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Clean Eating While Traveling & Get it Done Pictures!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As most of you know, I have been on vacation this past week! But, that does not mean that I take my eye off of my goals!!! It is more important to me than ever before that I focus on my clean eating, training and fitness. I am enjoying the best health of my life! And I like it! Travel can be a challenge in several ways. But I think I handled it very well by planning ahead of time. I had the privilege of being able to stay in a Hilton Hotel for three nights of my stay. The hotel room had a small fridge and a microwave in the room. Since I usually stay with family or friends, I usually grocery shop and cook when I get there. Well, this time I had to cook ahead of time so I could just heat and eat.

Here is what I pre-cooked and packed:
Hard boiled eggs
Sweet Potatoes
Farro (grain similar to brown rice)
Roasted Chicken Breast (cheated, bought two rotisserie chickens and pulled the chicken off the bone and put into storage containers).
Egg/Asparagus/Spinach Fritta

Also packed:
Natural Peanut Butter
Raw Spinach
Chia seed
Canned Albacore Tuna
Protein Powder (to make green monster smoothies)
Lemon and Lime wedges

Small portable blender
Small chopping board
Sharp knives
Can Opener

This all took up one medium size cooler and two reusable grocery sacks. Plus I packed a days worth of meals for the trip.

Here is my fridge in the hotel:

I had plenty of food with me to assure that I was eating on my regular schedule and eating foods that would agree with my plan. I ate two slices of cheese pizza at my nieces birthday party and two bites of birthday cake! Neither were yummy, but I needed to eat the pizza to serve as fuel for my 3 hrs. of vigorous skating! I had a blast. My parents were so pleased to see me experience so much joy skating. My dad talked about it for days afterward about how well I was skating. People were asking me if I was a professional skater. I was just dancing and enjoying my time on the floor. I was so oblivious to the fact that I was getting a workout until I stopped and had so much sweat dripping off my hair and down my shirt that I soaked my pants.

I got a workout in the hotel gym each day that I was there. Then on Monday, I got to go visit Amy (fitchick75). She is recovering so well from her hernia surgery, just two weeks ago. We got to go to her gym. What a treat! She has a Lifetime Fitness gym! Since she had not been released to workout yet, she served as my trainer . . . 'encouraging me' to go heavier and try harder. She also took lots of pics without me knowing about it. She takes amazing pictures!

Kettlebell Swings


Hip Thrusters

Skater Lunges

Plyo Wide and Narrow Jumps

Great Time with a Great Friend!
Oh, and she made me try an unassisted pull up!

And, last but not least . . . no vacation is complete without some shopping! I got a new swimsuit!

Hello summer! I am ready!
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