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March 13 Daylight Savings Time Begins

Sunday, March 13, 2011

DST is not my favorite day of the year. I am off for at least 2 wks. UGGGGHHHH!!! But it is what it is and I must do what I gotta do.

Weight no change 165.3
Exercise 290 minutes (190 last week)
Strength/Toning 2 days (1 day last week)
Planned food and ate it 5/7 days
Healthy Guidelines 4 days(2/7)
Tracked sleep 5 days(2/7)
Checked into SP 1 day(no change)

I did great all week until Thurs Then I began an all out assault on sweets. I know my appetite is up still and I got lazy towards the end of the week in dealing sensibly. OH WELL!!! I am extremely happy with my exercise. I can get the eating together but if I fall off the exercise wagon it is much harder for me to hop back on.

Plan for this week.
Continue with planned meals
Get my healty snacks packed!!! I purchsed hummus to got with my carrots and celery
3 exercise classes this week Tu-Thur-Sat
Strenghth Training Monday/Sat
30 min on treadmill min 4 days
Track and meet healthy guidelines 5/5 days

I am on my way to 150 ville if not March then Def by April!!!

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