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What is it about Facebook?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This weekend we attended my husband’s class reunion, but we only found out about it because a friend of ours from school wanted to stay at our house so she could go. If she hadn’t called we would have never known about it. Needless to say there were not a lot of people there.

The person who organized it had a couple of our friends offer to help with the planning, but they had never heard back from them. As a matter of fact they heard about it very late too – through facebook so I really think it was a last minute decision by someone to do this.

I guess I don’t understand why those people that use facebook think it is a great means of communication for everyone. They need to understand that some of us do not revolve around that type of communication. I personally think people are foolish about what they share on that site and especially some of the younger generation doesn’t think about how it can affect them later in life.

I work with the network and communications at my job and am glad for the Internet and believe it has many good uses. As a matter of fact, this site is one of them and similar to facebook, but with more of a common healthier theme. That said, people also need to be careful what they say on this site because all the world can see.
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    I totally agree and frown at my friends when they ask me if I looked on Facebook for their updates on their life, especially my close friends. What happened to being personable with people, calling them...whatever! Facebook is a menace!...lol jk. But it sure can be a pain in the butt.
    3865 days ago
    "I'm an IT manager and very educated in computers and settings and the fact that if someone wants to bad enough they will get past the privacy settings."

    My boyfriend is an IT Engineer/UNIX Admin, so I too know more than I care to about IT security. My living room looks like New Egg and Fry's vomited in it, and he has an entire room for an office! ;)

    I just find it hard to believe that someone with the capability of infiltrating Facebook systems would bother with average people. I'd be more concerned with security breeches like Apple just had with iPads. That and my ex-husband having any level of access to my page. SparkPeople had less privacy options than Facebook, and I post me in all my lumpy glory here (which for the record I would NEVER do on Facebook). :P

    The way I figure it is that I post things my parents see on Facebook (and here if they would actually join) and I'd fear their wrath far more. emoticon
    3869 days ago
    I've caught up with quite a few people on Facebook that I hadn't seen or heard from in over a decade. Our family keeps in touch via Facebook even though we all live within 20 miles of each other. I have my city, the local pool, my daughters soccer group, girl scout troop, and girl scout leader all on my FB. If you use it right then it's an invaluable tool for keeping connected with many points of your life. Being part of even mundane things in my friends lives is still important to me. Simple things like saying good night, wishing them luck, and even telling them to pick something up for me when they do go to the store. :P

    As for things like reunions .. I found out about my high school reunion via Facebook. I saw the pictures with about 12 people out of a class of nearly 100. They didn't even bother to send information to everyone in any manner. Although there was more than enough opportunity to locate me on Facebook since my school and year of graduation is listed. The way I figure it though is the people from high school I want in my life are my friends on Facebook already, and if they're in town I'll know it and I can meet up with them myself.

    As for the security, like someone else said there are privacy settings. I have mine set where only my friends can see my posts and pictures. Not even friends of friends can see because some of my friends have people on their lists that I don't want seeing my stuff. It's a matter of educating yourself on using it properly not unlike anything else in your life.
    3870 days ago
    I like to post motivational & inspirational quotes on my facebook page! & Sometimes just some music lyrics of a nice classic rock song! A lot of my friends and even their parents call me the "Wise quotes Facebook status updater." LOL They say they look forward to what I post because it's never the normal, "Going out!" Or "Partying!" I really do not like how people write so much PERSONAL stuff on there. That's why I stick to something that is inspiring :)
    3870 days ago
    So true, so true. Personally I don't care for Facebook although I do have an account and I have found a couple of long lost friends that I grew up with. Other than that I rarely even go there. I'm too busy with SP and I like it here better.

    3870 days ago
    I agree with LIBBYFITZ I think Fb can be a valuable tool. I use it to stay in touch with family and friends and share photos.

    I also monitor my privacy settings and those of my teenage kids.
    I have friends who play the fb games and I sometimes wonder how they have the time, it seems all they do is play games. I "hide" these friends so I don't see their constant postings.

    I also agree with many who've said you need to be careful what you post, although ou can delete it, it's on the internet and there for many to see. No matter what site you're on, you should be wary of giving out personal info.

    I've seen where insurance companies monitor who is on fb, twitter, etc. and can raise rates. The theory being that some share every detail of their life. While you may think it's innocent to post to your fb profile, going to the grocery store and errands, theives can see it as an opportunity to know there's no one home for a while.

    Be smart and think about what you put on the net, no matter what site it is.
    3870 days ago
    Yeah, I agree. I got on Facebook and have a page and everything, but I lost interest after a month or so. The purpose of it seems to be 'look at me, look where I went, look at the cool stuff I do'. Like a high-school popularity contest.
    On the flip side, SP has the purpose of helping people live a healthier lifestyle.
    Much different in terms of where they're both coming from.
    3871 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    I totally agree with you! While I am on FB, I am very careful what I post there. I feel much safer and more "at home" here :)
    3871 days ago
  • PAUL324
    Every thing has its place even face book Look at it like food you make the choice what to eat, Use it the same way. I started on face book 2 months ago I have located 6 high school friends I had lost contact with for 30+ years now I can use E- Mail, telephone or visit them in person. Still looking for Army Buddies and more high school friends. Works for me emoticon
    3871 days ago
    I think the most important point you make is: "people also need to be careful what they say on this site because all the world can see. " And that goes for much of the 'net.

    One of the things I LOVE about our SparkFamily, as opposed to FB and other communities is that we here at SP are, as a rule much more supportive and positive than most online communities. Not that there aren't ANY negative exchanges here at SP, but my bet is that it pales compared to other online locales.

    3871 days ago
    I totally agree with you. I would rather communicate by phone or direct contact with family and friends.
    3871 days ago
    thank you I had to get rid of facebook cause I was beeing scammed by someone saying they were me and it wasnt me...so please,I wish people would think twice...I am from the younger generation and since I been scammed I am beeing more careful every day on the internet.....thank you emoticon
    3871 days ago
    I also don't get facebook, twitter or myspace. I have accounts but rarely ever log on or check them. I find them very hard to understand and it feels very restrictive. I also think people talk about the stupidest stuff on there. Like I care that people are sitting around watching tv, going to the grocery store or getting ready for bed??!! And whats with the games these people play?? Don't they have lives to live? They seem like such a waste, but then I'm middle age and all this is fairly new to me. I would rather be out doing something fun than sharing what I am doing with the world....
    3871 days ago
    I couldn't agree more with you. I far prefer SP and feel very much at home here, but I'm not on Facebook. I need that day-to-day life :) - Sandi emoticon
    3871 days ago
    I use facebook and love it.
    I learnt to use it about 18months ago. There is a site called messages where you send private messages.
    I also catch up with non FB friends through e-'mail.

    I have family and friends scattered all over Australia and the UK, Switzerland,Netherlands , Canada and Chile. I post photos and use the privacy tools so I control who sees them. If I had to make phone contact with all these people , well I wouldn't because I live in Santiago, Chile and most of my family live in Australia. An expensive exercise to call them on the 'phone and difficult as we are 12 hours behind them in time. emoticon
    3871 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    You are 100% correct! I'm on facebook but quite frankly, I don't get it! Maybe I'm just toooo old! emoticon
    3871 days ago
    emoticon I agree with you 100%. I enjoy using SP but like you I have a life of my own and it does not include sites like Facebook. I feel if I can not stay in contact with my family and friends by phone and close contact there must be something wrong with me!

    Thanks for the great blog my friend!
    3871 days ago
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