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The Weekend Blog: Get Used to More (pics)

Monday, November 22, 2010

So, my plan was to stay on track this weekend at the cottage and I’m happy to report I did just that!

Here’s what I said I was going to do:

emoticonRun/walk along the Kal-Haven trail – DONE!
emoticonUse resistance bands and strength train – DONE!
emoticonBackup Leslie Sansone mini miles DVD – DIDN’T NEED TO USE, GOT SO MANY WORKOUTS IN!
emoticonEat healthy cereal for breakfast, eat healthy snacks like grapes, carrots, unsalted sunflower seeds and granola. – DONE!
emoticonBuy a water bottle and refill it often – DONE!
emoticonI'm only going to allow myself ONE glass of wine per day. – DONE – ALMOST!
emoticonI am not going to eat ANY crackers, chips, or cheese. One just leads to another. – 98% DONE!
emoticonI will bring my vitamins and eat them. – DONE!
emoticonNO fast food. Period. DONE!

Here's a run down of my weekend.


“Oh Crap.”

That’s how the afternoon started. I left my yummy red grapes in my desk fridge at work. Oh well, I would have to continue without them. Then at the store all of the cute water bottles were gone, all that was left was a plain white or blue one. Ok, I went for blue. Then I went home and made a yummy veggie burger. No batteries in the camera yet or I would have taken a picture; I also packed my bag.


Veggie burger
Morning Star Bacon
Mission tortilla
Goddess dressing one tb

Car ride snacks:

Half gingerbread latte w/ non-fat milk (70 cal)
Half of a brown rice krispy treat
Sunflower seeds unsalted two tb

Once into Michigan, my husband wanted to get McDonalds at the Wal Mart, but I told him my mom had made some heathy Chicken Tettrizini and it was waiting at the cottage.

Here’s what else was waiting at the cottage:

Yogurt covered pretzels
Keebler Fudge stipe cookies
Cheeze Its

Did I say wine?



I had 1 glass of wine, and then drank my water.

Then I had 5 yogurt pretzels.

Then I had another glass of wine. Now I put a stop to it, I went over my limit but I could stop it now.

I had ¾ laughing cow cheese wedge

I had 1 serving terra chips (yes, I broke my own rule won’t happen again)

1 cup of the low-fat chicken tettrazini. A second dinner, but we were up late, well past midnight.

Also at the cottage my sister, Kris (Stemmefatale) pointed out that I AM a runner because who else wears running shoes for casual wear? I looked down and it was true, I was wearing the Asics that I had bought but my feet like NB better for running, so I wore them casually now.

Picture Kris took with her cell phone.

TOTAL CALORIES FOR THE DAY: 1,941. (About 300 calories over my range.)


I woke up feeling good. It was 6:30 a.m. Chicago time and I'm up. Jim had taken the girls to Wal-Mart as the rest of the house was sleeping. I wanted to take advantage of this “no kids” time.

Time to run!

There was a mist over the lake. I thought it would be nice to take a walk. I got my gear on and after walking for 5 minutes I wanted to run. So I ran about 2 miles around the lake, then walked the last 5 minutes home. It was 20 min. running and 10 minutes walking for warming up and cooling down, about 2 miles total. It felt great. I burned 320 calories.

I get back for breakfast, and here's a bit of conversation from breakfast:

“Something’s burning.” (One of my sister’s boyfriends)

“Oh, that’s just the grease on the burner.” (My dad)

A true conversation. I love my family to death, but do you see what I’m dealing with here? LOL.

I had the following for breakfast:

2 cups coffee
1 mini blueberry muffin
¾ cup Kashi Sunshine Puffs
¼ cup milk

Then, as promised, I had brought my resistance bands and plenty to share – and I did Leslie Sansone’s 30 min. firming video with my sister Missy and our kids.

Then all the girls went into town for crafts show and shopping. We ate at Clementine’s and I had a healthy spinach salad with apples, walnuts, a little bit of brie and a light raspberry vinaigrette. We did order a stack of onion rings, and I wasn’t going to have any but I did have 1 ½

The girls at Clementine's.

Back at the cottage I had:

.5 oz. cheese its
Some terra chips
1 bowl of Smart Popcorn.

1 glass of low alcohol white wine.

Dinner: chili w/ bacon bits, .25 cup shredded cheese, ½ tsp. ranch dressing, a handful of oyster crackers.

After dinner I got a little stressed with a family situation involving my daughter, Lucy. Usually I would have poured a glass of wine, eaten some snacks. But this time was different. I just wanted to get out and so I put on my running shoes and took a walk with my sister, Kris. We walked for about 30 minutes, probably 2 miles. She listened to me and gave me good advice and also reaffirmed that I am a good mother. When we got back I felt so much better and I didn’t eat anything else for the night other than water. I also read some verses from my bible for times of trouble. Much better than food!

TOTAL CALORIES IN FOR THE DAY: 1,666 (only 40 calories over my range)


I made scrambled eggs with light laughing cow cheese and a handful of bacon bits. I made enough for 6 people and had 1 serving.

I had 1 cup of coffee.
1 mini blueberry muffin

Then I went on a walk with my sister Kara, the same path I ran the morning before. It was cold and hazy out, but a perfect day for a walk. We came back feeling invigorated and she was happy she had gotten some exercise in, too.

That served as my warm-up for Zumba! My sister Kris took a class to be an instructor and she brought her DVDs. We did the cardio party and it was a blast! The kids got into it too! I only made it 35 minutes through. But I burned 250 calories, not too bad.

For lunch I had the vegetarian version of my Dad’s chili, so it was a little healthier. I did add one hot dog and .25 cup of mac and cheese to it. Plus a handful of oyster crackers.

We also celebrated my sister Missy announcing she was going to have another baby, her third, and so we chilled some sparkling juice and I had a cup of that to toast.

Later we played Yahtzee and I had a glass of low alcohol wine.

Then we went walking on the Kal-Haven trail. I walked and didn’t run it, but I had my daughter w/ me and we had a great time. My husband trailed us with Marlo in the car. It was nice, we walked maybe 1 mile.

Lucy running the trail.

Me and Lucy

Then we were on the road back home to Chicago. We stopped at Wendy’s but I didn’t order anything, instead I snacked on a Clementine orange, a cup of grapes and a Fiber One bar. I also kept drinking my water.

Do you know what it’s like to sit in a car full of the smell of burgers, fries and grease? It is pure torture. But I survived, and I didn’t have one fry.

On the way home we passed a billboard that said “Get Used to More”. It was for a car.

(This is the car, but I couldn't find the actual ad and the car was moving too fast to get a pic).

I am not the sort of person who wants more, at least not with materialistic things (or at least I try not to). But I can’t help but think that last year at this time, I was wanting more. More of LIFE. And my life…well…it didn’t feel worth living. I was going through the motions, and not just because of my weight, or what it held me back from, limited me to, but moreover, how it made me FEEL. I didn’t feel full of life, didn’t feel positive, and didn’t feel like I had anything to offer anyone. I wasn’t in a good place.

In this past year I have transformed.

I have been given the gift of encouragement and many Spark friends have told me that I inspire them to change, too. This is nothing short of a miracle. I thank God for this day and for the spirit inside of me to keep on moving, keep on changing, and keep on trusting. I have truly been blessed, especially in this past year. With Thanksgiving coming up this week I can’t help but thinking of all that I have. And I want to pass it on, spared it around, and also take in what others here have inspired me to do.

My sister, Kris (STEMMEFATALE) inspired me to run. Kristina (KARVY09) taught me that I could be a runner and amazed me with her own running feats, the most recent running 1/2 marathon. The C25K team inspired me to train to run a 5k. Jenn (KITHKINCAID) inspired me to try Zumba. My friend Kimmah (FITNESSMISTRESS) inspired me to strength train. My faith based teams inspire me to BE more. The co-leaders of the "Women Wanting to Follow the Lord" team, Leah (PEPPERLEAH), Jewell (WCATAP) and Judith (JUDITH316) support me with encouraging others and also support me with their encouragement and friendship. Fellow members of that team, especially Paula (PAULACOLLINS) AND Deb (COLT2008). The leaders on the “Can’t Do This on my Own” team; Shelly (GLITTERGIRL69) and Missy (YATMAMA) inspire me to put Jesus first. ALL of the strong, supportive women on the Sunny Gals team on the WIN Challenge spark team inspire me to push myself. The DONE girls have inspired me to be myself and love this journey and to laugh along the way. Leona (MOMFAN) inspired me with her own 100+ weight loss. The team "Christians with 100 lbs. to Lose" helps me with its seasonal challenges. And I have so many more friends that cheer me on that aren't named here. If you are one of my spark friends, you are one of those people and I thank you so very much. In my life, I have so much to be thankful for.

At home I had a snack of pita chips from Trader Joe’s (110 cal) and 1 tbsp. cream cheese (40 cal), while we waited for the pizza to cook. I was starving!

For dinner we had frozen Gino’s East stuffed pizza – 290 cal. per slice. Then a side salad and TJ’s goddess dressing (60 cal) and 1 cup of 1% milk.

After the kids went to bed my husband made popcorn and I would like to tell you that I resisted. But I didn’t. I didn’t add any salt, however, and only had 1 serving.

TOTAL CALORIES IN: 2,175 (over by 555)

I’d say I did pretty darn good this weekend. I feel that I maybe inspired some of my family to also work out during our vacation, and I shared my healthy food with anyone who wanted some. And no matter what happens on the scale, whether it’s maintain, loss, or God forbid, a gain, I know that eventually the scale will show my great work this weekend.

This morning when I stepped on the scale it showed a 2 lb. gain. But you know what? I don’t care. I know I did the best I could this weekend. I couldn’t control the amount of sodium in the chili or the tetrazzini, I had already brought my prepared foods for breakfasts and snacks, I wasn’t about to bring a cooler worth of food and not share meals with my family. I did the best with what I could. Yes, I could have said “no” to that onion ring and ½. Yes, I could have only had 1 glass of wine on Friday. I could have avoided all chips. After inputting my nutrition into the tracker I realized that two of the three days I went over my calories by 300 – 500, despite not eating out at fast food joints, etc. This was disappointing, but also a learning experience.


Last year at this time I would have had at least 4 glasses of wine. Would have had more than 3 servings of chips. Would have eaten many slices of cheese. And I wouldn’t have exercised or tracked my food all weekend. I'm learning, and even reading over my notes from the weekend I realize I could have done things a little differently, perhaps added more veggies.

But I’d say I did my body GOOD, like the old milk ads used to say.

And I know this gain is just water weight and water retention from the sodium. It will be released when I step on the scale “for real”.

One funny and cool thing that happened this weekend was that my daughter Lucy is picking up on my habits. She was so excited to run along the Kal-Haven trail. And she saw me taking pictures of my food for my blog posts, and how I was trying to make good choices. So she came up to me on Sunday with a meal she had assembled just for me.

Here's a picture of it:

I burst out laughing. I think the dirty whale did it. But it shows that she's grasping the concepts of healthy living and eating. And that's awesome.

Also it served as a good reminder to laugh along this journey as well.

Now I'm looking forward to the challenge of Thanksgiving. And yes, there will be pictures of that, too.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD4334455
    What a fun blog!
    I cracked up at the whale...

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    3596 days ago
  • AMBER281
    Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the stories and pics.
    I bought some of that Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal for the first time this week. It is delicious!!!
    Can't wait to see your thankgiving blog!
    3597 days ago
    What a great time!! LOL Eating fish is healthy, right? She should be proud!! Now is the PERFECT time to share the story of Jonah with her!!
    3597 days ago
    Loved your blog and the positive things that are happening to you! And love Lucy!
    3598 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    I'm guessing the billboard is at Lordstown by the Ohio Turnpike near Youngstown? Confused though becuase I'm guessing you live in Chicago (from your teams) and went to Michigan? Anyway, glad that you ate well and had fun.
    3598 days ago
    Awesome blog! Your positive attitude will carry you far. emoticon
    3598 days ago
    Looks like you all had a great time! Nice to see the kiddies exercising with you too.
    3598 days ago
    Such a fun blog! You've come a long way!
    3598 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    Girl, you are looking like such a cutie in your pictures! I love that you value yourself enough to make healthy choices even when it's hard to do so & also that you are inspiring the people in your family to be more active too. You ARE an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!
    3598 days ago
    I LOVE this blog!! You are such an inspiration to me...you don't even know!! Wonderful that you turned your life around to wanting more of it!!
    3598 days ago
    emoticon I love how you got your sisters and the kids involved in at least some of the exercising you did!

    Clearly, you're getting better all the time! Keep up the good work! emoticon

    - Karen
    3598 days ago
    It looks like you had a great time and congrats on doing so well on your goals.
    3598 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5959732
    It's not about perfection but moderation and I think you did a darn good job of proving that! Congrats on being so active! You handled the weekend great!
    3598 days ago
  • COLT2008
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Looks like you had a great time!!
    3598 days ago
  • KEAL48
    Aww I love your blog. Good girl for staying on track while on vacation. Even though all that temptation was there you still stood strong.
    3598 days ago
    I LOVE THIS BLOG! THE PICS are great and so much fun to look at! YOU were active ALL weekend... you made smart moderate choices!

    THE one of you and your daughter is adorable...

    THAT pic of your face is great.. look how slim it is! THIS would be a great one to do a side by side of your face and how it has changed!

    YOU just look great I think and so pretty too!
    3598 days ago
    So you went over a couple of days - guess what? You tracked EVERYTHING, planned and exercised all weekend. Lady - that is a WIN if I've ever heard one. You're amazing. I hope I can be that disciplined in Germany! Well done. The whale is HILARIOUS.

    So proud to call you my Sparkfriend AND my real life friend.


    3598 days ago
    Thanks for an awesome blog!
    You look so cute in your running shoes and I love the pic with the kids joining in on the exercise!
    Keep up with the great work & wish U al the best!
    PS-the salad looks so yummy!
    3598 days ago
    What a Great blog~ And yes I do believe that you did a great job in your food choices and drank ur water and got in your exercise!! So sometimes you just have to induldge!! Great Job!! XOXO
    3598 days ago
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