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Small Potatoes?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I dont know why, but I woke up with this blog in my head. Im weird, I know.

I want to talk about potatoes. They are heavy for their size, we can do alot of different things with them, most people love them, they are versatile and delicious!

The potato skin is what we see when we look at them. The ugly, dirty, lumpy skin. But we still love them, still desire them, still want to consume them. And when you peel them, there is the lovely, delicious, shiny part that everybody loves, inside. Even if you don't peel it and you just scrub it, it looks better, shiny, clean, dark and lovingly holding the fluffy stuff inside. But the skin has all the good stuff:The vitamins and minerals that make the potato valuable.

We are kind of like that. We want to be the fluffy, yummy stuff that everyone loves but we have the skin on us, the weight, the fat. We want to peel the skin and just be the potato but we cannot separate it that easily. We forget that we are still loved even with our "skin" on us.

The skin is important. It protects that potato like our weight protects us. It keeps the yummy inside safe and clean. But if a potato is left alone too long, it becomes bad. It starts getting soft and green and rotten. Potatoes are meant to be consumed. That is what they are made for. If they are not used for their purpose, they have wasted their existence. If losing the weight is what it takes for us to use our lives and fulfill our purpose, then great. But dont hide behind it anymore.

Let's not waste our lives complaining about the skin. Let's scrub it up, make it as good as we can, let people see how important the entire potato is. Some people think the skin is the best part! I mean, have you ever gone to an appetizer section in a restaurant and NOT seen potato skins on the menu? No. Have you had the mashed potatoes with the skins mixed in? How much better they taste? How much better they are for you? And come on, who doesnt love Natural cut fries with the skins still on?

Today, be the best "potato" you can be! Fry it, cut it, slice, dice, chop, shred, mash, bake it up, but use it. Don't let today go by shriveling up on a shelf. Be consumed!
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