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T Minus 62 Count Down - Play-cation!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am a very busy girl! Always over scheduled during the work week. Full time job, teach yoga during my lunch break, hit the gym right after work, study for my trainer certification, work on the menus and training schedules of the couple clients I have . . . blah, blah, blah, stuff, stuff, stuff. You know all the blah, blah that we all have (laundry . . .).

BUT, on the weekend I pretend that I am on a short vacation!!! It is my time to sleep in a little later, have breakfast in my jammies, read a little more and PLAY!!! I do not exercise on the weekend . . . I play! This morning I was scheduled for a 4 mile run. It was 12 degrees outside with a couple inches of snow on the ground and a 14MPH wind. Brrrrrrr! Before I could even consider my run, I had to assist my boys with some car issues (more blah, blah). It was sooooo cold while we were working to jump start the car, I actually had to stand behind my son and hold his ears with my gloved hands to keep him warm. Oh, the car was also out of gas, so we were standing outside with a gas can full of gas refilling the vehicle before it could be jump started. (more blah, blah). While we are out there, standing, I'm thinking it is freakin' freezing out here today! I don't know that I own enough layers that would make be feel like running in these conditions.

It is almost lunch time when we finish with the car and I consider for a moment just not running today. Then I remind myself . . . "If you were on vacation at a ski resort, you would love to have these conditions and it would not prevent you from getting out and playing". So, without another thought I started assembling my snow gear and started layering up. I was starting to get excited! This is going to be fun! I have snow to run in! The sun is shining!

I head out on my run and I feel like a little kid. I really don't even do my warm up walk that I usually do. I just ran out the door and kept running. I was certain that all the layers I had on would slow me down, but it really didn't. I was about a mile from the house when I realized I had on one layer too many and took off my outer layer and tied it around my waist. I was bummed I couldn't find my running tights this morning. I'm still not sure where they are. But I had several layers on and felt warm enough.

Ice crystals kept forming on the condensation that I had on my neck muffler. I pull my neck muffler up over my chin, mouth or sometimes all the way up to my eyes, to keep the cold wind off my face. I really prefer being out in the fresh air, even if it is cold. Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of tomboy and love adventure! This is the fun stuff! Weather like this would not have slowed me down when I was a kid! I would have been using my most convincing arguments with my mother to get her to agree that it really isn't THAT cold outside. Surely if I bundle up I can go out to play for an hour!

I snapped a couple pictures for you today! Believe me, they are nothing glamorous! When I go out on a run, it is different then when I go to the gym. I just layer up, doesn't matter what I look like or if anything matches, just get the right gear on to get the job done. Believe me, this is a huge step for me!!! A year ago I wouldn't wear workout clothes that didn't match or look cute. My shoes even had to match! And if I didn't look good, I didn't feel good doing my workout. Now I remind myself that it take a whole lot of ugly in the gym and out on the roads to get to look cute when I dress up for my hubby.

Wool socks to keep my toes toasty!

A Carbona Snowboarding jacket (which I picked up from TJ MAXX a couple years ago) and my Nike running gloves served as my outer layers.

Yak Traks on my running shoes to give me some traction in the snow

Cap and neck muffler (my neck muffler was actually frozen stiff)

Mid layer, a great find at a Nike outlet about 10 years ago! So glad I kept it!

Another thinner midlayer that my hubby got me for Christmas last year.

All sweaty! Right to the core!

My base singlet with my new Road ID bracelet that my hubby got me this Christmas.

Under my running pants I wore my North Face base long johns that I got from TJ MAXX years ago. AND my favorite running bra (Moving Comfort)

And last layer, just to show I was indeed working hard. These are actually called Day Rider Shorts, and they are for bicycling, they really don't have any padding, except a comfy fleece type lining through the saddle area and behind. I felt I needed a little extra coverage today so I grabbed these!

And sadly, this is what I looked like when I was all bundled up and just back from my run. Notice the ice crystals on my hat and muffler. Sorry, I forgot to smile! I was happy though! I had just had an exhilarating run in the great outdoors and I was getting ready to go unlayer and slide into a bubble bath!!!!

Report card on my compliance today:
I ate a cup of potato soup from Cracker Barrel today that was not on my schedule and it took me a little over on my carbs, so I had to dance! Yep, I had to burn off those unscheduled calories.

I did not run the full 4 miles that were scheduled, I ran 3.2 miles, however, the intensity was higher because of the snow, the cold and the amount of gear I was wearing.

I will give myself a B+ for this day. I know what A+ effort looks like and I missed that mark a little today. Even with the dancing I was in the higher end of my calories today.

So, how did you spend your Saturday?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job on going out in that weather!!
    3548 days ago
    I spent mine working out at the gym - did a 2 mile interval training run and an hour of lifting on the circuit training! Woohoo

    Love the Yak Traks - need to get me some of those bad boys

    By the way - hope you take this the absolute best way I mean it - Nice butt! Just check out how you curve now into your waist. You look awesome!

    Hugs to you my fabulous and beautiful sparkfriend!
    3548 days ago
  • TWALKER0475
    You go, woman! I think I'm gonna get me some of those Yak trax so I have NO EXCUSES!
    3548 days ago
    Somehow I am not surprised! You are amazing!
    3548 days ago
    Good Job Carolyn,, spent my saturday Morning running a 5K snowshoe race. It was only 20 degrees out but there was no wind and it was in the woods on a mountain overlooking a lake and it was abolutely gorgeous . It was cold and it was hard ,, but I did it in 38 something miutes .. last year it took me 40 something,, so I improved on my time,, and I had a blast . emoticon Us northerners have to make the best of the weather or we would be stuck inside all winter long,, you have to just go for it.
    3548 days ago
    hello abs!!!! i give you massive kudos for running, and even more massive kudos for running in that cold!!!!!
    3549 days ago
    You are way better than me. When it gets too cold outside, I stay inside to do stuff! Played Wii with my daughter on and off throughout the day.
    3549 days ago
    Cool... uhhhh literally! LOL... what kind of bra is that?
    3549 days ago
    Wow! You are amazing!! My Saturday??? Lots of computer work and whining about how cold it was! Then felt like crap because I hadn't really moved all day. Today? I'm moving!!
    3549 days ago
    GOod for you! I wish I had somewhere safe to walk/run in the winter. We live on a back road with not a lot of berm to get off on, plus people (myself included) drive like crazy on this road). I do plan on running on the trails as soon as the weather warms up a bit.

    You look awesome and are awesome for braving the elements.
    3549 days ago
    I loved the blogs and the pics! Thanks for sharing. You are awesome!
    3550 days ago
    wow I am impressed you stuck it out and just went for it. You are one tough cookie. Awesome job
    3550 days ago
    Okay seriously...why do I even whine about weather? I live in Dallas for pete's sake and I still complain! I run indoors right now in the gym unless I'm doing an event.

    I have never heard of Yak tracks. I am going to the running store to get the neck muffler thing. I'm running next weekend for the Hot Chocolate run and will probably do my first 10k. i signed up for the 5k but but am thinking about changing.

    When I want to complain next weekend I'll think about your blog and shut my baby mouth!
    3550 days ago
    I love the pics... you just are YOU!.. YOU don't try to be someone else for anyone! YEP.. I love that!

    YOU look gorgeous by the way.. sweaty and all!

    YOUR eyes are beautiful! Love the hair growing out!

    NOW.. that sweaty booty pic is great!.. YOU have a nice J-Lo rounded booty too! FUNNY HOW I WANT that now.. and years ago... I just wanted a "SMALLER booty!." YOURS has a nice shape....

    THANKS for sharing your pics.. and YOUR LIFE!

    3550 days ago
    WOW, I will tell you again, you are AMAZING!!!!

    I hear ya on the matching outfits with shoes and all.
    3550 days ago
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