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Day 2 of the Strip Down

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The challenge will be to keep coming up with titles for 28 days! LOL!! The food is delicious and so nutritious! I have tried combinations that I would not have thought of today! Love trying new things.

Someone asked me today how many calories were on the plan. The plan really doesn't count calories, it goes by serving size and my serving size would be different than say Amy (fitchick75). Amy and I are doing this plan together and use each other for accountability and support. Amy is 5'3" and I am 5'8.5". Our body frames are different, I'm broader boned, Amy is more petite. So you use your hand for your measurements and Amy's had would be the proper portions for her and my hand is the proper portion for me. The palm of my hand is my protein serving size. One of my cupped hands is my grain or starch serving size. Two of my cupped hands is the right amount of leafy greens. Nuts and berries are measure by what can fit on the palm of your hand. Doesn't that make sense. Taller, bigger people usually have larger, bigger hands.

Let's get to the fooooooood!!!!

Breakfast was oatmeal w/chopped apple & cinnamon

I was supposed to have 4 egg whites, but was so enjoying my oatmeal and totally forgot the eggs!

First snack was called a Go Green Smoothie! Strange sounding ingredients - parsley, kale, avocado, lime, almond milk, vanilla protein powder . . . it was supposed to have fresh ginger in it, but I totally forgot it until I had filled my thermos and washed the blender. It was delicious!!!!

Lunch was a grilled chicken breast and a Light and Lean Leek and Potato Soup! So super delicious. I am sorry the presentation does no justice to how yummy this lunch was. I ate at my desk and then went for a 1 mile walk in the fresh air and sunshine.

Afternoon snack worked well for me today. It was fresh berries and nuts. I also had one hard boiled egg and one egg white to make up for the eggs I missed in the morning. Truthfully, I would have been fine without the egg, but I 'm glad I had them because I would need the energy for a challenging workout later.

After work I had a challenging workout called the 99.

Amy found this workout for me and she posted another workout called the hundred last week. Ironically the 99 is tougher than the 100. Except that the 100 has lots of squats!!! And when I did the hundred I ran 3 miles and then did it. . . ouch! My quads were burning! But tonight, the 99, I felt strong, confident and fast. Once I got to 77 and still felt strong and fresh I knew I was fine. On the 11 minute run I went out too fast in the first couple minutes. My plan was to run out for 5:30, then turn and try to come back in faster than I went out. I was 20 yards from the finish line sprinting in as fast as I could muster at the end of an hour long workout and just couldn't make that goal happen. But, I finished strong!!!

Oh, here is another sneak peak picture from my photographer. Not sure it is my best angle, but I love it none the less.

Be blessed, be healthy, be the awesome person you were created to be!

OOPS!!! Forgot dinner!!!!! And it was scrumptious!!! I coated my broccoli in a mix of olive oil with garlic pepper and sea salt and then 'grilled' it in a skillet! mmmmmmmmmmmm! A serving of farro and season tilapia (I buy it already seasoned and flash frozen.

To answer a question I received from someone, I don't remember who, how to make farro, I make it just like brown rice in my rice steamer. It is a little tougher grain (when cooking, the germ layer is thicker) so it take 45 minutes or so to cook up. When it is cooked up the texture and taste are just the best! Enjoy! Eat something yummy!
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