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Someone asked me...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yesterday, My hubby had a colonoscopy (he is fine, no worries) and the nurse, whom we see occasionally for this and that medical treatments, looked at me and said, "Wow! You have lost a LOT of weight!" So I blushed and demurely said, "Yes, I have. Nearly 60 pounds. Thanks for noticing!" And she goes, " Did you have Bypass surgery?"
This is where so many things went running through my mind....
1. Is that the only way people think you can lose weight?
2. I am going to take this as a compliment!
3. She is about to get educated
4. I am going to take this as a compliment
5. I am going to take this as a compliment

Me:"No actually (and I can see hubby cringing cause he saw my spark get lit and he knows I am going to go off for about 10 minutes now...lol). I found this magical way to do it! (Yea I am a smart ass).
Nurse: eagerly turns to see what wonderful technology there must now be "Really? What is it?"
Me: Nutrition and excercise!
Nurse: (disappointed) Oh the old fashioned way.

So then I went on to tell her about sp but I could see she was already tuning out and would not take the website down or pass it on. (Most people do write it down when I tell them). But I was still happy that I have had enough weight loss that someone noticed like that.

I wondered it I had weight loss surgery how I would have answered that question? Would I have taken it as a compliment or been embarrased or not wanted to talk about it? Just another confirmation that I am glad I am doing this "the old fashioned way" and I am proud of all of us who are working hard on it every single day. Carry on.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go on taking the compliment and AWESOME on teaching the NURSE that the healthy way actually works!!
    3689 days ago
    Great response but I still think she's a twit for asking you that.

    3689 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5364914
    3689 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5399895
    I know how you feel. When people say something about my weight loss the first thing they ask is, "what diet pill are you taking?" It is so frustrating. I think people assume that its to hard to do it the old fashioned way. Congrats on your weight loss so far!

    3689 days ago
    LOL. I so loved this blog.

    Folks always "tune out" when they hear they might have to eat well and exercise - instead of have a major surgery. What a world?!

    I don't even bother with this conversation anymore - I take my compliment and go on about my business. I have yet to meet a person who wants to hear they actually have to "do something." Imagine that :)

    Go rock star. I love the picture you painted in this blog. So so so funny.

    3689 days ago
    I have actually had people laugh when I told them counting my calories and exercise. No magic pill. haha emoticon
    3689 days ago
    I posted a similar blog yesterday. I feel your frustration !
    3689 days ago
    I think its great that someone noticed...but a little sad that a nurse would assume that you had surgery. On the other hand it just goes to show that people in the healthcare profession are just that.... people. And, as a rule people look for the quick-fix, "magic" solution... until they learn to accept that the only magic is what we have within ourselves.
    3689 days ago
    I know this is late, but I had to comment. On one hand, I too am sort of offended that a nurse, of all people, said that to you. Heaven forbid we take care of ourselves and learn to live a healthy lifestyle.

    It's just almost too much. emoticon

    On the other hand, I can't help but be a little amazed at the group over here on SP. I mean, not only are we losing weight. Not only are we changing our lifestyles. But I see very few of us who AREN'T becoming advocates for healthy, lasting, good old-fashioned weight-loss! WE are the solution to the easy fixes, the crash diets and the risky, drastic surgeries that never let you enjoy food again.

    Good for you for spreading it around. You are a powerful, wonderful lady. Take care, and I hope your Christmas season is bright, cheery, and full of good memories.

    3689 days ago
    I do NOT like she just assumed that you had bypass surgery to lose weight!! Some people are just ridiculous and it really annoys me to the max. You took it well though and good for you for sharing SP with her even if she didn't take it. Keep up the great work!!
    3690 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    I had a similar reaction a few weeks ago from an old boss! "Did you FINALLY have bypass?" I was offended on the one hand and complimented on the other (that she noticed). I am proud of you too for doing it the old-fashioned way. And it disappoints me when we have a "suggestion" for the medical professionals and they just kind of ignore you. They should be cheering us on and also keeping track so they can recommend it to other overweight or underweight patients, since what works for one, just might work for someone else. Yeah, like millions of someone elses!
    3690 days ago
    I have often told people who comment on my weightloss that I stopped doing one thing - and when I have their attention - I say "I stopped doing this" and make the hand movement of shoveling in the food.

    Those who are interested will listen - and you are right, she tuned you out when you didn't have the magic pill. - Debie
    3691 days ago
    I love that you called it magical because sometimes when I'm "Sparking" it feels like magic. Somehow, I can have an unsettled day start touching base with all my friends, I feel like the reset button has been hit by magic. This connection is magical. Good for you to repeat it "I'm going to take this as a compliment." That is exactly what you deserve -- compliments!
    3691 days ago
    A NURSE said that! She ought to be ashamed of herself.
    I love the idea of a T-shirt..."I did it the old fashioned way....ate less and moved more" emoticon
    Maybe even just "Ate less, moved more" with sparkpeople.com on the back...
    I think it is that people HATE the idea that someone else can exercise self-control when they can't - or THINK they can't.
    So it saves their face to think you got surgery...
    3691 days ago
    I hate that look in people's eyes, when they tune out the advice and will continue to ignore the ONLY way to really lose weight for another few months... *headdesk*

    WTG you!!!
    3691 days ago
    awww I'm glad your hubby is okay. My dad had a colonoscopy and got some pre-cancerous polyps removed. He couldn't eat solid food for like three days. Also your reponse to the nurse is hilarious and I think you handled it well.
    3691 days ago
    When people notice my weight loss, I get asked the same question. I guess everyone wants the quick fix and when you say self control (won't say diet) and exercise, they seem disappointed. I don't get it... We need to be proud of what we're doing and that we id it the "old fashioned way," Great blog!
    3691 days ago
  • 81WREN
    I dread this question. I have a feeling I'll hear it too when I get closer to goal and I know I will feel offended because it assumes I didn't work for my weight loss and also, where I come from, you have to be over 100 lbs over a healthy bmi to be eligible for bariatric surgery. Which I wasn't. Who wouldn't love a good response that includes a healthy dose of graciousness and smartassedness all rolled into one?
    emoticon on your awesome progress!
    3691 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    I saw an old friend recently and after she complimented me she said "you had lap band, didn't you?" I lifted my shirt up so she could see I hadn't. Made me wonder if everyone I haven't seen lately thinks I've had surgery. I may just get myself a T-shirt saying "I did it the old fashioned way....ate less and moved more"

    Congrats on 60 pounds lost! Merry Christmas!
    3692 days ago
    My best friend had the surgery and gets super offended if people ask if that's how she loses weight. I have taken that question out of my volcabulary as there is no winning (and it's kind of personal)!
    3692 days ago
    What a dumb*ss nurse. Seriously.
    3692 days ago
    so proud of you! old fashioned way is the way to go! you are amazing & honestly, she should learn some manners!
    3692 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8377237
    I know, people always turn to the easy way first, the "i don't have to do any work" way. :( I can't wait to lose enough weight for people to notice... and to shove it in their face that I did it the "old fashioned" way! GO YOU!
    3692 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7466362
    Hello... the sense of accomplishment that comes with *the old fashioned way* is why SP is working! I want to own this journey. And honestly, even though no one has jaw-dropped at my weight loss (yet!), I don't think people verbalizing their notice is rude. I know I'm fat. And I know when I'm thinning out. No secrets here. Girl, you're shocking the medical field with your awesome weight loss. Milestone!
    3692 days ago
    AWESOME!!.."Old fashion" is the best way to go! I had a teacher tell me the other morning that she was starting her diet today and she was serious! I told her great let me know if I can help you, because I told her about SP, then she said, I asked him for some diet pills. I wanted to SMACK her right upside her head. We are the ones who achieve our goals and learn how to be healthy and eat healthy. Diet pills are a quick fix!
    emoticon on your health plan! YOU ROCK!! emoticon
    3692 days ago
  • HIFIVE06
    wow... first of all, id never say "youve lost a LOT of weight..." cuz to a self conscious person (Speaking of myself, here) id think "well they noticed how big i really was...bummer." I would have said "you look amazing!" Aside from that, how distasteful and unclassy to look disappointed when you said you DIDNT have bypass surgery!! I dont want to take away ANYTHING from those who get the surgery, or put them down, because ive heard you still need dicipline to go through that process BUT....it is incredibly hard to do it "the old fashioned way." Why put that negative spin on a natural way of doing things. Instead of "old fashioned" we should call it "organic." Our body was created to heal itself....and you are doing JUST THAT! Congrats on losing the weight you have, and for having the self restraint to answer that nurse's question with dignity (plus, who doesnt love a smart ass lol)!
    3692 days ago
  • DAISY443
    Great response to a very rude question!
    3692 days ago
    emoticon It was a compliment indeed!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when someone notices your accomplishment that you are working so hard for. You are doing something good for yourself and it is definitely paying off. Continue to spread the spark whether they accept it or not. Have a great weekend. emoticon
    3692 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6514410
    lol I told one person I bought it in a purple box at WalMart....called 'Determinatio, Will Power and Hard Work'....they weren't as amused as I was! lol
    Good for you for trying to spread the spark. Everyone just wants a quick fix and a pill to take. We are doing it the 'old-fashioned' way, but look at all the pride we can have in ourselves and our accomplishments.
    Good for you!
    3692 days ago
    Go Girl!! I would have responded the same way (maybe working it off the hard way gives us that spunk to be smartassed!) Way to go!!!
    3692 days ago
    I wish you could here me cheering all the way in Boston! I wish people would STFU. I love the way people are disappointed it wasn't easy. Not 1 person I have given the site has written it down. We all have to stand up and call people out on their rudeness. I am so proud of you. You sexy biatch.
    3692 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7956634
    People never think about doing it the healthy way, they always want immediate results! Your response was awesome!
    3692 days ago
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