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Getting Over All or Nothing...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This blog is basically me just working through my own thoughts. I don't know why I am so innately inclined towards "all or nothing". It has been a sharp and painful thorn in my side for too long on this journey. I finally feel like the thorn has been excised and the wound left behind is healing. Rational thinking will ensure my success long term, all or nothing will likely end me up with...well...nothing in terms of lasting progress. I had 3 miles sceduled for my HM training today. I did not get those 3 miles in. I still have that nagging..."go get on the treadmill NOW" voice yapping at me, but I am ignoring it. My goal is to complete my 2nd HM. My goal does not include pushing to the point of injury and not being able to even participate in the HM. I really listened to my body today, my knee is just tender and slightly unstable after my first real longer distance on Sunday. I dutifully took my rest day yesterday...which still irks me and makes me jittery,lol...but I know it is necessary. Today...the knee was actually slightly wonkier, so I made the executive decision to nix the 3 miles and opted for a challenging circuit training workout followed by my favorite yoga routine. The circuit does a lot of moves that help strengthen my knees and I made it through ok and after yoga am feeling good. I know it was the absolute right and best decision...but that goofy voice still wants to hint at the fact that I am not only a failure for missing the miles, but will stand to fail altogether because I did not follow the plan "perfectly". Seeking perfection has gotten me a whole lot of nothing but being afraid to even try in this life, that just isn't working so great for me anymore, never has...I was just content to settle then, but no more. I'm ready to leave all that behind....ready to seek out and embrace fabulous imperfection...and to give myself permission to know that a life minus the "all or nothing" attitude...is really something! Along this journey...or any path we choose to take
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  • ADELE66
    I think we all have this "all or nothing" thing to a greater or lesser extent, which is why we perpetuate the "lose weight/fail/gain weight" cycle.

    I have a new tactic that I am trying which is to make sure that I go over my do NOT achieve my food targets at least one day during the week! I got so obsessive about eating within the Fat/Carb/Protein/Calories recommendations that it was setting me up for that fail situation.

    Keep plugging away - be aware - try new ways of managing this particular difficulty, I'm sure that you'll find a way to work through it.

    3578 days ago
    Wow, I am so far behind on my reading. So sorry I haven't read this until now. Hope things are going better now. I have that same problem with all or nothing. Trying to work on it. Yay, that you did what was right!! Wish there was a mute button for that little voice that isn't on board with the plans :). Hope April is a great month for you!!
    3578 days ago
    So totally there with you! I like the suggestions about RICE, epson bath salts, legs on the wall etc! Take the rest days when you need it! That doesn't make you a failure it makes you a smart athlete! You are doing amazing!!! emoticon
    3602 days ago
    I totally get all or nothing! That's so me!! I think that's why I hate rest days!
    3602 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    All or nothing thinking can be so self defeating if we're not careful. I know this because I strongly have those tendencies mainly regarding my food intake, and it can spiral out from there if not careful.

    It sure sounds like you're doing good with recognizing it for what it is and moving beyond it. Good on you for that and for listening to your body and giving it a good rest!
    3603 days ago
    "Embrace fabulous imperfection" -- Love it! I think this is going to be my new mantra. Keep plugging away, tomorrow is another day.
    3603 days ago
    Boy do I understand what you're saying. Yup, I am an all or nothing kind of girl who is learning when to say, "Enough. I've done enough for today. I'll do the rest tomorrow." I am in no way saying I'm getting good at it, but I am getting better. And, laughable as it may sound, that has to be enough for me for right now. I'll get great at it one bit at a time...

    3603 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    You are wise to back off and rest days are essential to progress. I need to send you a couple more exercise to help strengthen and balance out the muscles surrounding your knees to make them feel stronger and more stable. Be sure to stretch very well after each run. Take a nice soak in a tub of epsom salts and ice your knees every time, even if they don't feel sore. Also, whenever you have the chance, lay on the floor with your legs up on the wall. This will help with lower body inflammation that happens with running and help with blood flow pressure in your legs.
    3603 days ago
    I so get this~I'm a perfectionist too! Great blog and great job dealing with "all or nothing" thinking!
    3603 days ago
    "Fabulous imperfection" - I LOVE IT!!! That would be a great name for a team! Awesome blog my friend and something I and many others I'm sure can relate to. I know that nagging voice SOOOO well, blasted thing!!lol You're doing great! Keep on blogging; keep on working through those thoughts...as you get this stuff out of your head it loses power over you, so keep on blogging!!! (((hugs)))
    3603 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/8/2011 9:07:40 PM
    Boy do I totally get this!! I have had the "all or nothing" thang my entire life.. and it has not served me well... this time I am totally doing it differently.. it's progression not perfection.. I can't be perfect but I can be consistent... so I think it's great you listened to your body.. and it's not like you sat on the couch for heaven sakes! LOL

    We'll get this figured out..
    3603 days ago
    You're definitely on the right track! And it's wonderful for you to know that you are and be actively trying to combat the behavior that you know isn't good for you in the long run.
    Keep going...you know just what to do!! :o)

    3603 days ago
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