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T Minus 61 Count Down - Clean Cooking w/pictures

Sunday, January 09, 2011

You know how much I LOVE to cook! Well, today was my weekly cooking day! Some weeks it doesn't get to happen like I would like it to. But this weekend my hubby was out of town on a business assignment in San Francisco so, I spent the day cooking, catching up on some reading, writing menus for clients, writing workouts for new clients that I am starting this week and planning my menus and workouts for the coming week. AND, I took pictures!!!! Well, a couple!

I felt so productive today! I got the bed striped and sheets in the washer while I boiled some eggs and my steel cut oats cooked. I loaded the crock pot with turkey sausage, peppers and onions after breakfast. I got the dishwasher loaded and the kitchen cleaned up! Oh, and I cleaned out my special MOMMY ONLY cabinet that had gotten in disarray! It has been bugging me for weeks! No more! It is all orderly!

This is where I hide my dark chocolate bars, my Kind Bars and anything else I don't want to disappear too fast!

Brown Rice/Spelt Mixture cooks up nice in the rice cooker and I think I will stick to using the crock pot for my turkey sausage and peppers for now on! They cooked up so nicely! I will keep these separate, because some nights I don't have brown rice on the menu, but might like to have the sausage and peppers. I used to pre-assemble the whole meal. Which is 1/2 cup of brown rice, 3 oz. of the sausage and 1 oz. of shredded Mexican style cheese. Sometimes I swap the cheese to be freshly grated parmesan.

After cleaning and organizing in my kitchen, it was time for lunch. It was a simple quick lunch today.

A Jenny O turkey burger and frozen steamed veggies. I keep a couple steamer packages on hand so I have something quick to grab!

A yummy snack during a study break! Fage 0% yogurt and a homemade granola that a friend sent me. I used a scant 1/4 cup . . . it is a delicious natural granola the only fats are from natural peanut butter, it has almonds, sunflower seed, oats and cranberries! It was a gift, but I will be ordering some!

I reloaded the crockpot with pork loin chops and a little pineapple. I used the juices from the turkey sausage/peppers/onion to make a marinade with the pineapple. I own two crockpots, and usually have them both going and the rice steamer! But today I decided I was not in a hurry and it would save clean up to just use one. Sorry, no picture on this one. I will use part of the pork loin to cut up into a clean version of pork 'fried'rice. Hence, the other reason I didn't mix the sausage and rice together. Trying to get double duty out of one pot of rice and keeping my options open, just in case I'm not in the mood for a rice/meat combination.

Funny how the day just seems to have slide by. Before I know it, it's time for dinner. I actually had to check my nutrition tracker to see what I had planned for dinner. YUM! I'm glad I did! Salmon Patties and steamed broccoli w/parmesan!

These salmon patties were a new recipe for me. One I will repeat! It has just a little oatmeal and a little bit of greek yogurt in the mix, some seasoning and that's it! Oh, of course there is salmon in it! I used an all natural 'no salt' type seasoning that has dried onion, bell pepper, garlic, pepper and sea salt.

I think that is it! So with all my cooking done and put away, the only left to do was DANCE!!! I am loving have the Just Dance game for my Wii! I will be ordering the Wii Zumba disc!!!! That is too much fun! And life should be fun, don't you think?

Workout Schedule for this week:

Monday: HiiT (2 miles)
Tuesday: Teach Yoga + Strength Training Workout B
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Teach Yoga + Strength Training Workout A
Friday: Dance
Saturday: Run 4 miles + Workout B

On Monday and Tuesday night I am meeting and training two new clients in the gym. We will only be doing one set of all their exercises, and I will be using light weights to demonstrate, but will do most of the workout with them.

This is my workout schedule, we will see what happens on Wednesday night, my husband has been gone for almost two weeks and I miss him terribly. He will be home on Wednesday night. Given the option of being in the gym or being with him, I might have to adjust my plans for the last part of the week. We shall see. If I don't workout on that night, I will adjust my menu to match my activity for that day.

Be whole, be happy, be blessed . . . be YOU!
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