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Weekly Update for 28 day Get Stripped Plan

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First, to answer some questions about this plan. It is more like a diet than any of the other Eat Clean Diet series. It is for those who have those last 10 lbs. to get off. This has been a process for me. I started learning how to eat clean over 14 months ago. I have incorporated different things along the way. I have been eating 90% clean since June 2010. I took a little step back near the end of my marathon training in October 2010 - November 13, 2010 as I succumbed to eating Combos on my long runs. I had been making homemade things that were natural sugars and oats, but as miles got longer, it became more inconvenient and succumbed to the 'easy'. I still kept everything else clean, but on long run day I just got lazy about the fueling near the end.

After the marathon, I knew I needed to up the ante to get the results I desired. My body composition had changed in the process of training for the marathon and I had a higher tendency to store fat since I was not continuing to train for a marathon.

So, my diet (nutrition) and my weight lifting became very focused, very targeted towards switching my metabolism back to fat burning as opposed to that of an endurance athlete whose body is storing fat to be used for fuel. I started writing my nutrition plans out each week, not just eating clean, but watching the macro nutrient splits in each meal and in each day. I knew I could make a change and that the change would take 3 mths. to happen. So, I never felt desperate or out of control. Each day the plan was to keep to the plan. The plan works. Even when the scale doesn't show it, it works. Even when the magazine covers promise me I can lose a dress size in 10 days . . . my plan works, I don't need a new plan.

I say all of this to let you know that this is not an instant thing. Unless you have been eating clean for a while, starting with the Stripped program will be tough for you. If you have more than 10 lbs. to lose, you should start by learning more about Clean Eating and go from there.

How is the Stripped plan different than other titles in the Eat Clean series? There is no dairy. That is the biggest difference I see and the one thing my body (or my taste buds) are missing. The foods are sexy delicious . . .nothing bland or boring here. Today I will be batch cooking for the next two weeks to save on time, waste of produce and space in my fridge. Most of the recipes serve four and I am the only one here this week. So I will make this weeks meals and store in the freezer the other individual servings to be grabbed out as I need them in the weeks ahead.

Okay! Progress! I promised some updates weekly!

Something that I noticed right away is that my skin looks calmer. Even though I am missing my dairy this week, I may end up cutting back on it in my regular diet at the end of the 28 days. Dairy has inflammatory properties and I think that may be why my skin all over my body just looks calmer, smoother, healthier.

Weight: 158 down 3.4 lbs
Bra Band: 32.75 down .25
Bicep 11.25 down .25
Waist 31.5 down .5
Hip 39.75 down . 5
Thigh 20.5 down .25

Total Weight lost this week 3.4 lbs.
Total Inches lost this week 1.75

I do not anticipate that my weight loss will be that high in the weeks to come. I should add that I am not doing any additional workouts and have only modified my workout a little to make sure that I am not over exercising while on this plan.

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