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Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is a reprint of a blog I wrote back in January. I was revisiting some of my blogs looking for a scrumptious recipe I made up for pistachio encrusted chicken breasts. I have not found the recipe, I do remember the basics. So, if I emailed that recipe to you back when I made it and you have a copy, could you share it with me! LOL!!! So, I found this blog and I thought it still speaks to how I approach my current obstacles and challenges.

I've been thinking about some of the things that I've used as obstacles to being healthy and fit. They all seemed like good excuses at the time . . . no time, too tired, can't afford a gym membership, can't afford healthy foods, it's boring, it's hard, blah, blah, blah. I know, I bore myself. The thing is, while I was sitting on the couch watching the size of my butt grow, I knew I was killing myself, I knew I was at my most unhealthy weight ever, I knew there was a better way . . . what I didn't know is that I could totally change my life, health and appearance in just six months. What I did not know was that by setting small daily goals I was setting myself up for success every day. On that first day when I exercised for six (6)minutes on the Wii and felt so good that for THAT six minutes I was doing something to change my life and I was proud of those six minutes! I looked forward to coming home from work and getting on my Wii Fit to see if I could workout just a minute more. I kept challenging myself to do just one minute more than I did the last time. Each time I did it, I was a winner!!! You would have thought I was an Olympic competitor! ((((Sound the Music)))) (((Take the Podium))) (((Receive the Gold Medal))).

What I have learned is that if I have the 'want to' and I set a goal to do something . . . I can and will accomplish it. When I think of the obstacles I have allowed to prevent me from succeeding in the past . . . heck, I never even knew how to set a goal and work towards it. Now, I know . . . set the goal, break it down into daily doable steps that move me closer to the goal and go get what is mine!!! It is my goal! I will get it! AND I dare anything or anyone to get in my way as I work toward fully possessing what is rightfully mine! THIS is MY goal! Go get your own!
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    I love that you reshared this blog...I was looking through your blogs for that recipe too...couldn't find it... emoticon I'm sure it will surface from one of your dear sparkie friends that you shared it with. I love that you share! emoticon emoticon I love that you inspire us and I love that you inspire yourself and your family! We all are rooting for you in the same way that you always take the time to root for us...that's the absolute amazing beauty of spark...it's all just so encouraging...It's kinda crazy...but when I have really, really, REALLY good news I always think of my Spark friends..when I have a bad, down day...I always think of my spark friends...I wonder why the bond over the cosmos...is sometimes even stronger than the bond we have with our fleshie friends...it must be because we have so much more in common with our weight loss journey and our heightened sense of self and what it takes to get us there...hummmm very, very interesting don't you think? emoticon emoticon
    3747 days ago
    Great Thoughts. I came across this one day and found it to be dead on. Sounds like you use this, knowing it or not.

    It is called SMART:

    Specific - set very detailed goals
    Measurable - decide on a means of measuring success
    Attainable - make sure the goals are reachable
    Realistic - make sure the goals are realistic
    Timely - set a true time frame and reevaluate at set points along the way.

    You are rockin' it lady!!

    3749 days ago
    I am sooooo a goal setting person and one of my goals at this minute is to start blogging just like my SP friends that motivate me to! You are one of those friends! Thanks for the motivation gal!
    3749 days ago
  • EILEEN160
    Goal setting has not been my way of life. But the inspiration from you and SP has made me realize the importance of it, and I have put a goal in motion!

    I'm glad you came across this former blog! emoticon
    3751 days ago
    3751 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    I know to stay outta your way, you are a force to be reckoned with and you are inspiring!
    Having "known" you on SP for quite a while now, I am amazed at the level of confidence and the focus you have!!!


    Never give up, just keep your eyes on the prize!!
    3751 days ago
    3751 days ago
    you know i am exactly where you started, except I keep thinking 6 minutes is not enough. thank you for reminding me that it really is!
    3751 days ago
    Nicely stated!
    3751 days ago
    Oooh, that recipe sounds wonderful.....great advice !
    3751 days ago
    Very well put warrior!

    3752 days ago
    Terrific advice. Thanks for sharing.
    3752 days ago
    excellent point. I've told myself 2 nights in a row that I was too tired to do my DVDs. Know what I realized this morning? I'm still tired. If I'd done the DVDs at least I would have felt good about feeling tired. I would have had something positive to focus on instead of feeling sorry for myself. Ugh!

    Have to get my butt up and moving in the evenings. Walking at lunch is not enough!

    Thanks for this reminder!

    3752 days ago
    Wonderful post. I needed to read this today.
    3752 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    Great advice Carolyn!
    3752 days ago
    This is exactly what i have learnt it's the day to day things not the future that makes the difference and guess what it's working for me and it's still working for you.
    3752 days ago
  • KLOSH1
    and even as a reprint it is wonderful advice...have a great day Carolyn!
    3752 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Mmmm, pistachios!
    3752 days ago
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