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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yep---I sure did!! I reached my final goal weight. In the past 11 mos I have set several goals pertaining to my weight. And each time I reached one, I felt like there was still more that I needed to lose. So I would set another. And that is how I have worked this program. But after I reached the last goal, I was happy with where I was - I just felt like it would be nice to have a nice round number that could simply roll off my tongue every time I told someone about SP and my successful journey. So - I decided that 60 pounds would be that magic number for me. I must say that in the past couple months I had started to think that I might have to settle of 59 - Not the nice round number I was shooting for - but a good number and a great accomplishment just the same!!! But I continued to push myself just the way I have been all of these past 11 months in hopes that I would eventually hit my jackpot number....
Well - Today was my day!!!! I got on the scale this morning and there is was....clear as this sunny day....the scale said I weighed 122!!!!! Now- I am NOT a math major - but I know that I started this journey weighing 182! OMG - I have arrived!!
So - I have alerted everyone around me today - if you are looking for me and can't find me - PLEASE LOOK UP!! I am WAY up here on Cloud 9!!!
I am going to officially switch my program over to maintenance and I am not going to care in the least that at least once a week my WiiFit is going to tell me that "it looks like I may be overweight" and "a good weight for you is 104" WHATEVER!!! Maybe back when I was 14 but not now at 47!
And --I cannot close without saying this again....I am average. Yes - I am special. My family thinks I am the best mom/wife/nana in the whole world. I am funny. I am smart. And I LOVE people. But - I am average....just like the majority of people walking on this planet. And if I can have this kind of success. ANYONE CAN!! And anyone is anyone reading this blog right now! You can do this. I'll say it again. SP isn't easy - but it IS simple. Make a goal today...and head toward it and don't let anything stop you from getting there. When you get there - reward yourself and set a new goal. And just keep doing that until you get where your heart tells you you need to be!!! YOU CAN SO DO THIS!!
Wow----60 pounds.....I just cannot believe this!! WooHoo for me! And THANKS SO MUCH to all my SP friends and the staff of this website. I did the work - but you gave me the skills, motivation and pushed me when I needed it!! Now - on to the next leg of this journey! Well-I have to go now - I have this sudden urge to soar with the eagles!!!
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