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Starting to Strip

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here we go . . . cue the music, deem the house lights, bring up the stage lights . . . oh, wait, it's not THAT kind of Strip show!

This is my 28 day venture into the newest edition of Tosca Reno's Stripped plan. And to answer a couple comments and questions I have already received . . . I agree this one is more of a 'diet' as opposed to a lifestyle plan. This is not designed to be on for more than 28 days and it outlines in the book that you should follow up the 28 days with a Cooler 2 lifestyle plan to help you maintain your weight. This is that jump off the plateau, get ready for a big event, fit into the dress next month plan. I would not advise it for my friends who are endurance athletes. However, it is a very nutritious plan and with some minor additions would be wonderful plan for most anyone. For those who have more weight to lose I would recommend the Eat Clean Diet Recharged. Of the cookbooks I own, I use the Best of Clean Eating cookbook more than any other.

Okay, to the day! Breakfast was Be the Master of Your Frittata! You got to pick your protein, your veggies and your starch for the frittata from a list provided. I chose farro as my grain (it is like brown rice but superior in nutrition), I selected a mix of mushroom, red peppers and fresh spinach. For my protein I had shrimp. I do not have a good pan for making a frittata, so I did 'fried rice' version of the dish. It was yummy!

Snack was a little skimpy for me. I am used to having 1/2 an apple and some chicken breast for snack at 10 a.m. Then I teach yoga from 12 - 1 and then eat my lunch. So, a snack of an apple and almonds left me feeling hungry. I don't find nuts to be very filling for me unless they are chopped up in my Fage Greek Yogurt w/cinnamon.

I was soooooo ready for lunch!!! And it was delicious!

Chicken breast, raw spinach, black beans, red onion, cherry tomatoes with a squirt of lime!

Afternoon snack was two hardboiled eggs and celery stalks! This was actually filling. I usually have hardboiled eggs in the afternoon on a regular basis. Only one egg in the picture because the other one was rotten and I had to have my husband bring me a fresh egg from the house.

Then to the gym after work to get in the lower body Boom Boom Pow workout!!! LOVE lower body night! Hit those glutes, hammies and quads hard, low and heavy! This workout makes me super hungry!!!!

So, I am sooooo glad that dinner was a filling portion of Farro, Steamed Broccoli and Chicken Breast (the menu said Turkey).

Yes, I am a mixer, masher! That's the way I roll! I like all the flavors to dance together. This was very filling and close to what I would normally have for dinner.

I will not be having the optional 'snack' of egg whites and tomato tonight, I cannot eat later in the evening. However, I will have my usually casein shake. That is my one deviation on the plan.

My review of the plan for the day is 9 stars out of a possible 10 . . . only because I need something more than almonds at morning snack.

Oh, and look what surprise I got today!

This link was on Tosca's Facebook page after I posted on her page that I had rewarded myself with a photo shot for having lost over 100 lbs. Yay!
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