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Investing in Change

Monday, January 24, 2011

I seriously only have a minute . . . promise. I have been super busy with some new recipes I have been creating and some new meal plans I am writing. To top it off I came down with some kind of head cold crud Saturday afternoon which has left me feeling achy and tired.

I took today off from work so I could get an extra day of rest. Amy (Fitchick75) reminded me that our Fierce by February challenge deadline will be coming up soon. I was less than enthusiastic. I know my level of commitment has been high. My level of compliance has been close to stellar. This past 23 days I have put in a lot of very focused work. But I was not sure the changes added up to a camera noticeable difference.

Since I had to get dressed and fluffed up to go see my sons senior presentation (college graduation requirement), I decided to have my hubby take some pics. I'll let you be the judge.

November 2010 - January 2011
And just because I get so used to seeing my body day after day and not feeling like I am making progress in the areas I would like to, I asked Amy to do a split screen comparison of my first bikini picture from the end of May 2010 to now Jan 2011.

Those may not seem like dramatic changes for an 8 month period, but there is hope. The time that I invest in the gym this year, 2011, is building on the progress I have already made. My back is going to look that good or better throughout the year. Those are changes worth investing in for me.

It may not seem huge to you, because we live in a world of instant this and sudden that . . . but that is progress that give me hope.
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