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I Fell Again BUT The Difference AND What the Scale Could NEVER Tell!!!!!

Monday, March 07, 2011

I started this journey in 2006 as a result of a trip DH and I took. He (we) were leading Youth Group for a short time while another Youth Pastor was found. So, in the interest of reviving some interest in a shrinking group, we did surveys to find out what they were interested in seeing happen with the group. One wanted to go to Acquire the Fire, 8 hours away from us. So, we got the ok and loaded up a van of teens and went across the state for the event. It was in a building (?) that I'm not even sure what it actually was but what I do remember is that there were LOTS of stairs and they were steep and we were with TEENAGERS!!!!

Now, for the out of shape fat person I was, I kept up pretty well but I also knew when I got back that I HAD to do SOMETHING!! I realized that to be effective in life that I HAD to lose the excess weight! I knew before I got home that I was going to find a support group for people losing weight! What I didn't know was what I would find when I Googled "weight loss support"!! I expected the normal.....we'll promise this and offer that and expect you to spend, spend, spend to get what we offer!! What I found was SparkPeople and all of the resources available for FREE??? Free....which I might add I was BEYOND skeptical about.....almost to the point of not signing up out of FEAR!!! Then, when I did get past the fear and figure I would just opt out when the "crap" started, I joined!!YAY! I didn't initially join in any of the community. Again, out of fear! And I NEEDED that support....that was what I had searched for to begin with!! Well, I'm not here to get into the I didn't follow through.....I gained back most of the weight......I blah, blah, blah.

I'm telling this today because I realized something this past week. I realized that the 64+ pound loss I've had so far is SMALL compared with everything I've GAINED since then.

Before May 16, 2006, my family would have been SITTING in front of the tv every evening EATING chips, ice cream, cookies, drinking nothing but soda, etc. now, in 2011, we go for a run (C25K as of now) or we play the Wii Fit. We just can't stop with 47 or 52 minutes.......no, if we're close we have to go for that WHOLE hour!! AND we can't WAIT to go for that run or get boxing and sweating!! We LOVE it!!!! The kids are "catching on" and working out too!!!

I've mentioned some of the bad choices already. Before my Spark start, we ate from packages A LOT!! No, I mean A REAL lot!! If I opened things and put them together, it was a home cooked meal ~ HA!!! Now, I make EVERYTHING!! We hardly ever eat anything from packages and when we do, we are extremely particular about what we are putting in our bodies!!! We eat local and organic as much as possible though. I make our "sweets" with no sugar ~ NO, generally not even brown sugar or cane sugar and they tend to be delicious and reasonable in calories!!YUM!!

Before, I would suffer with so many things that I couldn't live my life!! Already mentioned in previous blogs and on my Main page....not getting space or energy here!!!! NO MORE! I'm HEALTHY!!


What really made me think of all of this is the fact that I fell again Saturday at the benefit dinner we attended for Kyle. We started for one door and it had a sign to use the other door. This first door was up on big step and as I kept walking to go past it and step back down to the sidewalk, it was a SOLID SHEET of ice. I went down HARD!! I very nearly came off of that step and onto the sidewalk with my FACE!! I was able to catch and stop myself and jump right back up and keep going though and THAT my friends, is because while I'm still considered an obese person, I'm a dang FIT one!!! I walk STRONG, I walk FAST, and I walk PROUD!!! I'm ACTIVE, in general, because I WANT to be and did I mention that I'm STRONG?? I used to fall more often....I didn't used to be able to catch myself or get back up hardly at all, much less without being hurt and needing help!!! I said, and DH agreed, that if I hadn't been running and boxing and doing some amount of strength work, if I wasn't in the shape I'm in (WHAT???? ME???) that I would probably have hit my head and would likely have ended up at the hospital being treated (or worse)!! I ended up with a minor scrape and bruise on my knee!!

And while I did put it last, I am down 64.4 pounds and counting.

While I've been losing EXTREMELY SLOWLY, I am getting more fit by the day!! I feel it and others see it!! I can't explain the scale not moving but who CARES!! I'm to the point of having changed my life and my body and now I'm just going to let it happen!! I'll track, I'll work out and drink my water but it'll happen. Eventually, the scale will have to comply because it won't have a CHOICE!!!

AND, finally, I just need to say that this WOULD NOT have happened without SparkPeople and all of you fellow Sparkers!!! I didn't learn good habits at home and I couldn't see it on my own!! You all motivate and inspire me to do things that challenge me ~ to go just a little bit further!! My life COMPLETELY changed FOR THE BETTER, May 16, 2006 and I may not have made it to goal yet physically but I've made it to SO MANY goals that I've overlooked. Don't overlook all of the good that HAS come from this journey....even if your goal is still a good deal off!! We'll get there AND be able to maintain it BECAUSE of what we've struggled with and learned from it all and we'll enjoy life while we're doing it ~ TOGETHER!!

Love YOU!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What an awesome, awesome story you have to tell! Congrats on all you have accomplished! emoticon
    3523 days ago
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon Debbie
    3523 days ago
    What a great blog! Thank you for sharing your story and for being a motivator for all of us! Congratulations on 64 lbs lost! That's incredible! And you are most DEFINITELY strong!

    3524 days ago
    Excellent, excellent, excellent! I'm headed to the gym now...and this was just what I needed! Thanks
    3524 days ago
    Great motivation and inspiration. Keep up the great work.
    3524 days ago
    You are doing great emoticon keep on keeping on.... emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3524 days ago
    you are so correct and I think many start Spark with skeptism and fear..but as we work through these issues we grown within ourselves.

    Funny thing on Presidents day a few weeks ago I tripped over the gas hoze at the gas station (dont ask Im a clutz!) and hit the cement HARD right on my knee cap and popped back up like nothing happened. I barely caught myself on the side of the car with my arm....it was throbbing like crazy, i wasnt gushing blood so went out my business and to the park and ended up walking about a mile with a bloody nasty knee. Granted I have only lost 5 lbs since joining, but with all the cardio and strength training and overall better eating habits, i too just popped back up and felt good about it (despite looking like an idiot im sure)!!!

    3524 days ago
    You have done soooo awsome!! Good for you, my family and I have so much fun with the WII as well, I remember when we first got it last year, I was so out of breath boxing with my son, I thought this is rediculous!! I googled and found sparkpeople.com that way as well, and it has been awsome, so nice having people to talk to and get motivation from, I moved here from Canada, and was really missing my family and friends, this has helped me immensely!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3524 days ago
    emoticon A great blog! You are very inspiring!
    3524 days ago
    This is a great reminder of all the good things I have gained, even if I haven't lost how I have hoped. Life is good when it is all balanced!
    3525 days ago
    What an inspirational blog!! I loved every word of it and Love you too for sharing!!
    You have come so far and "gained" so much!! Wishing you continued success on your journey! emoticon
    3525 days ago
    I love you too! Thanks for sharing. It really does help to hear and see others in the same place I am. We have been cooking up a storm at my house as well.

    Huge hugs!

    3525 days ago
    Oh, my GOSH! I so needed to read your blog today! I so, so, SO needed it! I weighed today and got discouraged. I needed a shot in the arm with just the right medicine, and THIS was IT! Thank you for sharing it, and for igniting a spark in me that was rather weak! Love you, my friend, and I am SO GLAD that you are not hurt! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3525 days ago
  • FRANCO1230
    "...and we'll enjoy life while we're doing it." I love that!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration...this is simply AWESOME!!!
    3525 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    I love YOU too and can hear the joy and excitement in your words loud and clear... Praise God, I know you do emoticon

    I think the part you are most proud of is the fact that your family has followed you towards a healthier lifestyle and you've lead by example... well let's face it... if mom is committed they hardly have a choice emoticon Oh, I'm just so pleased for ALL of you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Isn't it wonderful not to have fallen and lose all that down time recuperating.... life goes on with or without us and you are invested 100% so it's a win~win for everyone emoticon

    emoticon Linda
    3525 days ago
    well done on te great loss so far...and to come!
    3525 days ago
    Wow I am glad you are okay!!! I agree that this site is amazing; so many people focusing on the victories instead of the failures. You are a great example of that. Keep it up emoticon emoticon
    3525 days ago
    this is so inspiring!!! Isn't it crazy how just doing this one thing (getting healthy) can change your life in such a positive way?? I love that and it's geat you can recognize all the amazing things yoe've gained along with losing so much way!!! emoticon emoticon
    3525 days ago
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