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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This journey has brought on many transformations...of course physically, but what has really surprised me is the mental side!

Claiming ownership of why I had become overweight took some time to realize and admit to. It's so much easier to blame it on something or someone, but I'm in charge of my actions and how I handle things. It wasn't long ago that I admitted responsibility to myself for why I had become what I had, and now I'm better able to work on the problem and fix these things so that I don't go back. I truly believe that claiming ownership is a huge part of this journey. "I did that"...I made the choices that made me overweight.

I had another moment of "I did that" the other night that also really made me think. I was showing my husband my stomach muscles and feeling quite proud of how my body is transforming from out of shape and squishy, to leaner and really quite muscular. It makes me feel so good to notice these changes and it also makes me feel good to know that he is impressed too. I walked away and caught myself saying... "I DID THAT"!!!

Those 3 little words really made me think! I wouldn't have expected 3 little words to mean so much, but they really do! Those 3 little words are very empowering! It means that I AM in charge here! It means that I AM the one in control! It means that I AM learning and I CAN change my life! WOW...I just claimed ownership!!! "I DID THAT!!!"

I challenge everyone to take ownership of your accomplishments...find ways to give yourself credit and say out loud..."I DID THAT"!!! What are you accomplishing? What are you proud of? What changes are you making? May you feel as empowered as I was with those 3 little words...

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