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Bikini Blog - 3 wk update

Friday, March 18, 2011

I have been eating super clean and lean over the past three weeks. I have been super diligent on the 'mean' lifting schedule to get me in the best shape possible for meeting Tosca and for my trip to VA for my nieces birthday. I have not be using the scale to measure progress . . . because I'm not a piece of meat and that thing knows nothing other than mass measurement. It knows nothing about the muscle I am building or the fat that I am burning or that my body is turning into a fuel burning machine.

I am now in a 9 wk countdown to my sons wedding!!! My baby boy is graduating from college, interviewing for jobs and getting married! He just got the most handsome haircut . . . he looks so grown up!

I tried on my dress again last night. It might need to be taken in around the ribcage and through the shoulders. I have created more wiggle room in the hip and tummy area, but could use a little more! It is definitely an hour glass hugger! I will have some pics taken in it this week to officially start the 'countdown'.

Monday I will start the 28 day 'Stripped' plan to take off the "last 10 lbs." Well, not counting on pounds to make my day . . . they don't drop easily for me, but as long as the fat goes down and the muscle comes up I am happy!

Here is your warning! Former fluffy girl in pictures wearing a bikini. If stretch marks or saggy skin is repulsive to you, do not proceed! LOL!!! But, if you like to see what clean eating, weight lifting, yoga and a happy heart looks like on a body that has lost 107lbs. proceed!

My bottom is moving up and in. Notice that my bikini bottoms are riding higher and my saddle bag area is smaller. Oh, and my calves are leaner.

Thigh is slimming, saddle bag is getting smaller, legs feeling tighter and leaner.

Least favorite angle to be photographed. Not much I can do about the lower tummy area. However, I like that my hip flexor area is getting leaner and my swimsuit is fitting totally differently this week!

Early today I had resigned myself to the 'fact' that my body would not be transforming much over the next year. I don't plan on changing my plan of attack, my training is good, the foods I eat make me feel amazing! I will not stop. there is no finish line. Muscle development will continue. As I learn more, I apply more and improve my quality of life.

It is my pleasure to share this journey with you! What are your goals for the next three weeks? Your choices today, do effect your tomorrows.
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