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Thursday, December 30, 2010

First a note to take care of business:
To everyone who regularly (or even occasionally) reads my blogs, a big "Thank you..." You are a huge encouragement to me and have really perceptive comments. I try to thank you individually, however sometimes I miss someone...or if you comment almost every blog, I may not thank you each time...But know that it is noted and appreciated greatly.
And if you are interested in reading more of my writing, the links to two of my other blogs are posted in the sidebar to my main Spark Page.

Business done.

I've been in an odd place as far as my Spark life goes. I'm exercising every day for at minimum , a half hour (that's if, like today, I'm pressed for time...usually closer to an hour). And I'm lovin' it. For about a week I've been fighting off a sinus infection which I suspect now is also going into my ears...they are clogged at any rate...Some days I feel horrible - like this morning...and asthma, predictably, is kicking up in response to the sinus issues.... This morning as my husband heard my squeaking cough and me struggling to catch my breath came into my room this morning for the express purpose of telling me, "Don't you dare exercise today."

Well, I thought it over. (as I did the two breathing treatments 20 minutes apart that I needed on my nebulizer). It is exercise that has HELPED my asthma to improve. I know that as soon as I stop working out, my lungs close up and I begin to get very breathless. I know that, as long as I don't get too winded, the exercise is helping me. It is essential however to do at least one and sometimes two treatments prior to beginning. Otherwise I don' tmake it three minutes into the warmup. I know , because I've forgotten the treatments on two occasions, (even before I got sick)...and was shocked at how quickly I ran out of air.

All things considered, this is what I decided: I made sure my cell phone was in my pocket. I did the two treatments...and I paid close attention to my breathing and body as I worked out. In the early parts of the workout, I felt really like crap...mostly due to sinus pain....But suddenly, partway into the workout, my head cleared; I got a burst of adrenaline and energy ...and a great sense of enjoyment of the activity came over me. I finished strong...doing two miles (due to shortage of time) with ease...not barely breathing hard.

And all day, as we had to go and do many errands and walk all over the mall, I felt great! Gotta LOVE those endorphins. I am so sensitive to them...they are my panacea...No matter what the problem, they fix it! ...well , almost! You know what I mean! Physical or emotional issues seem to disappear when I work out Even pain is lessened. And for this reason, in the past week, I have not encountered a reason compelling enough for me not to exercise that day.

Yes, you have to be cautious, and take safety measures. You have to be tuned into your body, and if things start going in a bad direction, STOP! But so far they haven't . while I can stand and have breath...I will try to continue this streak...

Speaking of standing...my new hip keeps sliding out of the socket. the surgeon wants me to see him as soon as he gets back into town...Jan 10th. I suspect that he will say I need a revision to redo that hip replacement so that it will heal properly and stay intact. If so,I will ask that he do my right one as well, because I'm planning on having that hip replaced also at the same time...I do NOT want to start back at square one!! I do NOT want to interrupt this streak I'm on! I don't know which is worse...getting it over and getting on with it...but more slowly this time than the first, due to the fact that I cannot risk it popping out again...either hip. I don't know if I have the patience for this wait. i will definitely work on my upper body strength etc...and do the arm bike for cardio, which I recover...and will TRY to be satisfied with that. It will definitely be hard.

The other thing going on is that i'm once again falling into this pattern: I get to my lowest weight since losing it this year...and immediately start eating everything in the house...It's like I"m sabotaging myself...and I don't know why!! Any ideas?? I feel like I have no self control...if there's a box of graham crackers in front of me (just saying....for EXAMPLE...not like it's ever happened...recently....today anyway. lol) I will eat the whole box. Hating myself with every bite. I never ever had a binge disorder...always pure anorexia...so aI wonder what this is all about. (and no, I'm not anorexic now...but I will NEVER feel good about uncontrolled eating!) I hardly keep anything I could possibly binge on in the house...but I always manage to find something.
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    Its called emotional eating or stress eating. You are (rightly) concerned with your health issues and you are reaching for some comfort food. It happens to everyone, bar none. Looks like you and I will be doing a hospital turn at a round the same time. I get my elbow replacement Jan 11, and won't be able to use my right hand for six weeks after,, so no writing for me..
    Wishing you a better New Year!
    emoticon emoticon
    3549 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8603687
    emoticon Blog Cynthia! I have to heard all the positives of fitness,never negatives.All those healthy endorphins helps us so much with energy and a healthy sharp brain and body.You are being sensible and safe with your fitness and taking necessary precautions.Sounds like a winner to me. emoticon I wish I could help you with the sabotaging yourself,I do this too! If I am happy,sad,nervous or frustrated I emotional eat.I guess it's something we will both have to work on and if I find a way to help myself,I will tell you how I did it,If you find a solution,would you tell me? Thank you,here's to a brand New Year new chances for success! We can do this! emoticon emoticon Diana
    3549 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/31/2010 4:08:13 AM
    Working out will make you burn more calories . working out every couple of hours will make you burn more calories even when your sitting. This is something you already know. Correct? Well when you workout more like you have you burn more calories. When your body is losing weight fast it sends a hungry hungry..did i say hungry? Sygnal to your brain. I get this suppppper hungry sygnal and have grown to enjoy it(Sad lol but i love to get rid of the weight what can i say). i just down a glass or two of water. Waite 10 minutes then eat a few saltines(my mom says make sure they are whole wheat ) emoticon
    Another tactic is instead of binging look up a spark friends blog oh say um.. yours.. and read it and comment. I also try and save a couple of good shows to distract me as I reply and read blogs. Just some tactics I hope this helps ..as his belly says feed me now!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    also as for when you do the hip thing. We will be here for ya ! emoticon
    3550 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Loved your Blog Cynthia.
    and yes it is much better to exercise with Asthma than to just sit around and suffer it .. If I am having trouble I get on my nubulizer and then go for a walk it isn't long before I amfeeling so much better sometimes i have to get back on the neb whan I get backbiut thats ok too .. I have coquered it !

    love your mind set my friend ... you will definately beat this ..
    Hugs Susie emoticon
    3550 days ago
    One step, one day at a time. You are rocking it girl friend!
    3550 days ago
  • 7777BEV
    Love the exercise you're getting in! Sorry you are having the hip problems but look how great you work through all of that - the issues you're having now and the planning you're doing for after having the hip(s) fixed. Pray all goes well with that.

    I've experienced a little of what you're saying about getting to the low weight and then turning around and sabotaging my efforts. More in the past then now. It's almost like I was seeing what I could get away with at that particular weight. It also seemed like when I got too close to goal that I would start eating all the wrong foods and too much of it. It somehow was all psychological. I haven't really experienced too much of that this time around and the only difference I can come up with is that this time I changed my thinking and made my changes for life - not a diet that had an end in sight. As long as this is for life then I'm always on the journey striving for good health - not a particular number on the scale. Maybe it is just a change of thinking...I don't know but it is different. Don't know if any of this makes sense or helps but I do pray that you find some wisdom and that God will reveal what you need to know about how you are made.

    I pray your 2011 is filled with many of God's wonderful blessings and that you keep your heart, mind and soul fixed on Him!

    Take care,
    3550 days ago
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