job getting healthier & smaller in size. Keep on going my friend. Here is to the fabulous new you, emoticon
    ¸¸.•´¸.•*¨) ♥¸.•*¨) Many Blessings, Rosie
    (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•*´¨`* ♥☆¸.•*´¨`*♥☆

    3746 days ago
    Thanks so much for the visuals of what you eat! It all looks DELISH -- and it is GOOD FOR YOU! You look fabulous, too -- too bad about the Chico's shirt that will have to go to a new home, but WELL WORTH THE SACRIFICE!!! You have really taken control and have turned the KEY! Congrats!! emoticon
    3746 days ago
    I too absolutely love Chicos but can't afford it all the time. I've gone from a size 14 to 10 and was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have sizes 14, 12 and 10's already in my closet and they are still in style.

    Because Flexchef has me on a plan to lose almost 10% body fat I know those 10's will be hanging off of me shortly. A co-worker suggested Goodwill so I headed the the local shop and really found some nice articles of clothing for dirt cheap. I even got some workout gear because some of my workouts pants had me with plumbers crack which is not right on anyone not even supermodels so you know i was looking a hot mess at the gym.

    Maybe you can get your favorite outfits altered?

    Just know that everything will work out just fine and the blues you experience today will be your triumphs of tomorrow.

    You're doing great and I love your attitude.
    3747 days ago
    Oh, Carolyn, I wish I was closer so I could give you a BIG HUG! I know how that is. My closet is emptier and emptier each week. Goodwill is my friend, but even there I sometimes buy things not snug enough and grow out of them too quickly and I hate going to work looking shabby because it's about how I FEEL about me that matters. I started buying more dresses and skirts because as they get more loose, it's not as evident and they can be worn longer. I do have my sweet Barb who has done some alterations for me on things I want to wear a little longer, too. It's good to have friends who are willing to help out in a multitude of ways! You noted a ton of blessings in this and sometimes that is where we need to set our focus because if we sit looking at the things we cannot control and change, discouragement sets in. You're amazing, Carolyn! Don't forget it!!
    3747 days ago
    Yum! Everything looks delicious. It sounds like quite a day for you but glad about the blue light special and in ways, glad those Chico clothes are falling off you. I know what you mean about clothes looking big and sloppy. That's how I felt yesterday. I'd be interested in seeing your jewelry. If there's a link or something, send me a spark mail. Have a great day!
    3747 days ago
  • KLOSH1
    oh my sweet Carolyn...what a day you had! I am excited about your $40 purchase, adn you will get stronger. Look how far you have come and what you have accomplished!
    Have a wonderful day, and just know that those beautiful clothes that we are donating are probably going to someone that needs them more than we do. We are right where we are supposed to be on this earth. Apparently you and I are supposed to be giving our clothes away.
    Love you girl!
    3747 days ago
  • WREN67
    My heart is hurting for you! Folks have already covered my suggestions...consignment, garage sale, to earn money...altering the clothes to make them last a little longer...freecycle for the exercise equipment.

    Hang in there! You are strong, inside and out. Just an annoying (and sad) bump in the road, but you can and will do this! I don't know, but I always believe that things happen for the best and that there's always something good coming around the corner. Your clothes are going to be helping someone who really needs a hand. And, somewhere, someone is taking actions that will benefit you! I just know it!

    Hope today is full of joy for you - you deserve it!
    3747 days ago
  • KARVY09
    I have the same thing going on... no clothes. You should see the business suits I have. I haven't gone to court in awhile and now if I had to, I don't know what I'd do. I'm glad you're getting some of your favorites altered though! That's great.

    I think you look amazing. And lots of good stuff in your eats from yesterday!
    3747 days ago
    Hi Carolyn, I know what you mean about the clothes, we had little money growing up and most of my clothes were second hand from friends kids that were a bit older. So when I got really pretty stuff, even today I become very attached to them. I have an abundance of clothes, most of which I need to purge. I love to shop at the thrift stores and they often have half off coupons. I did notice that the smaller sizes have a much larger and cuter selection of clothes so I look forward to this as I shrink. I think just all the changes are often hard to deal with, especially for those of us that covet our clothes. They are our securtiy blankets.
    3747 days ago
    definately find a good seamstress. I had to have several really nice dresses taken in. It cost something like 8 - 10 per dress and I was able to keep them. More involved alterations would cost more but would still not be equal to purchasing Chico clothing new!!
    3747 days ago
    I was going to suggest altering your clothes as well. I am blessed that my mother is an excellent seamstress and she passed a bit of that onto me. I can make my own clothes (when I have time, LOL), or have her fix them for me. It takes me a while to find clothes that I like and fit well, too. I can totally sympathize.

    Hang in there. DOn't let one bad day ruin the rest! Your meals look totally yummy. I really need to write down your ideas.
    3747 days ago
    I totally know how you feel.When i lost weight before i had my son i had no clothes and no money to buy any new ones.Growing up we were pretty poor and i rarly ever had anything to wear i wanted.I hated giving clothes away as they were the only ones i had.As i got smaller i hated getting rid of the clothes that i had as some of them i had searched for a long time for.

    These days after the birth of my son i have the opposite problem a wardrobe full of new stuff which are too small.I refuse to buy new clothes in bigger sizes as i think it's a waste.No one around me understands but i can't keep buying clothes and especially when you'v got 3 kids to buy for.

    At the mo i'm still wearing my fumpy clothes i wore when i was pregnant but i don't care because i have those special clothes to look forward to.

    It sounds like you had one of those days like i did on friday.My comp isn't working either at the mo having to use hubby's which is a pain.Days like this is where i get my baby steps from if i let them go and ensure i do my list everyday i know i'll meet my goals.

    You inspired me with youe baby steps and seeing your progress week by week has given me the strength to concentrate on those small steps and i know like you i'll make huge differences in my life.
    3747 days ago
    Yes, I have gotten rid of some of my clothes, but my favorites, no way. Take them in to be altered when you have some cash. Just one at a time or if you sew alter them yourself. That's what I am going to do, there are some I just love and now they are floating on me and I don't want to give them up so don't you give them up either! emoticon
    3747 days ago
    Mmmm...I love Fage yogurt.

    I can absolutely empathize with having the blues about not fitting into the clothes that you love. That might sound silly to someone who isn't actually go through it themselves - thinking "why would you complain about losing weight" - but the fact is that you loved how you looked in those clothes, and you won't get to wear them anymore. That is definitely a bummer! Still...look on the bright side...if they are in good condition, you could sell them at a consignment or used-clothing store (or on eBay). If they're not up to that mark, how about donating them to a charity that puts together outfits for underprivileged women who need to look sharp for job interviews? It sounds like you have some lovely garments, and this way at least you would know that they were going to someone else who would treasure them (and they would make such a difference in her life!).

    Anyway, glad to see there was a silver lining, finance-wise (love that Blue-Light Special pricing)!
    3747 days ago
    You made it through a stinky day! Three cheers! You are a winner, Carolyn.
    We are all enjoying your food photo blogging too. Thanks......and you are becoming more and more radiant!

    emoticon oh look, there's Carolyn! :)
    3747 days ago
    I'm sorry your day was such a **&&###!!! But you seem to have a good attitude about all of your "mis-adventures".

    I got 2 good recipe suggestions from your pictures of your food-- the tuna and cannelini beans and the hummus and romaine lettuce -- both good ideas/ways to eat thing I already eat!!

    Tomorrow WILL be better!

    Have a Great Day and Thanks!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3747 days ago
    You have bee doing great food blogs-i'm taking notes to get out of my food rut-thanks so much
    you look absolutely beautiful-your face tells the story-it's so 'happy'
    3747 days ago
    I know it's hard to get rid of nice clothes when they get too big, have you thought about finding someone who sews and can tailor them to your new figure? There are people who do that at our dry cleaners and it's not that expensive. I have a beautiful red dress that I love and will get tailored the day it starts to look baggy on me. I don't wear it often but I do love that dress. Of course you will find something to replace it someplace maybe at a consignment shop or thrift store since your budget is tight. I can't find clothes to fit me at the local Frenchy's but one day I hope to be able to just go to a bin and find nice stuff. I know a lot of people who only shop there and they always look good. Anyway, you look so good right now, you'd look awesome in a garbage bag...hope that doesn't offend you. Have a great week you really are a inspiration and you look fabulous. emoticon
    3747 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your post today,and congrats on your post that made Popular. I wonder if you could sell your nice clothing on craiglist or at a consignment shop to earn a little cash so you can get some great new clothes. Just an idea :)
    3747 days ago
    Everything looks great!!!! I love love love sweet potatoes!!!!!

    Hope you feel on the up and up soon!
    3747 days ago
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