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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hmm.. Had a crazy week or so just been... Am back to School and the pressure is on (finals in 6 weeks), my grandma (Supermum) passed leaving us with no grandparents (feeling old!), my son is turning 13 on Friday (yup I am old), his Dad who hasn't been around for the past 13 years just made friends with him on Facebook and I am pretty unsure how to deal with this, was in a 7.1 earthquake and 190 aftershocks (around 340 and counting now), my sister is about to have a baby and I promised I would come down to help (when I have 6 weeks until finals AM I CRAZY!!), and to top it off instead of losing .75 kg like I wanted, I ate pizza, smoked a cigarette or two and gained 0.1 kg!! AARRRGGGHHH. Sorry. Now that is out in the open what does BLIP mean to me:

B (loody)
L (aw)
I (s)
P (....?) Nope.

B (ad)
L (uck)
I (nvents)
P (ressure) Nope.

B (ad-ass)
L (aw Student)
I (nvigorates)
P (assion) Maybe.

B (logs)
L (eave)
I (t)
P (eaceful) That's just plain cheese.

B (y now)
L (ove, you should know)
I (t takes)
P (articipation) Not quite an anagram but kinda how I'm feeling.

So from now on, as in right now BLIP is gonna mean:

B (utt kicking)
L (esson)
I (n)
P (erserverance)

I'm back...

Was just a BLIP after all emoticon Gonna go punch my boxing bag now and I don't care who watches me!
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