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I can't make up my mind...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm going to back up a little to give some history.

When we moved here we had a fantastic realtor, that we've continued to keep in touch with and have become friends.

In June, John (realtor), approached me about helping to get his property management company up and running. I was pretty much going to start out by helping with his marketing and DH was going to also help him with his website. And of course this was all pretty much free, to help him get his business up and running and I was going to become my own property manager while also doing apartment locating.

After a few months, I really started to wonder if I really even wanted to be a property manager. Just didn't seem to be something I'd enjoy. But, I did help a nice couple that had recently been through a foreclosure find an apartment. That was really rewarding. We'll then they recommended me to someone. He was a pain in the ass, to be honest. He wanted something really cheap with high end features... don't we all. He was pretty persistent with the wanting of BRAND NEW KITCHEN APPLIANCES... I so bad wanted to tell him to buy a home and buy his appliances. Anyways. He also really wanted me to meet him at the apartment. I wasn't thrilled with the idea, but it comes with the territory. But, he cancelled on me twice and his job wouldn't allow him to meet with me, blah, blah, blah. Didn't hear from him for about a month.

In the mean time, I found out that you actually need to have your realtor's licence to be an apartment locator. Great... thanks for letting me know, John! I went to a career night at a real estate school here in town and got some good info. It's not hard to become a realtor, but it is kind of expensive. About $700 or so. So, I was planning on going to school when I got back from KS. Also, John approached me about working at our new offices. They wouldn't be able to pay me (of course) but he was going to see if he could get the rest of the partners to offer me a piece (small piece) of the pie. A percentage of the income if you will. Keep in mind, I live on the far, far NE side and the office is off by Dave & Busters. Not close!

So, I've been thinking about that, and then last week when I was in KS, I get this text from the apartment guy

"Hey if ur single and lookin to hang out gimme a call :)" It kinda made me laugh. I replied "Thanks, but I'm happily married" and then asked if he had gotten the apartment. He said yes. I specifically asked him to let me know if he got into the apartment in Dec... ugh! To get paid, I need a copy of the lease that states that he used our company to find the apartment. So, I asked him to fax that, he said sure, no prob.

Well, I haven't gotten the lease so I sent him a msg tonight and asked if he'd had a chance to fax the lease... this is what I get back:

"Faxing someone my lease with every piece of info including my social to someone i dnt even know....thats kinda sketchy im sorry but If you wan t something new and fresh and need a guy for the night gimme a shout :)"

SERIOUSLY???? Ok, I can understand that he don't want to send all that info, but really??? If I want something new and fresh and need a guy for the night???? W T F.

So, now I don't know what I want to do. RIGHT NOW, I don't want to do the real estate thing at all... but I know that's my pissed off/ freaked out emotions talking. And I know (I HOPE) that this doesn't happen too much... right????

Any words of encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I should state, that while extra income would be nice and certainly helpful, it's not a must. But, I don't want to drive half across town to work with no money to even cover my gas expenses. Ya know?

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  • no profile photo CD1393936
    ewwww.... that would creep me out! I agree with everyone's advice (and how did I miss this?!)

    I wouldn't get involved with a job without pay or a contract, but that is just me! I am going to read your other blog now (I saw it first, and then came here,) to see what you decided!
    3652 days ago
  • BET212
    What an a$$ that one is!

    As for working for John, unless you are getting some valuable experience that makes it worth not getting paid, I wouldn't do it. He says you might get a piece of the profits but that sounds kinda iffy based on what they have been able to pay so far.

    There are plenty of non-profits doing great work and offering rewarding experiences that could use your time and talent if you want to work for free. And it is a great way to try out new or different skills.

    3653 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/24/2011 11:22:56 PM
    Wow, he is willing to share bodily fluids with a stranger but not his personal information...what a piece!

    I'm sorry you had to have that happen to you, Sarah. It's garbage. I would show the text to your "boss" and ask him to handle it for you. You might even get the apartment manager/owner involved because at this point you have every reason to feel uncomfortable dealing with this guy directly, but you are owed money and someone needs to take care of this. Ugh.

    You need to make a list of the pros and cons and look at it all objectively to decide if this is what you want to do RIGHT NOW. It sounds like there are a lot of cons from your blog, because you didn't list too many pros. If this is the case, your problem is pretty much solved for the time being. You are fortunate in that time and money are not big concerns at the present time. Just do what feels right! emoticon
    3653 days ago
    Wow! What's up hottie? Got some guy just ready to give you something fresh and new! He definitely sounds like a jerk, in a few ways, and I'm sorry you're having such a hard with him. I think you really need to carefully consider this career move, I mean, do you really want to spend that kind of money, and time, on something you're not going to love?
    3653 days ago
    lol! some people are truly shameless. I know it's frustrating for you, but really, this is too funny. you have options ;)

    Anyway, I wouldn't work for free for anyone but close family or best friends. And then I'd consider it a temporary favor- not a job. I have seen my husband do it (work for little to nothing) for years- people, even nice people, take advantage of it because it's just human nature. Everyone wants a good deal-whether on an apartment or someone to do their paperwork.
    3653 days ago
    To ME, it sounds like maybe now might not be the best time to pursue this...... not that it isn't a good idea, but if you are not SURE, don't do it. Why not wait a month and then re-evaluate? I truly believe that working for no pay, especially when you have to drive a long way, is never a good idea.

    As for that guy, I seriously would show all of if to John and tell him to handle it. No joke. That is abusive of that nasty guy-- he won't send you that info you need, but he would be happy to SLEEP with you? UGH. I do think talking to John about it and asking him to handle it would be fair.

    I hope you come to a good conclusion soon!
    3654 days ago
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