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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yesterday I was hungry, I was tired, I was grouchy and in general irritated! I was just fed up! Why does everything have to be so hard?! I felt confused and conflicted. I wanted some greek yogurt and my granola!!! I gave myself a pep talk. At each level of change, I have had a period of adjustment where my body craved the very thing I was supposed to be avoiding for a time. When I first gave up sugar, all I could think about were things laden with sugar. It was a real withdraw process and I distinctly remember feeling worse before I felt better. Kinda like during a cleanse process.

I reviewed in my mind and on paper the foods that I had had and my activity over the previous 24 hrs. I reasoned with myself that I had consumed adequate nutrition, that this was just an adjustment process. Then I realized that my water consumption had not been what it should be. I made some herbal tea and drank 20 oz. of water. After a little 20 minute nap and plenty of hydration . . . I was fine and ready to continue the day cheerfully. Hydration is so vital to physical, mental and emotional health. Did you know that muscles are made of 90% water and that fat is only 20% water. I have a lot more muscle than fat these days and I was running on dehydration for a couple hours. Dehydrated muscles do not function well.

Let's have some foods:

Cooked quinoa topped with almond milk, blueberries, raspberries & cinnamon
Truthfully my least favorite food I have had on this plan.

Strawberries and cashews for snack! YUM!

The yummy salmon dinner I did not make the night before and am so glad I did make
today!! It is yummy!

There was an afternoon snack picture, but I seemed to have misplaced it. It was humus and red bell peppers.

Tilapia w/tomato and sauteed spinach! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Ended the night with my chocolate casein shake. I took my progress pictures last night, my weight this morning and will do my measurements this morning. I will do weekly update post later today.

I'm getting ready to head out on a 5 mile run with my hubby. A great way to start my day!

P.S. If I could ask you to please pray for my sweet mommy. She is having a procedure done on Friday to investigate some spots on her lung. In the past she has had a spot that was discerned to be scar tissue from the numerous bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy. She was a smoker for over 20 years and quit smoking over 20 years ago. She says she is not concerned, that she is sure it is just more scar tissue. But, I hear a little doubt and concern in her voice that tells me she is trying to comfort me.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The breakfast didn't look that great to me either, but the rest sure did! Will sure pray for your mom! emoticon
    3472 days ago
    Yes, adjustments are hard... I am struggling myself. Last week was not a great week for me. I am back in the saddle and ready to rock out the next 2 weeks!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to your mom. I hope everything goes well!
    3472 days ago
    emoticon praying all will turn out benign... ~ Dee emoticon
    3472 days ago
    Just prayed for your Mum.

    Reading your thought process and response to how you were feeling is so helpful! Instead of reaching for the cereal or xyz comfort-food to 'feel better' you worked out what the problem was and dealt with it. So basic ... but what a lightbulb moment for me.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    3472 days ago
    Firstly... praying for your mom... Lord, I lift Carolyn and her mother up to you... Grant them peace and wisdom to know they can give all their concerns over to you, and that you will take care of them. Grant Carolyn's mother the strength she needs during the procedure and give the doctors and nurses wisdom and ability to perform it correctly. Lord, I pray that the result is benign and cancer is not in the future for this woman. Grant Carolyn, her mother and the rest of her family the grace to accept the results of the test.

    Now, for the food... I have to say... the quinoa, which you mention as your least favourite is also the least appetizing-looking of all the food you've shown us!

    Good for you for slowing down and taking a minute to take stock and realize why you were feeling icky yesterday. You found the proper remedy and diffused what could've been a set back... emoticon
    3472 days ago
    I so appreciate that you take the time to remind me (and others) that eating healthy can be easy and delicious. I too have days where I realize that my water intake is way down. I really have to make an effort to drink regularly. I'm keeping you mother in my thoughts and wishing for good news regarding her procedure.
    3472 days ago
    Keeping your mom in my prayers, it is always nerve racking until you get the results.

    Glad you aren't afraid to share your struggles, everyone has them. Your meals do look great!

    Have a great day!
    3472 days ago
    Hey there.......most definitely sending prayers up for your Mom. :)

    As for the day, well, you made a darn good recovery. If I felt the way you did yesterday, I might have wanted to shelve it for the day. Good for you taking steps to stay on track and move forward.

    I know you will make today a good one too! :)
    3472 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I really appreciate you showing us the process you go through when you're struggling to make the healthy choices.
    3472 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Keeping your mom in my thoughts. And I definitely get hungry & cranky if I don't get enough liquids!
    3472 days ago
    Your meals look good....except maybe the breakfast quinoa, LOL. I love quinoa for lunch/dinner. I make mine with ff, low sodium broth instead of water and add a whole bell pepper and 2 cups of spinach to the cooking broth. I change the veggies depending on what I have. I guess I've had it with veggies for so long I can't quite fathom having it for breakfast with fruit and almond milk. I'll have to give it a try sometime.

    Sending tons of positive thoughts to you regarding your Mom's procedure on Friday. emoticon
    3472 days ago
    I appreciate the honest feelings in your post, and was happy to see you work through it. That sort of processing is educating and enlightening. I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers!
    3472 days ago
    Keeping your Mum in my thoughts
    3472 days ago
    Prayers for your mom....

    3472 days ago
    You can count on me for prayers!!!!
    Way to turn that mood around and get back on track....
    3472 days ago
  • TWALKER0475
    I'll keep your mom in my prayers. emoticon

    Have you tried the toasted quinoa porridge that Rachelle posted on the Fab Fitness FB page awhile back? I LOVE it, and prior to trying it I hadn't really found any quinoa recipes that I really enjoyed. The original recipe called for milk, but I make it using almond milk and it is great!
    3472 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Prayers for your mama.
    3472 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    Way to go Carolyn, processing the facts, and taking the time to work through your feelings instead of just giving in like you and so many of us have likely done in the past.
    Your meals look yummy!
    I will say a prayer for your mom, and those who are overseeing her care.
    3472 days ago
    Praying for your momma!

    3472 days ago
    I love how you write your feelings.. and thoughts in the first paragraph.. then smartly reason it out.. and have the tea and water and then you feel better!

    GOOD for you.. that is what success is made of.. controlling impulses or wants and giving in to moods~!

    YES I will pray for you momma... I have some catching up to do on your blogs.. I WILL get them read!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR new picture! JUST reminds me of a fitness magazine every time I see it on my friend feed!

    3472 days ago
    3472 days ago
    food looks delicious :) .. glad you were able to get out of your slump!!
    thoughts and prayers for your mom and your family!
    3472 days ago
    Prayers for sure, Carolyn! So, what didn't you like about the quinoa mixture? I am still trying to figure which recipe to start my quinoa tasting with. I am a total chicken! The dishes you ate today look amazing--LOVE salmon. Think that is what I will have tonight!
    3472 days ago
    Good job on figuring out the source of your "slump." I hadn't considered dehydration as leading to being irritable and sluggish...I'll keep that in mind!

    Prayers for your mom, hoping for the best.
    3472 days ago
    Prayers for your mother! While the breakfast was not your favorite, to me it sounded delicious - I love breakfast quinoa porridge (but of course I'd add some nuts and maybe some honey, so that would be out of the plan!). Why no yogurt on this plan - I'm curious?
    3472 days ago
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