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March 1

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

emoticon Strength train 2 days/wk Used Shaker Weight gadget (it aint no joke!!) 50 pushups, and 50 squats

emoticon Cardio 4 days /wk Eliptical 30 min 50 JJ on the rebounder. My knees dont do well but a winner finds a way and I always have a gadget or piece of equipment to help out LOL

emoticon Plan and track my food on WW
emoticon Pack my lunch at night Yes Spaghetti with whole wheat pasta and 1 sl of italian bread.

emoticon Meet good health guidelines on WW x 6 days YES!!!

emoticon Track my sleep Fit bit said I slept 5 hr 15 min (I was trying to see who was gonna be on dancing with the stars) LOL

2/28-3/5 Water challenge: Drink 8 glasses/day x6 days 1 day!!!!

Yesterday I went shopping for ME!! I got stuff to take care of me in the girly sense. It was fun and as my oldest said "mom deserves it"
I soaked in the tub while listening to my book on the IPOD
WOW It was a great day!!!
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