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It's Wednesday!!! Bikini Update Time!!!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Okay, if I sounded excited, it's because I am!!! This is week 4 of my bikini update and I am simply amazed at how wonderful I am feeling! The food is awesome, as you can see from my food blogs! My workouts are super focused, 3 - 4 days of weight lifting, a couple 40 minute sessions on the elliptical and a couple HIIT sessions a week. Oh, yes, and my nightly pull up challenge!!! I will do a pull up unassisted! I will get strong enough for that! I still need to lighten the load a bit more though.

In four weeks I have dropped a little over 10lbs. I have surpassed my initial Spark goal that I set back in October when I joined Spark. My initial goal was 177lbs. That would take me to a nice round 90lbs. lost. And the reason I chose that weight is that to admit that I really needed to lose 100 lbs. just seemed too huge to think about. So, I reset my goal when I got to 180 lbs. My new goal is 167, I think I accidentally put 168 on my ticker. Again, maybe I am afraid to set it to reflect 100lbs. lost? I dunno. So, yesterday when I weighed in for my Biggest Loser Summer Challenge, I weighed in at 173.9 !!!! AND I'm wearing a size 12! With space! I see a pair of size 10's in my near future!

Oh, do you want to see what I am so excited about? Okay, okay!

On the left is my before picture, May 25, 2010 @ 184lbs
On the right is my picture today June 23, 2010 @ 173.9 lbs

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but my thigh is much thinner and my calf muscles are getting more defined.

On the left is my picture from two weeks ago
On the right is my picture from today

Right at my waist, there was a crease that is now disappearing.

If I was more comfortable with how my lower tummy looks, I would show you the front view and you would see that I have really slimmed down through my collar bone area, through my ribcage and that my waist is becoming more defined. Oh, and my girls are getting a little higher each week! LOL! I must admit I am tickled to death that I actually have a girly figure again!!! Who knew? I hadn't seen my waistline in so long, I forgot I had one.

Things I enjoy now that I am smaller and more fit:

1. I tuck in my shirt sometimes.
2. I own a belt and wear it often. I even had to buy a smaller one!
3. I can put my foot up on the bathroom counter to polish my toenails
4. Working out is a lot more enjoyable.
5. Running is a lot more enjoyable.
6. I am challenging myself in new ways.
7. I often hear, you look so healthy ad strong. (favorite compliment)
8. I can open my closet and throw on anything in it. No multiple sizes. Not many options right now since I have taken out everything that was too big. And I am now the smallest I have been since high school.
9. I get to hear Ruben (FLEXCHEF) tell me how well I am doing!
10. I get to eat the BEST foods!

I am so blessed. Over the past year, I have learned how to honor, nourish, respect, love and care for my body. In doing so, I have been so rewarded. Not only is my body healing and regaining it's shape, but my body image and relationship with food has healed and I am feeling a sense of peace and balance that I have never had.

Be blessed. Be beautiful. Be you!
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