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Dirty Little Secrets

Friday, January 21, 2011

I don't know what you were thinking you might find in the blog . . . BUT, this is the 'tell all' dirty little secrets I have learned from others who have been successful in reaching their goals.

emoticon Lift DIRTY and eat clean! This is one of the things we commonly say to each other as a reminder to give it all in the gym and to keep our diets health and clean to fuel our bodies for the tough work we are requiring of it.

emoticon Stay Clean, Lean and Mean! This is another saying we use to remind each other of our goals to keep our diets clean, our meats lean and again to lift or workout 'mean' heavy, hard, give it all you got!

emoticon Fierce Warrior is more than what we do, it's who we are. Inside there is a warrior who will not stop fighting for what we want! For me, it is radiant health and an active lifestyle that I will benefit from into my 50's, 60's, 70's and well into my 80's (God willing beyond).

emoticon Fuel is what you use to power the machine called your metabolism! You have heard the analogy that you wouldn't drive a care without gas . . . . well, the more you workout or train for an event (5k, 10k, half marathon, triathlon, etc.) the more you start to realize the effect your food choices are having on your workout. Too much sodium the night before and you feel puffy and uncomfortable, the wrong food choices before yoga can be interesting to say the least.

emoticon Hiit is something we say to each other all the time, as in time to Hiit it! Or go Hiit the gym. H I I T is for High Intensity Interval Training and it is the best fat burner around! After just 25 minutes of HIIT, you will continue to burn fat for hours afterward. Look into it! I post links to some HIIT workouts and other workouts on my Facebook page almost every day. You can find my page at Fabulous Fitness or carolyntheyogagirl@yahoo.com. My logo looks like this.

Except it says Fabulous Fitness.

emoticon People who succeed do not think of themselves as being on a diet. They don't look at food as 'diet' food. There is no such thing. If you don't like celery sticks, cottage cheese and grapefruit, why would you doom yourself to a life of trying to live on that for the rest of your life? Learn to love feeling healthy and how good food choices make you feel. I eat a wide variety of food and I refuse to eat anything I don't love.
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emoticon Work the plan. I say this all the time to my friends. We get so distracted by all the magazine headlines about lose 10 lbs. quick, without exercise, take this supplement, and various other magical promises. Many times we already have a very sensible plan that we simply are not working. We kinda stick to it, except . . . but . . . whenever . . . almost. Work the plan. Many of us know or a learning what good nutrition looks like and if we are honest, we truly are not sticking to the plan when we say that it's not working. We have to plan to succeed and stack everything in our favor. If that means having someone make a nutrition plan for you, do it! It is an investment worth making. The time that I worked with a nutritionist over the summer, was a valuable investment that I continue to use with the clients I now make meal plans for. Other great sources of meal plans are Spark! Oxygen and Clean Eating. I get great menu ideas from each of them, I usually have to tweak their menus to fit my training needs at the time, but it is a great place to start.

emoticon Be accountable! Not only does being accountable help you stick with your goals, it inspires other to do the same. Allow others to be part of your process.

emoticon Train your brain! Read inspirational quotes, blogs, stories. Read books that focus on an area of health and wellness that you are interested in. This quote I read today while on a spin cycle "You can take control of your life by strategically modifying your behaviors so that they inspire permanent, not fleeting, change. This strategy includes shutting down negative thought patterns that have kept you trapped . . . ..Your doubts are no longer your reality; your dreams are"

That's it, that's the dirty little secret. I am no longer living a life filled with doubts, I am living my dreams, with passion and extreme enthusiasm.

Countdown accountability: 100% on Nutrition!
Workout, super tough set tonight! It was a game called deck of cards. I had a list of 9 exercise to complete in order (push ups, burpees, crunches, etc). I flipped over three playing cards and added them up, the total is the number of repetitions I need to do of the first exercise. Then I continue to move through the list 'dealing' a new hand for each exercise. The deck was stacked against me tonight! All the toughest moves I got two face cards and an ace! (10 + 10 + 11 = 31 push ups). When I got to the end of the list, I started at the top again and worked my way back through the list until I was out of cards. I got in two sets of each exercise. Then I hit the spin bike for 25 minute hill intervals. This was to make up for Wednesday workout that I missed due to my hair appointment and impromptu dinner with my girlfriend!

So, I want to hear from YOU, step into the winners circle and tell me what you do to insure you are moving toward your best life ever! You gotta live today like it counts for tomorrow. Invest in it! Live really good + Lift Dirty + Eat Clean + Get 'er done + Way to go girl + Counting your blessings + Doing all that with a couple friends = DANG, life is good!
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