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28 Day Stripped

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tomorrow morning I start the Eat Clean Diet Stripped 28 day meal plan. I have had great success making my own meal plans using the Eat Clean Diet as guideline, combined with the things I learned from Flexchef last summer and the 'life experience' I have gained and the anatomy and physiology knowledge I have acquired throughout my years of self exploration and discovery. This is actually the first time I am giving myself totally over to a plan that is not my own. I am doing this not because I am frustrated or bored or feeling desperate to 'get there'. I am doing this to explore how affect the plan is and how difficult or doable I think it is.

A few disclaimers here, the plan is for 28 days only. There is no dairy in the plan so I will be taking a calcium supplement while I am on the plan. I will stick to the plan as closely as I can and will blog about the process. I will share my thoughts on the meal plan and the recipes in the plan. There will be some changes to the plan, for instance there is this yummy potato soup recipe that I have made for one of the lunch plans in week one. It serves 4. I only get one serving in week one on the menu plan. I will have it on a second day in the first week and freeze the remainder to have in the third week when I repeat week one menus. So, following this format, I will only be cooking every other week. The foods look delicious and my fridge is packed!!!!

The greek yogurt will not be eaten by me this week. And actually is down to just two containers now!

Those bright juicy peppers is singing "You know you want me"

Radishes, Kale, Parsley, Cilantro, Zucchini

Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, red onions and sweet potatoes

I weighted, measured and took pictures to start the 28 days off properly!

Weight: 161
Bra Band: 33
Bicep: 11.5
Natural Waist: 32
Hip: 40.5
Thigh: 20.75
Calf: 15"

There it is. That's the numbers I have to start with. I am hoping to get my waist down to 30 inches and my hip down to 38 . . . not sure that can happen in 28 days but measurements moving down are more impressive to me than the "10 lbs in 28 days". Pounds don't drop easily for me, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. To prevent me from getting addicted to the number on the scale and feeling anxious about a number, I will only weigh in once a week. There will be no cheat days, no indulgent meals, etc. for this 28 days. When I focus I set aside the time to make it happen and it will happen. I will be following the plan for exercise, as closely as possible without sacrificing the quality exercise I currently enjoy.

Tune in and following along! Anyone else on the plan is welcomed to chime in and tell me your progress, thoughts, concerns.

Let's journey on!
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