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Day 90: *sigh*

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today was just a washout of a day. I hurt my back (again) this morning and it's been nagging at me all day long - not enough to really incapacitate me (thank goodness) but enough to keep me from doing 90% of what I wanted to do.

I did get to the physio / foot specialist again re the plantar fasciitis. They're going to get me an appointment with the orthotics people so I can have a pair of custom-made (fitted to my foot, from what I understand) inserts that should help. The reason I'm having all this trouble? I'm flat-footed, to put the old-fashioned term to it (sez the specialist). I said 'Well, if the idea is to realign my feet and ankles, won't that also alter - knees? hips? and ultimately, do something more (yikes!) to my back?'

'Oh, quite probably' sez him. 'You may require a lot of time to adjust to the changes.'

I'm not even going to start on that. I'm on a waiting list for three months or so. And I have NO gripes about that a-tall, since this service is provided free and I'm not an emergency case. (If this was an emergency, they would see me pronto, so I'm not looking to beef about it.)

I will cross the bridge(s) when I come to it.

Meanwhile, the list of things I didn't get done today is growing ever longer. *sigh*

All the same - goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are...

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    I had PF, too. I have a very high arch and the shoes I wore gave me no support and I was working on a concrete floor 8 hrs. a day. Then when I was home I was always barefoot. I got the first cortisone shot and it was wonderful...I had no pain for a few months. I didn't even feel the shot itself. But when the pain came back, I got another shot. I was so excited that the pain would be gone, I couldn't wait to get the cortisone. Instead, the shot really hurt and I didn't get any relief from the pain. I got the custom fitted inserts. They took me a while to get used to because it did make my legs, hips and back hurt, but eventually they worked OK, but I still had some pain. Standing on concrete all day didn't help. The Dr. said I had 2 options...either surgery or a foam & velcro boot that I'd have to wear every night. I took the boot. It was adjustable where I could pull the straps tighter to get the ball of my foot and toes to point upward so it would keep the muscles stretched. Not easy to sleep with, but it worked. I still wear the inserts and I wear wide shoes. It's so nice not to limp and have foot pain. It's funny how the heel pain felt like rocks in my shoes, but it was actually muscles that needed to be stretched. If I already told you this, sorry to repeat myself.
    3627 days ago
    Plantar fasciitis: yuck. Done the inserts, done the injections, still have problems. Now I'm just wearing Skechers Tone-Ups and doing fine. Am careful about my walking, not quite up to a mile outside yet. When I feel that twinge in my arch I know it's time to ice. Ice and exercises help: google plantar fasciitis for exercises. I had a bad flareup last year, and iced my foot every hour or so and was better in a couple of days.

    Back trouble, too. I keep a heating pad in my bed (auto turn off so I don't get burned while sleeping) and turn it on during the night, as I find laying down makes my back worse at times.

    Got to love it (not!).
    3627 days ago
    Love the picture tonight... weathering the seas. Hope your non-emergency gets appropriate treatment "in good time". No like pain... in myself or my friends! Gentle emoticon !

    Rest well, Kasey! emoticon
    3627 days ago
    Oh, back trouble is the worst. I hope you feel better soon.
    3627 days ago
    My sister had some custom inserts done, and they helped tremendously. Hopefully, this will work for you too. Hang in there!

    3627 days ago
    I got custome made orthodics this year. Wouldn't be without them now. Hope yours work.
    3627 days ago
    Oh, gosh. Not every day is a "victory day" I'm told. But then, the orthotics issue that looms ahead may never materialize, and you'll have great results instead. Let's hope!
    3627 days ago
    sleep well!!!
    3627 days ago
    Kasey, I have an arched board, that I lie on and it has done wonders for my back---10 minutes a dfay--- You can order them online--if yu are interested , I'll send yu the site-Lynda emoticon
    3627 days ago
    I'm so sorry about your back. :( I hope you feel better soon! I also have plantar fasciitis. I can't seem to get rid of it. I saw a foot specialist a couple of years ago, got a cortisone shot, learned exercises to do for my feet, got non-custom inserts made, and now when I want to exercise again, my feet hurt. :( Boo. I can understand your concern about your back! Take good care of yourself and get some good rest!!! emoticon
    3628 days ago
  • REJ7777
    I hope you get a good night's sleep. emoticon
    3628 days ago
    Poor Kasey. I just picked up a pair of inserts form WalMart for PF. Want me to send some to you? I actually don't hurt as much as I usually do!!! Tomorrow will be better!
    3628 days ago
    Hope you feel better Kasey! I had a bout with plantar faciitis about five years ago...thank god it lasted onlya couple of months but I was miserable...I just had to do exercises to stretch out my foot and wear one of those foot things at night and a wedge in my shoe...I know what you're going through so get better and hope you are able to correst the problem!
    3628 days ago
    Tomorrow's a new day...hope you feel better, Hun! emoticon
    3628 days ago
    It might even help your back and knees----but keep doing those things I told you for the feet.
    3628 days ago
    Good night. By the way I love your wallpaper.
    3628 days ago
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