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Bikini Blog - Little Changes

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Well, the title says it all! It is amazing to me how quickly little changes can be made in how my body feels, how it moves, and how I feel. Those little weekly changes add up over time. First, if I'm eating clean whole foods that give me more energy . . . guess what, my workouts are better. Better workouts yield better results. A good energy to work balance helps me to sleep better. Sleeping better helps me to make better choices when selecting foods. Selecting clean whole foods give me energy! See how that little circle feeds itself?

By starting with the clean fuels part of the equation, everything else starts falling in line. If I were to start with any other part of the equation, I could not achieve the results I receive. If I waited until I had the energy to workout harder or better to start eating clean, that day would take longer and feel like a lot more effort. If I was not sleeping well and it was impairing my judgment and my energy, it would not make sense to say "if I was sleeping better I would make better food choices or feel like exercising." Start with the first building block.

Food is the stuff that makes healthy cells. Healthy cells, make healthy tissues. Healthy tissues make healthy organs. Healthy organs make healthy systems. Healthy systems makes a healthy person. Feed for the future health of the cells in you skin, muscles, organs. Look better, feel better, sleep better.

This is my big week! Leading up to my time to meet my fitness role model Ms. Tosca Reno! You know I am being SUPER good this week! I'm seeing little changes in my body every week and look forward to additional changes as my body heals, gets healthier and stronger with each passing week.

At first glance, I thought my hips looked bigger in the picture, which did not jive with my measurements or how my pants are fitting. Then I realized that my waist has gotten smaller and the v taper has moved down lower, making my hip to waist ratio bigger.

This one shows more difference that is meaningful to me. I have really been working on my legs with adding a second lower body workout and hitting those squats and lunges hard. I think my thigh is looking smoother over all. The area right above my knee is looking leaner and the 'saddle bag' area is moving higher.

Thanks for checking in on me! I hope you are feeling fabulous about your body. It doesn't have to be a perfect body, you don't have to be at goal, you just have to have an appreciation for what you got at this time and how you can use it to get closer to the level of fitness or physique you desire. BTW, you really can't have physique without fitness.

Be beautiful! Be you!
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