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B.M.I. Means Big Motivation Item!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

As much as I love my SparkTeams and the challenges, every once in a while comes one that makes me cringe.

I've been going along just weighing in and, yes, I've taken my measurements and all that. But not very dang often! So now in my Nebraska team we're doing a monthly challenge and the leader told us we needed to post our weight and our B.M.I.

Well first I had to figure out how to figure out my B.M.I. So found the calculator here on SparkPeople and when the results popped up I was shocked and a little ticked off at myself. I saw the number and after the initial tears I went into denial saying "but I'm not obese"!

So I had to have a talk with myself and it went much like this.....

"Well Missy you have proof now that you are officially way too heavy"


"What are you going to do about it"


"What do you mean you dunno"

"Dunno what I mean about dunno"

"Do you need a spanking"

"Dunno. Maybe I need my jaw wired shut"

"You know your downfall is those Sweet Teas from McDonalds that you keep saying you'll give up and don't"

"Yep. So that wiring of my jaw won't help cuz you can still suck through a straw"

"With all the miles you put on at work and the ladders you climb up and down you should be in better shape"


"You have 3 weeks until January 1 - are you ready to give up the tea because it takes 21 days to establish a new habit"


"What - I can't hear you"



"I can't get any louder typing other than just doing caps"

"Don't get smart with me missy!" (That was my mom channeling herself through my alter ego)


"Now that wasn't so hard to do was it?"

"Ummmmmm - no - not until I drive pass McD's on the way to work tomorrow............."

"That's it - no more debit card for you young lady"

I wonder if my alter ego knows I keep 1's in my drawer at work..............

But I will not drink another sweet tea for the next three weeks and break this crazy habit I got into. I gave up chocolate only to find another vice.

Tomorrow I will post out my details for the remainder of the year. Because that B.M.I. thing is really motivating me to get back in control!

Gotta go the crazy alter ego thinks I need to vacuum now. She's a big pain in the.......
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