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December Progress (?) Report and a Look Back

Monday, January 03, 2011

As you all know, I gained this month. Big. But I took a look back at my notes and found some good stuff in December. I had some moments. And taking a look back at where I've come from and knowing that if I lost 40 lbs. in 2010, almost 80 lbs. total, I know I will reach my goal weight in 2011, which is only 40 lbs. away.

I am a new person. A different person. I have hope, I know I will reach my goal.

Start weight: 218
End weight: 225
Weight lost: 0 lbs.
Weight gained: 7 lbs.
Total weight lost: 73 lbs.

Fitness accomplishments: None. Barely worked out this month.

Non-scale victories:

I now fit into a size 16 jean!!!!

I now fit into a size 12 shirt!

I really wanted a gooey, cheesy Panini for lunch one day but got a healthy salad instead. Rise UP veggies!

I got more compliments on how I look.

I got a sexy new short hair cut and embraced the inner short-hair girl within. I love short hair! Don’t know why I was trying to grow it out. My hair doesn’t like being long.

I had an excellent weekend nutrition-wise and logged it all AND stayed at the LOW end of my range, and I didn’t feel deprived or miss a thing!

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get some coffee and the munchkins were calling my name (small silly little things, aren’t they?) and I ignored them. Pffft.

I actually bounced in one of those blow up moon walk things that had a slide in it – usually my husband is the one to take the kids in those things, but at this birthday party we went to we all went in together and slid down as a family! I would have never done that in my life before. It was a good workout, too!

I went to the Cheesecake Factory and ordered salad AND didn’t have cheesecake!

A woman who works in my office building called me “Twiggy” and said that I’ve lost a whole person. She also said that I inspired her to check out Spark and to lose some weight she wanted to lose as well. She said that usually when you see someone every day you don’t see changes, but that with me she always sees a change, every week almost.

I turned down biscuits and gravy for cereal and blueberries.

Things I’ve learned:

To not take everything so seriously…or personally.

Be who you ARE, not who you think you should be.

A LOOK BACK - 2010 vs. 2011


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