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Danny Update and Other Random Thoughts

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First let me tell you all thanks for the prayers for this family. They have been through hell.
Danny has been found (via video) alive and well in California. Escambia Co FL Sheriff's dept provided the tape to the family and the family acknowledged that the man in the tape is in fact Danny. I don't have any particulars as to how the tape was obtained at this point, but I am certain that the family has not yet been in contact with him. Obviously much more was going on with Danny that perhaps anyone was aware of. Bottom line - the family is shocked...but not planning his funeral and will hopefully have closure at some point.
So - thanks again to my many prayer warrior friends!!

Next I guess I can say I have had a revelation.....I am indeed a stress eater. I wouldn't say necessarily say an emotional eater....but stress (and hormones maybe!) is causing great strife in my life at this moment and for the first time since I started this journey, am really REALLY struggling with my eating habits. I seem to be holding my own fitnesswise which hopefully will help keep this set back manageable!! I just can't seem handle all of the personal stresses in my life in a completely healthy way right now and then the remodel started and it just pushed me over the edge!!!! I walk in my house and there are guys every where....food and drinks are set out in the open and in other parts of the house besides the kitchen pantry - for access.....I can't get to my computer and Spark to get my mind off things...and while I am doing OK on my exercise....I have been only getting in two sessions instead of three cuz I don't want to be upstairs jumping and sweating with folks below me.
The good news is.....That this should be mission accomplished by the first of next week!!! So- I am trying hard to pull my big girl panties up and deal with it!!

We didn't get our favorite little guy last weekend for obvious reasons and I think part of my problem is I am missing him A LOT. The very cool thing about our little Drake is that he is a VERY healthy diversion from the other trials and tribulations we are experiencing in life!! So I guess I need my Drake fix!
Anyway - this is really the first bump in my road - and I know I will get past it - but I hoped that if I wrote a whiny blog, I might get some of this out of my system!!
Ya'll have a nice night and thanks for listening to my woes!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Pam, I just got around to trying to catch up on reading my friends' blogs. I'm glad there is news on Danny. At least he is alive. I pray his family can get through this difficult time, and like you said, at least there will be some closure at some point.

    Wow -- I am so right there with you on the stress eating. After sticking to the South Beach Diet phase one for 10 days, I went off big time. Eat, eat, eat. Everything in sight. I thought I was an emotional eater, but I'm thinking now that it is stress also. I hope you can get back on track. I'm still trying.

    Hang in there, and let's do this together!!!
    3725 days ago
  • BANAN2
    Thanks for letting us know about Danny. It is a relief that he was not dead or the victim of a crime. Now there are a whole other set of questions and emotions for his family, but at least some of the terrible possibilities have been eliminated. Such a sad story.

    I can certainly imagine how stressful the work on your house and all the strangers around all the time has got to be. I'm glad to hear the end is in sight. And so nice that you can get a Drake fix soon!
    3733 days ago
    I find it strange that the police did not send someone to actually speak to Danny. They saw him on video and that was the end of things...but his family isn't asking that same question...so perhaps they know something that they haven't shared. The good news on my eating issues is that I didn't gain any weight this week!!!!
    Thanks everyone for your kind words!!
    3736 days ago
    I'm glad Danny is ok, but his family is in my prayers now. they need to heal from this. As for you my friend, this too shall pass. You have come so far, you made it to goal, people who haven't learned a thing don't reach goal and stay there. You will overcome this. I want to be just like you when I grow up so you better stay just as you are. I'm a boredom eater so I can't help you with stress. I dont eat when i'm stressed my tummy couldn't take it. But let me be bored....wham. One week will not undo all your hard work, so next week when this is over you can hop back on this band wagon. think of how great you will feel and your home will look.
    3736 days ago
    Wow... dejavu! My Dad left us (his wife and four little kids, I was the littlest) in Michigan and took off for California, although we knew he was going. That was over 45 years ago and I remember it like it was last month. What Danny doesn't seem to realize, he has affected many more people than himself. I pity him. Now, only because I want to trust the Lord and do as he says, I have made peace with my Dad after all these years. He's forgiven, but he's a broken, lonely old man, all of his own doing, living far away from any family.

    You're going to make it, my friend! Acknowledging what's happening is a big part of the problem AND the solution! Now, write your short term goals down and stick to them! I'm saying that to myself, too, as I've gone a little whacky with my food intake, too! emoticon
    3737 days ago
  • JUNEBUG1944
    I'm glad Danny is okay, but what an awful thing to do to his family. He could have left them a note or called them or something...but I guess he had is reasons.

    Now, Pam, let's get with it... emoticon ..girl, with all that has been going on in your life, it's amazing you're not in a loony bin about now! Glad that you only have a few more days of going through the construction hell...been there, done that! Hopefully, everything else will settle down and you can get back to normal...is there a normal?

    Seeing Drake certainly will help. If you can't have him for the weekend, can you at least take him out to lunch?
    3737 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6576689
    Thanks for the update on Danny. I guess the best thing is his family will have answers, whether or not they are good ones, at least it will end the worry and fear. I will continue to pray that they will be able to find some peace.
    I am a stress eater too..which is different from emotional eater. When things go haywire and my nerves are frazzled, I want to eat anything in sight. Monday when I was keeping my nephew he fell and hit his face on my floor. Blood was pouring out of the little guy's mouth, and after I had cleaned him up, decided that all was okay and he still had his teeth...I found myself nervously grazing through the rest of the day. I realized that I had to get a handle on this eating when I'm nervous, or AFTER something happens that made me nervous. Anyway...your house will be put back to rights soon and you will be back on your way. We will continue to face these challenges, but the great thing is that we have the desire to overcome them, to catch ourselves before we go too far backward and to turn things around. And you will turn them around because you are a strong woman and you know how important it is!!
    3737 days ago
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